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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 27 Recap

Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu are getting closer and Luo Yuefang and Gao Tianshuo plan protest

Chen Kunhu intimidated Luo Yuefang. If he did something bad for him and he had to act, he couldn’t explain to Luo’s father in the end. Luo Yuefang signaled that he would do his best to facilitate the Yaxing case, and Chen Kunhu deliberately got it through. Luo’s father’s call and the conversation between him and Luo Yuefang made Luo’s father hear clearly. Sure enough, Luo’s father called Luo Yuefang not long afterwards, telling him not to add to himself, not to mess with Chen Kunhu, otherwise he would be difficult to end.

The sisters talked about their dreams together. Tian Tian wanted to be a bigger internet celebrity, while Du Mingshan wanted to be who she wanted to be. Li Meishan’s wish was simple, to find a good job, and then take her aunt to travel abroad, Rodin Fang’s wish is simpler. What she now considers is what she wants to eat and what to do. If she has to make a wish, then she hopes that all her sisters will be happy and happy. The sisters began to ask about Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu’s affairs. Luo Danfang blushed and had to find an excuse to change the subject.

Gao Tianshuo warned Luo Yuefang that Xu Kaiyu and Li Meiqi were going out for three days and two nights. Whether he was really relieved and whether he should take some countermeasures, Luo Yuefang did not comment. When Luo Yuefang returned home, Xu Kaiyu and Luo Danfang were playing games. Xu Kaiyu ran out in fright. Luo Yuefang stopped him and wanted to inquire about his progress with Li Meiqi, but Xu Kaiyu exposed his close relationship with Luo Danfang.

The editor-in-chief asked Du Mingshan to choose some good-looking ties because he was going to meet with netizen Qiqi. Qiqi changed the place to eat, and Zhao Yinze discovered that it was Zhang Jingfan’s izakaya. Luo Danfang called Xu Kaiyu, worried that his elder brother would send someone to embarrass him, and asked him if there are people in black around him. Xu Kaiyu mentioned that Luo Yuefang did not act excessively towards him, but only asked him and Li Meiqi to travel for three days and two nights. He suspected Luo Yuefang thought there was something between him and Luo Danfang.

Zhao Yinze decided to follow Luo Yue to challenge the evil forces. Du Mingshan praised the editor-in-chief for such behavior, but the editor-in-chief was more interested in praising her for being handsome. Du Mingshan felt that he was a bit narcissistic. Du Mingshan and Gao Tianshuo went out shopping. She played with the doll machine for half an hour but did not catch it, but Gao Tianshuo grabbed a doll casually, which made Du Mingshan very annoyed.

Luo Danfang was afraid that his family would prevent him from interacting with Xu Kaiyu, so he came to his sisters to discuss countermeasures. Everyone felt that the three-day and two-night trip was about to begin, but the problem between Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu should be solved first, sisters’ The ridicule left Luo Danfang at a loss.

Gao Tianshuo got up early to prepare breakfast for Du Mingshan. After getting the energy soup, he took out the loving breakfast he specially prepared and asked Du Mingshan to take it to the company. He also said that this was a special sticker for her boyfriend, and Du Mingshan felt that she was particularly happy. . When Gao Tianshuo heard Du Mingshan mentioned that she believed that being deceived and betrayed by the most trusted person was the worst thing, which made Gao Tianshuo very nervous, because he had not said that he was ten pages.

A Sam reminded Gao Tianshuo about the new book. Gao Tianshuo made him feel relieved to go on a date. The rest of the matter was handled by himself, and the Yaxing case would soon be over. Luo Yuefang and Gao Tianshuo discussed how to quickly resolve the Yaxing case. The two planned an environmental assessment demonstration and protest. Luo Yuefang suggested that the media should be organized in ten pages to support this event. Gao Tianshuo suggested that Zexian Publishing House should be added and some anti-Chen Kunhu should be released first. Article to create momentum.

A Sam is dating Tian Tian, he is still entangled whether to tell the truth, but is always interrupted by Tian Tian. Zhao Yinze dressed up and came to Zhang Jingfan’s izakaya early. He also brought a bottle of expensive red wine to Liao Qianman to bring it up at an appropriate time to enhance the atmosphere of the meeting.

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