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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 26 Recap

The sisters were curious about Luo Yuefang’s attitude towards Li Meiqi. Chen Kunhu was aware of Luo Yuefang’s words

Under Xu Kaiyu’s repeated pleading, Luo Dan agreed to his request and agreed to accompany Xu Kaiyu to dinner, which made Xu Kaiyu very excited. Luo Yuefang went out to relax. He remembered what Ding Xiaorou had said to himself when he was killed by the enemy. His heart was tangled. It was for this reason that he could not open his heart to Li Meiqi because he was afraid that Ding Xiaorou’s affairs were in Li Meiqi. Repeat it again.

Xu Kaiyu and Luo Danfang prepared a lot of delicious food and came to Du Mingshan’s house. They wanted to surprise the good sisters. Everyone felt that there must be a problem between the two. Luo Danfang had to change the subject and tell everyone about Luo Yuefang and let Xu Kaiyu go after Li Meiqi. Everyone was very curious why Luo Yuefang wanted Xu Kaiyu to chase after Li Meiqi. Li Meiqi said that Luo Yuefang did this to allow himself to transfer his feelings and get rid of that sad emotion. Du Mingshan felt that Luo Yuefang’s concern for Li Meiqi was not like his sister’s. Liao Qianman also felt that Luo Yuefang liked Li Meiqi. Only Xu Kaiyu took out his theory and said that Li Meiqi was Luo Yuefang’s half-sister. , Was the eyes of everyone.

Luo Danfang especially wanted to know what his brother did this for. She wanted to ask Li Meiqi to help her to find out the reason. The sisters figured out the countermeasures and planned to use Xu Kaiyu to stimulate Luo Yuefang to reveal the true purpose of why he wanted to chase Li Meiqi. Xu Kaiyu disagreed with this idea 10,000, but he couldn’t hold back Luo Danfang’s eyes, and Li Meiqi hesitated to ask. Don’t follow the opinions of the sisters to test Luo Yuefang. At this time, Luo Yuefang’s text message came, and everyone felt that Luo Yuefang’s feelings for Li Meiqi were not that simple.

Gao Tianshuo sent Du Mingshan a text message and asked her to meet on the balcony. The two said good night to each other after a few love talks, and reluctantly went back to bed. Early the next morning, Gao Tianshuo appeared on Du Mingshan’s morning run and wanted to exercise with her, but Gao Tianshuo didn’t exercise much. Du Mingshan’s operation made him tired like a dog, and even Du Mingshan persuaded him to refuse to get up. Li Meiqi received a call from a client and wanted to go to the company to get information, but the company didn’t know if anyone was there during the holiday, so she called Luo Yuefang to confirm the situation.

Luo Yuefang happened to be in the company so that she could go to get information at any time. Then, Luo Yuefang asked Li Meiqi whether it was true that she was going out with Xu Kaiyu and whether Luo Danfang would accompany him. Li Meiqi listened to the advice of the sisters and said that she wanted to go out with Xu Kaiyu and thought that Xu Kaiyu was a good person. To give him a chance, Luo Yuefang was thoughtful after hearing this.

Du Mingshan insisted to accompany Li Meiqi to the company to find information. It happened to see Gao Tianshuo and Luo Yuefang discussing the Yaxing case. Gao Tianshuo saw Li Meiqi’s arrival and hurriedly took Du Mingshan out, trying to leave Luo Yuefang and Li Meiqi a solitary space. . In the pantry, Gao Tianshuo told Du Mingshan that if he had concealed something, or some misunderstanding occurred between them, he must give the other party a chance to explain it. Du Mingshan was baffled and thought that Gao Tianshuo must have hidden something.

Luo Danfang took Xu Kaiyu to Du Mingshan’s house to play. The sisters played the game together. Xu Kaiyu accidentally fell to the ground during the game, so he began to pretend to be in a coma. The sisters deliberately said Xu Kaiyu to test Luo Danfang. He needs a kiss after he faints before he can wake up. Luo Danfang immediately realized what Xu Kaiyu had done deliberately, so he stepped forward and beat Xu Kaiyu fiercely. The pain made him hurriedly sit up. The sisters began to tease the relationship between the two, which made Luo Danfang feel very uncomfortable.

Chen Kunhu seemed to be aware of something. He uttered cruel words to Luo Yuefang and Gao Tianshuo, saying that he became the chairman of Yaxing Group because of not only being cruel, but also looking at people. He knew who could believe and who could not. . He asked Luo Yuefang if he knew what methods he used to punish those who betrayed him. Luo Yuefang said that he knew all about it.

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