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The Rap of China (2020) 中国新说唱

The Rap of China (2020)
Other Title: 中国新说唱 / China New Rap 2020

Genres: TV Show, Music Program
Gu Chaofeng
Release Date: 
August 14, 2020 (Every Friday at 20:00)
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  • Kris Wu (Wu Yifan)
  • Will Pan (Wilber Pan)
  • Jane Zhang
  • GAI
  • Jay Park (Park Jae Bum)
  • Luhan (guest)
  • G.E.M (guest)
  • Zheng Jun (guest)
  • Li Ronghao (guest)

In 2017, iQiyi took the lead in launching the rap music variety show ” China Has Hip Hop “. After that, the program was renamed “China’s New Rap” and was run for two consecutive seasons. 2020 is already the fourth season. In the view of the program director Chen Wei, this program “is the first time to use the power of content people to push the circle of culture to the public stage.” Program to do the fourth year, he admitted that more want to return to the beginning of the heart, back to the origin of the beginning, to get people to re-think how to do it, and why should stick to it four years.

With a new lineup of producers, “The Rap of China 2020” offers a wider audition range covering more countries and channels; painstaking works by diverse rappers show purer Hiphop on a more shocking stage; using the voice of the youth to carry mainstream values, the program promotes the rise of outstanding Chinese rappers.

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