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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 21 Recap

Boss Jiao ran away in the chaos, but he didn’t want the blind man to follow him. The Wang family came in time to cover the boss Jiao and go first. The Audio-Technica is also online at this moment to help the black blind man stop the Wang family and buy him time to avenge the dumb woman. The black blind knew that Boss Jiao was hiding nearby, so he blew the bat whistle to drive the bronze column to resonate. Boss Jiao was troubled by the sound, and came out from behind the rock in pain, pleading.

Originally, the black blind man didn’t want Boss Jiao to die too happily, but he didn’t expect Boss Jiao to take advantage of the black blind’s attention and directly strangled his neck with a wire. Boss Jiao saw that the crisis was lifted and he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Just as he forgot about it, he suddenly heard the thunder, and a bolt of lightning struck Boss Jiao, killing him on the spot. Boss Jiao was also struck by lightning and spontaneously in extreme panic. Died.

Although Qiu had been reported, the regret could not be quelled. Recalling the acquaintance with the dumb woman bit by bit, the black blind man shed tears and then left with the bat whistle. After Erjing packed up the artifacts in the palace and left, Sanye looked at Jiang Zisuan, wiped away his tears, and walked away. The underground palace has been thrown by the second capital with many timed explosives. With the sound of the explosion, countless bronze pillars collapsed. Fortunately, Wu Xie and others were killed and escaped.

Explosives have destroyed the Leicheng mechanism, and the poisonous gas in the dense forest has flowed back into Leicheng, and an exit must be found as soon as possible. At a critical moment, Wu Xie remembered that the bronze pillar was connected to Tallinn, and he thought of the pattern left by the weather station after lightning strikes. The drawing on the ground was compared with the Leicheng map drawn by Liu Sang. It was found that the patterns were basically the same, but the Leicheng Underground Palace was more Two load-bearing walls. It was discovered that ancient craftsmen used particularly hard materials as support during construction to prevent collapse.

Therefore, there will be two sound transmission columns on both sides of the wall of Leicheng. As long as they climb up the sound transmission columns, they can escape. here. Then Hei Blind and Zhang Qiling searched for the sound transmission column. Wu Xie urged Fatty Wang to follow but found that his speech was abnormal. It turned out that Fatty Wang’s leg bones were injured and he was unable to walk. He wanted to leave everyone alone, but Wu Xie insisted on staying. Fatty Wang bandaged him, and then picked him up to join others.

Zhang Qiling successfully found the sound transmission column, and then Zhang Qiling went first. After the black blind broke, Wu Xie tied a rope to Fatty Wang, and the two climbed inside the pipe with difficulty. Because it is now in the thunderstorm season, Fatty Wang has some worries, worrying that people will be killed directly before they leave. However, as soon as Fatty Wang’s voice fell, Wu Xie accidentally made a mistake. The two of them had no time to react, and they slid directly down the pipe. Thanks to the black blind man who held it underneath, they continued to climb after a false alarm.

With the help of Bai Haotian and Liu Sang, everyone turned the crisis into peace and returned to the Tallinn Caves. Wu Xie took Jia Kezi’s corpse out according to his promise, and Li Jiale also walked from a distance to tell about his previous experience. Everyone stood on the top of the mountain and looked into the distance, with a heavy heart. The black blind threw away the dumb girl’s bat whistle and bid farewell to the legend of Leicheng.

On the green leather train, Wu Xie opened the notes of his third uncle. After all these experiences, he had a deep understanding. Although he could not find Wu Sansheng as he wished, he still has important things to do at present, that is, to catch another spy. Waistcoat received a call and learned that Wu Xie was safe, so he hurried to tell him. Wu Erbai was relieved when he heard the news, and gradually recovered a little bit of spirit, no longer dead.

Fatty Wang and Wu Xie were admitted to the hospital one after another. Fortunately, Fatty Wang’s leg bones were not serious, but his appetite increased sharply. The doctor examined Wu Xie’s body in detail, and was surprised that his lung disease suddenly recovered, which is a medical miracle. Two Beijing came to the hospital to visit Wu Xie, pretending to be concerned, Wu Xie saw it through and said nothing, and then said that Wu Shanju would be reopened. As for Wu Erbai’s property, it was handed over to Two Beijing.

After Er Jing returned to the ward, he took the initiative to talk about the plan with Wu Erbai. Originally, he was to let Wu Xie die in Leicheng and take full control of the Wu family’s property. However, the plan failed. Not only did he fail to achieve his wishful thinking, but he also surrounded Wu Xie. For many capable people, it is a bit tricky to deal with cleanly. However, Erjing was not afraid of it. He had notified the people in the eleven warehouses to do it, and believed that it would not take long to receive the bad news from Wu Xie and others.

At the same time, the eleven warehouses are discussing the unsettled historical cases. Legend has it that Zhang Qishan ordered his submersible goods to sink into the water. After all the soldiers completed the finishing work, they all committed suicide collectively without hesitation, and the mysterious objects that sank under the water have not been found yet. . Eleven warehouses wanted to be the first to find this batch of goods, but the three warehouse staff who had already been launched were suddenly killed.

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