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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 20 Recap

Jiang Zisuan covered the two of them hiding behind the stone, and witnessed a team of people rushing past. These people did not belong to Boss Jiao’s team, but came towards Leicheng. Two groups of teams went to the Lei Room one after another. Bai Haotian was worried about Wu Xie’s safety and wanted to confuse him. Jiang Zisuan promised to take care of Liu Sang. However, after Bai Haotian left, he followed all the way and knocked her out when he was not prepared.

Zhang Qiling, Fatty Wang, and Heixia were surrounded by boss Jiao, while Wu Xie fell at the feet of boss Jiao, panting, and almost all his anger was taken away. Boss Jiao pointed a gun at Wu Xie, but looked at the three people on the opposite side. He asked the other person to explain Wu Sansheng’s secrets, including the method of activating the artifact.

The three said silently. Boss Jiao couldn’t hold back his breath and raised his gun to wound the black blind man. With the sound of the gun, thunder bursts, and the artifact seemed to be induced, and then the petals were unfolded, and the gods on all sides turned yellow. The younger brother and others looked at Wu Xie, and after his secret signal was sent, they attacked Wang’s family one after another.

Just as the scene was chaotic, the mechanism under the lotus artifact opened, and a deep tunnel led directly to the golden water coffin. Wu Xie gradually exhausted his physical strength, and eventually fell into the golden water coffin accidentally. Thunder decrypted the content from the narrative of the ancients. Although the artifact was triggered in the same way, there was no more information. Instead, he was soaked in golden water and accidentally changed the internal structure. , To heal the dying body.

Boss Jiao hijacked everyone and forced Wu Xie to restart his organization and open the crossing. Seeing Boss Jiao’s stubbornness, Wu Xie simply told the truth, and handed the tape to him. Boss Jiao arranged for his subordinates to tap the bronze pillar based on the tape. Second Jing brought another group of people to place explosives beside the bronze pillars, preparing to destroy Leicheng.

I thought that the treasure would be hidden under the artifact. Unexpectedly, there was only a coffin underneath. Boss Jiao lay in the coffin himself. Unfortunately, the truth was far crueler than reality. In the end, what he pursued all his life was nothing but nothingness, even the artifact. Unable to make people fill up the regret, the so-called Leicheng legend is just a lie of the South Sea King.

As the faith collapsed, Boss Jiao was completely desperate. He responded to Wu Xie with an unreasonable emotion, and wanted to die with everyone. It happened that the black blind man threw a bomb to deal with the Wang family and urged the bronze pillars. Everyone was unbearable with the harsh sound waves, and they curled up to the ground in pain. Wu Xie took the opportunity to grab the pistol, aimed at the boss, and told him that the artifact was just a kind of instrument, and that the so-called pacifying all regrets was just a kind of comfort in the heart. Boss Jiao chased Leicheng for a lifetime. Wu Xie had planned to let Boss Jiao go, but Jiang Zijuan suddenly appeared. Wu Xie only dodged, while Boss Jiao left in despair.

After many days, Jiang Zican saw Wu Xie as he wanted, so he went forward without saying a word, and the whole person fell into a state of madness again. Fatty Wang gradually regained consciousness, and hurriedly rushed to Jiang Zisuan, fighting with him, but he was not an opponent, and he was defeated in twos or twos. However, the body of Wu Xie who was beaten changed due to the golden water, and finally regained his vitality after vomiting a mouthful of blood. Jiang Zihuan turned his head to find Wu Xie, but he didn’t expect Wu Xie to intercept Jiang Zisuan’s fist instantly, his eyes were much sharper than before, and he was no longer as weak as before.

Jiang Ziquan faced Wu Xie’s fierce attack without any resistance. When he was almost dying, he finally expressed his regret. Jiang Ziquan only wanted his sister Aning to come to life to see him. This also made Wu Xie stop and couldn’t bear to continue. Doing it, I went to look for the tape named “Regret” and put it in Jiang Zishu’s hands. At the same time, Zhang Qiling stayed outside Tinglei to beat the Wang family back. Wu Xie brought Fatty Wang to join him, and the Iron Triangle reunited, no less. After the black blind bandaged the wound, he went to the boss alone and decided to avenge the dumb woman.

Listening to Lei’s room, Jiang Zixuan crawled out of the coffin of Jinshui. Seeing this panic, Sanye was about to run away, but he heard Jiang Zixuan’s call behind her. A “sister” made her unable to move anymore and hugged her. Jiang Zisuan comforted softly. Before Jiang Ziquan died, he missed the past. The impression of Aning was as gentle as Sanye, so gentle that he reluctantly left and wanted to be with his sister forever.

Er Jing hurried over. It was just when Jiang Ziquan had just died, Sanye resisted his grief, stood up and walked to Er Jing silently, and ended her undercover mission. It turned out that Er Jing had already recognized Tian You in Dumb Village. Jin, so he pushed the boat along the water and put Sanye beside Jiao boss. From the beginning to the end, Sanye was from the second capital and was also in the control of the second capital. Only feelings became an uncontrollable factor, and she left for the second capital. The mark of Jiang Zisuan eventually became a life-threatening hook. Second Beijing ordered the people to take away the bronze pieces and artifacts and prepare to open the place where the real treasure was hidden. The king of Nanhai is rigorous by nature and hides the treasure in another place, but searching for the treasure requires a magical tool to open the switch, and Erjing’s plan from start to finish is for the magical tool.

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