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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 19 Recap

At a critical moment, Fatty Wang wiped out the swarms of insect fog with two bundles of explosives, and the sound resonated through the pipe, and it happened that Jiao boss team was inside the pipe. After the harsh sound passed, the Wang family leaders guessed that the pipeline traverses the entire mountain and connects the inside and outside of Leicheng. This will cause a large number of reeds to conduct thunder vibrations, and the mine room must be not far away.

The horned cicada drilled deeper and deeper in Liusang’s ear hole. Even if Wu Xie tried all kinds of methods, it was still useless. Hei Blind had seen local people use red iron sticks to deal with Gu worms in Yunnan, so he wanted to use this method. Take the risk. Because of the limited supplies, the black blind could only burn a long slender knife and pierce it into Liu Sang’s ear hole. Fortunately, the horned cicada was removed smoothly and out of danger. However, Liu Sang’s eardrum was severely damaged, and it may be scrapped if it is affected by sound waves.

Liu Sang briefly drew a road map during the previous mine explosion. However, the route is not complete yet, and time is tight, so he must find the mountain road as soon as possible. In the end, Liu Sang asked Fatty Wang to explode again, and he heard the internal structure of the pipe based on the surrounding sounds and drew the follow-up route, but at the cost of permanent hearing loss.

Considering that Wu Xie still has important things to do, Liu Sang did not want to be a drag, and planned to leave the team. Bai Haotian took the initiative to stay in care. On the occasion of parting, Fatty Wang handed the peanuts to Liu Sang, and immediately followed Wu Xie with Zhang Qiling and Heixie.

The four people proceeded along the route, and finally stopped in front of the door of the Tinglei Chamber. Zhang Qiling touched the organ and waited for the Shimen to slowly open. The scene inside was unobstructed, almost the same as the murals of the Nanhai Wangdi Palace.

In addition to the four seven-eared corpses, there were also many lotus bronze pillars and a box of tapes with thick dust. There are different words on each tape. After detailed inspection, it was found that they were all written by Wu Sansheng. Because the literal meaning is incoherent, others are deeply suspicious, but after Wu Xie’s explanation, it is found that this is Sanshu’s original password. As long as the password content is unlocked, the various uses of each tape and it can be solved. Thunder material.

Fatty Wang found that the tape interface seemed to have been edited deliberately. If the fake weather team played the tape here, it is the key information to solve the mystery. But now that these tapes are here, perhaps they failed to make the artifacts realize their wishes with the password. It’s just that it’s not the rainy season, and trying to find clues can only be done artificially. Zhang Qiling has paid attention to the surroundings and found that by tapping on the bronze pillars, different sounds can be made to simulate thunder.

There are ninety-nine installations in Tallinn, and Liu Sang’s map marked ninety-nine bronze pillars. Wu Xie believed that Tallinn was connected to the bronze pillars. The ancients conducted thunder sound to the thunder-listening chamber by percussion, thereby generating frequency and starting Artifact. However, the method is feasible, but it is difficult in practice. It is almost impossible to ring the correct frequency in a very short time.

The black blind had a whim and decided to trigger the resonance of the same frequency by playing a tape. As long as four people hit the resonant pole at the fastest speed, he might be able to beat it straight. Wu Xie chose a tape called “The Truth” to play, and she succeeded in guiding the thunder. As the thunder gradually amplified, the artifact resembling a lotus flower unfolded, reflecting the phantom of Wu Sansheng, which is also the image of his last words.

In this last word, Wu Sansheng explained how he left the dead zone and became interested in Tinglei, and unexpectedly discovered an ancient country drowned in history. After going out, Wu Sanshen got into the fake weather team. They heard that these people had been looking for the Nanhai King Digong and entered the South China Sea King’s Digong before these people. Their move angered the fake weather team. Xuehai has kidnapped and threatened them one after another, forcing them to study various cultural relics brought out from the underground palace to find Thunder City.

Leicheng was once the sacred land of the South China Sea. Legend has it that there is huge wealth inside, and a powerful artifact can pacify all regrets. During the exploration, Yang Daguang died of illness and Mu Xuehai went crazy. In the end, only Wu Sansheng was left. Seeing that the fake weather team was attacked and killed by insect fog, even he was seriously injured. The eve of waiting for death was lonely and long. During this time, Wu Sanxing recalled many things, including Chen Wenjin’s incomprehension, Wu Xie who was waiting at home, and the discovery of the true secret of the artifact.

The reason why the artifact is driven by thunder is that it comes from ancient civilization. The King of South Seas accidentally obtained this object and discovered that it has powerful functions, such as controlling and driving organisms, and even changing the structure of organisms. As a result, none of the functions can make people recall. In the past, make up for regrets. Wu Sansheng advised everyone who came to Leicheng to make up for regrets that may cause more regrets. It is better to cherish the people in front of you and cherish the time you live in the present. Wu Sanxing asked Wu Xie to look forward, forgetting herself.

Wu Xie witnessed the disappearance of the third uncle’s phantom and wiped off the nosebleed lonely. After seeing this, Fatty Wang suddenly panicked and hurriedly searched for a tape named “Ping Regret”, and then played the contents of the tape, and ran out with the black blind man and Zhang Qiling to hit the bronze pillar, hoping to save Wu Xie’s life.

But Wu Xie knew in his heart that regret was an existence that could never be erased, and even though Wu Sanxing tried to find it, there was still no answer. Wu Xie has no hope for the artifact, but he is particularly afraid of parting. After this journey, every bit of picture has resurfaced. He thanked all his friends who never gave up, even if he could not leave calmly, he still regrets the world, but his body I can no longer support myself and continue to look back, and after the thunder, he falls.

Boss Jiao’s team was tortured by thunder and ran out of the pipe in pain and entered Leicheng. Bai Haotian sensed the approach of unfamiliar footsteps, and was about to take Liu Meng away. Unexpectedly, Jiang Zijuan suddenly appeared behind him and immediately pulled the two away.

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