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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 18 Recap

Hei Xiazi helped Fatty Wang take out the bullet and stayed alone by the stream to miss the mute girl. Seeing his sadness, Wu Xie simply came to comfort him. Everyone was unable to protect themselves as they walked along, let alone talk about promises. He thought that entrusting the mute girl to Xie Yuchen was the best arrangement, but he did not expect that it would still fall into the hands of Boss Jiao. Nowadays, the mute girl is in an accident, and it is still unknown whether Jie Yuchen will be in danger. Maybe people like them should be suitable for being alone, so as not to leave others unbearable pain in the end.

Just as everyone was satiated and enjoying their leisure time, Fatty Wang teased Liu Sang and pushed him into the stream, but unexpectedly found several bodies floating in the water of the mountain stream. Wu Xie guessed from the appearance that the body was not drowned, but deliberately. Thrown into the water. Liu Sang found the cave entrance under the water. Bai Haotian first inspected the situation with Liu Sang. Wu Xie and others followed closely. They saw countless corpses piled up in the center of several Thunder God statues. They died at different times due to different levels of corruption.

Based on past experience, the black blind man deduced that this place should be the entrance to the core area of ​​Leicheng, and these corpses were pilgrims from Leicheng dynasties. They came here with regrets and desires in their hearts, but they turned around and lost their lives. On the other side, Boss Jiao and others gradually lacked supplies, Boss Jiao decided to follow the direction of Thunder to find the entrance to Leicheng.

Upholding the belief that “thieves do not go empty”, Fatty Wang found Wu Sansheng’s notes from under his corpse, which recorded Wu Sansheng’s daily essays in Dumb Village and his thoughts about Wu Xie. An old photo was a group photo of the two uncles and nephews. Wu Xie was touched by the scene and sat in a daze by the campfire in the middle of the night.

Bai Haotian frequently had nightmares. When he woke up, he saw Liu Sang walking by the tent. He turned a deaf ear to a deaf ear. He walked to the edge of the cliff in unconsciousness. He kneeled to worship the sky and then jumped off the cliff. Fortunately, Wu Xie and Bai Haotian grabbed Liu in time. Be mourned and be free from difficulty. Without waiting for the three of them to breathe a sigh of relief, immediately after seeing Fatty Wang walking sluggishly, doing the same actions as Liu Sang, Wu Xie was shocked and woke him up in advance.

Seeing strange things happen to his teammates one after another, Wu Xie continued to look through the notes of his third uncle, trying to find clues, and she found the same record. Many people in the fake weather team had sleepwalking symptoms that year. They repeated a set of weird worship actions during sleepwalking. Wu Sanxing checked the information and learned that it was a kind of extremely high-level worship etiquette in Thor worship. The influence of geomagnetism keeps repeating the behavior of the previous group of explorers.

Knowing that the ancestors had worshipped the Thunder God here, and it might even be related to entering the center of Leicheng, Wu Xie told everyone to stare at each other to avoid similar situations. Unexpectedly, as soon as the words fell, Bai Haotian and Heixian were suddenly attacked, and the two of them came to the corpse collection site according to the mapping and worshipped the statue of Thunder God.

Wu Xie followed, and hurriedly took out the notes of his third uncle, which described that the people of the fake weather team had all died at the feet of the god of thunder after worshipping the god of thunder at the corpse site. Later, Wu Sanxing learned from the dumb brothers that the original idols belonged to the mechanism of the ecstasy formation, and there was only one entrance to it. If you worship the wrong idols, it will attract a lot of insect fog.

Seeing that Bai Haotian and Heixia were about to touch the idol, everyone immediately stopped them. After regaining his sobriety, Wu Xie, along with Wang Fatzi and Bai Haotian, worshiped three idols separately according to the steps recorded in Wu Sansheng’s notes, opened the mechanism smoothly, and entered the secret tunnel. Wu Xie accidentally stepped on the mechanism. Fortunately, the black blind man used a dagger to remove the mechanism, and then a statue of a god appeared in the secret tunnel. Wu Xie guessed that the god was like a diamond gate, and there must be a mechanism. Hei Blind saw that the right hand of the statue was wrong, Fatty Wang straightened the right hand of the statue, and the stone gate opened smoothly, but he didn’t expect the insect fog to sweep over.

Zhang Qiling hurriedly broke through the empty wall at an emergency. Liu Meng blew his whistle. He didn’t expect the insect mist to flee, but only one was killed by Fatty Wang on the spot. After inspection by Wu Xie, it was learned that the insect was named horned cicadas, and they liked to live in cold and humid places. Because they were particularly sensitive to sounds, Liu Cang’s whistle could chase them away. Following the echo of the whistle, Wu Xie continued to look for the echo of the sound.

At the same time, the Wang family found the Leicheng subsidiary building complex. Due to crustal movement, most of the buildings were buried underground. Boss Jiao touched the rocks casually, and the shells of the rocks collapsed one after another, revealing the true colors of the Thor statue. The idol automatically moved back to open up a passage, and this passage was to connect the location of Wu Xie and others, and was also the key to reaching Leicheng.

Wu Xie and others continue to explore. There are a large number of bronze pillars with strange patterns. The black blind guesses that the structure of these pillars is the same as that of European pipe organs. They rely on air vibration to transmit sound as reeds. Liu Sang suddenly fainted to the ground with blood dripping from his ears. There was a group of horned cicadas on top of their heads, and even the whistle was ineffective. After Zhang Qiling and Heixianzi broke off, they resisted the attack of the horned cicadas and covered everyone to leave first. However, there was no way ahead and everyone’s lives were at stake.

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