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The Long Night 沉默的真相 Episode 11 Recap

There were three female students on the list of sexual assault that year, they were Weng Meixiang, Ge Li, and the witness Li Xue. Zhang Xiaoqian rushed to the mental hospital to find that Ge Li was taken away, so she immediately dialed a mysterious phone to explain the matter, and the person who answered the phone was Zhu Wei. He arranged to meet at 11 pm and immediately informed Li Jing to implement the fourth set. Program.

Yan Liang took the initiative to find Chen Mingzhang and asked him whether he could make an electronic remote control. Chen Mingzhang heard his tentative words and simply pretended to be confused and dealt with it. Now that there was no useful clue to ask, Yan Liang had to leave first. The two shook hands and agreed to have tea next time. Chen Mingzhang watched Yan Liang leave.

As the “Jiangtan Evening News” was not published for a long time, the police received complaints from readers at six o’clock in the afternoon. Through detailed investigation, it was found that the main reason was the hijacking of the vehicle responsible for transporting the newspaper. The task force used surveillance video to search for the missing vehicle. Unexpectedly, Liu Mingyang suddenly went mad. When Yan Liang arrived at the mental hospital, he finally stabilized the other party’s mood. As a result, Ren Yueting called and told the postal van that the suspect had been found. Kahn Group instructed.

At eight o’clock that evening, the anonymous photo was uploaded to the “Jiangtan Evening News” forum and rumors of the explosion were spread. The Internet police dispatched to assist in the investigation, locate the account, and found that the mobile phone was posting information near the urban home in Dongcheng District. Urban Homeland belongs to the Kahn Group’s industry, but Gu Yiming just left, and the account owner left a message with the number “9”. If the first anonymous letter is agreed, he will be somewhere in the city at 12 o’clock tonight. The location explodes and counts down every thirty minutes.

There are always homeless people wandering around the Kahn Group, often holding a remote control in his hand. Hu Yilang’s expression changed when he heard about it from his subordinates. Yan Liang stood in front of the map where an explosion might occur, thinking hard, and finally finalized the Kahn Paper Mill. At this time, there was news of a chlorine leak from the paper mill. The workers were panicked and fled to the south gate. The security had no choice but to sound the alarm. As dozens of police cars arrived one after another, Zhu Wei mixed into the crowd and left.

The police convened experts from the Provincial Electric Power Research Institute overnight and went to the site to conduct a collective survey. No prohibited items were found. It was inferred from the boiler operation data and the water meter that someone closed the water inlet valve, which caused the boiler tube to overheat. Fortunately, it intervened in time to avoid explosion .

Yan Liang guessed that Zhu Wei used to work in a paper mill, so he instructed Xiao Ma to obtain a list of hired workers in the past two years to compare with the list of water delivery workers, and finally locked the target at the Donghu Water Station, knocked on the iron gate, and saw a pseudonym for the first time Zhu Wei of Zhou Xinmin, the legendary Pingkang Baixue.

Regarding Yan Liang’s sudden visit, Zhu Wei behaved extremely calmly, as if he had already expected it, and answered every question of Yan Liang very calmly. It took him four months to find out the entire Kahn Group, including two serious chlorine leaks in the paper mill, so that the workers could be easily evacuated. Through the cooperation of Chen Mingzhang and Zhang Xiaoqian, he ran across Jiangtan City in a short time and dispersed the police. note. Listening to Zhu Wei’s explanation, Yan Liang felt the same and expressed admiration from the bottom of his heart, so he hoped that he could trust himself and promised that he would come to the end of evil.

Sitting in the city bureau hall, in front of dozens of provincial high-level prosecutors, Zhu Wei suppressed his excitement, and brought Jiang Yang’s expectation before his lifetime to expose the truth to everyone. With the complete release of the Jiugongge photos, the evil forces appeared one by one. They include Li Jianguo, the Captain of the Interpol; Sun Chuanfu and Hu Yilang, chairman of the Kahn Group; Qin Dachuan, the former deputy mayor of Cheongju City hiding behind the scenes, and his son-in-law Zeng Xiangdong.

The boy next to Ding Chunmei was Ge Li’s son, who was also her biological flesh and blood after being sexually assaulted by Zeng Xiangdong. Because the child left his mother at birth, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was one year old and needed a bone marrow transplant. The type of Ge Li matched the child’s bone marrow, so she was lucky enough to survive and was locked up in a mental hospital .

Now Weng Meixiang committed suicide by drinking medicine. Ge Li’s whereabouts are unknown. Only Li Xueshang is alive. The provincial leaders were shocked when they heard about this, and at the same time, they felt that if Zhu Wei and Jiang Yang hadn’t worked hard and rushed to shout, I am afraid that Hou Guiping would have suffered injustice even now. According to Zhu Wei’s disclosure of address, Yan Liang immediately took people to Miaogao Township to find Li Xue. The police car stopped in front of Miaogaoxiang Middle School. Zhang Xiaoqian sat silently in the classroom and waited for a long time.

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