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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 23 Recap

Kaneko told Han Shiyi that the Han family had been killed by Tuobaxun’s collusion with North Korean officials, Li Yingwaihe. Kaneko said that he wanted to sue the imperial court but was stopped by Chen Yanyi. The Han family is still accused of failing to defend the land. Han Shiyi believes that the reason why Chen Yanyi stopped the imperial case needs to be thoroughly investigated and cannot be asserted.

At this time, Zhou Xuezhang ran into them by accident, but promised not to leak their affairs here. Han Shiyi believes that the people he has met so far cannot be trusted, so it is better to go to the North to investigate in person. Just when several people were planning to accompany Han 11 to the North, officers and soldiers broke in and were ordered by the emperor to arrest Han 11 who had committed the crime of deceiving the emperor.

Wang Xiwei came to ask why only herself and the prime minister’s wife returned to Jiangnan. Wang Zhongyu comforted his family to have three ups and downs, and he was just in case. Wang Zhongyu asked her to take off this mourning dress and find someone to marry her, but Wang Xiai refused to agree. After that, Wang Zhongyu gave the Su family girl a letter of resignation and asked her to go to Jiangnan with Wang Ximei, but the Su family girl said that he was there and he was there, but Wang Zhongyu told her that the feelings did not come first.

Wang Zhongyu gave Zhou Xuezhang the book of “The Daughter of the World” that he wrote, which contained the heart of Han Shiyi he had figured out, hoping to help them vindicate Han Shiyi.

Zhou Xuezhang led Huang Juan and the Guozijian people in a march on the street, begging for justice for Han Shiji. Wang Zhongyu saw Wang Ximei off and followed them, Yuner joined them, and when they arrived at the gate of the palace, they had already assembled. Out of a large team.

The first emperor bestowed a yellow scroll book on the Imperial College Ming Dynasty, but any request written in the yellow scroll must be reviewed by the incumbent emperor as soon as possible. At this moment, Chen Yanyi also begged to see the emperor, begging the emperor to grant Han Shixi as his wife. The emperor brought Chen Yanyi to the portrait of Empress Yuan and told him that the only woman he really liked was Empress Yuan, and that Empress Wang was just a force that restrained the Chu family. The emperor agreed to Chen Yanyi to marry Han Shiyi as the princess.

Han Shiyi put on the costume of the princess and entered the Prince’s Mansion. But she chose to escape from the Prince’s House in search of the truth.

Han Shiyi met Wang Ximei who was about to leave the city, and Wang Ximei assisted her to leave the city. When the two were in the carriage, Han Shiyi decided that a woman like Wang Ximei should not be trapped by the death of “Han Shiyi”, and said, Han Shiyi dreamed of himself, saying that getting acquainted with Wang Ximei was as shallow as silk. Wang Ximei should not waste a good time for him and let Wang Ximei put down this relationship to find new fate. Wang Xiyi smiled and said that Han Shi was indeed a good person. Finally agreed to change into mourning clothes.

Wang Zhongyu is planning to set off to catch up with Han 11, and received the things left by the Su family girl sent by her servant: the shredded letter of leave and the gold medal for exemption from death

Han Shiyi was chased and killed by people sent by the Queen, and during the fight he remembered the scene of his bloody battle with Wei Jun. Gradually she remembered everything, but she was also distracted because of it, and she was about to be cut by the assassin. At this moment, Wang Zhongyu appeared to rescue Han eleven. Han Shiyi learned that tens of thousands of Han’s corpses were buried in Beishan. Facing the graves on the mountain, Han Shiyi decided to take revenge. Han Shiyi saw the gold in the tombstone, and the two met again. After that, Han Shi One found the tombstone of his father Dingguo Gong.

After worshipping his father, he swore revenge in front of the monument. Jin Jin took Han Shiyi to find the letter that Tuobaxun colluded with the officials in North Korea. After Han Shixi dug up the hidden letter, he found that it was written by Chen Yanyi. When Han Shixi was furious, Wang Zhongyu found the seal on it. It was exactly the same way as Prime Minister Wang, but before he could tell, the group was hunted down by the second group of assassins. When Han Shixi pressed the assassin who sent them, the assassin was shot to death by Chen Yanyi with an arrow.

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