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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 22 Recap

Han Shiyi discovered that Chen Yanyi was lying on his bed, but Chen Yanyi calmly said that she and she had always fallen asleep together. Han eleven asked Chen Yanyi to go out, and Chen Yanyi said that he was homeless except here. Under his rascal, Han Shixi slept with him on the same bed as expected.

Han 11 would have a headache when thinking about the past, Chen Yanyi told her not to think about it. They still have a lifetime to create memories. Asked Han Shiyi again if she would fall in love with herself again.

Chen Yanyi told Han 11 that she could not go out at will, because the Han family had many enemies in the capital. Originally, Han Shiyi wanted to run away with the “family property”, but the maids brought her a sumptuous delicacy and performed singing and dancing. Han Shiyi was reluctant to think about Shu, and naturally did not run again. After Chen Yanyi came back, he cooked for Han Shiyi. Han Shiyi restored the memory of when Chen Yanyi was cooking for himself. He guessed that he and he might be a real husband and wife. He was very satisfied with the food Chen Yanyi made.

Chu Xiangyue found that the Fifth Prince’s Mansion was weird and sent someone to investigate the Fifth Prince’s Mansion. Han Shiyi was gradually confused by Chen Yanyi, thinking that this kind of life was good, with rich family wealth, and handsome and obedient husband. Wang Zhongyu has been sending people to look for Han 11, but there is no news. Wang Zhongyu guessed that since the government didn’t find Han 11, Chen Yanyi should have been found by Chen Yanyi.

The next day, Wang Zhongyu went to visit Chen Yanyi. He said that there were some things that he could not own because of being in a high position. He also said that he had let Han Shiyi hand over to Chen Yanyi because he discovered Chen Yanyi’s true feelings for Han Shiyi. But now that many things have happened, it is no longer possible for the emperor to let the Han family go. With Chen Yanyi’s current irritability, he can no longer give Han Shixi happiness. Finally, Wang Zhongyu asked Chen Yanyi’s words: “I can lay down everything for Han Shiyi, can you?” He also said that Han Shiyi is a heavenly eagle, not a bird in a cage. He cannot trap Han Shiyi for a lifetime. .

Chu Xiangyue entered the Fifth Prince’s Mansion as the owner of the Yunshang clothing shop. Chu Xiangyue thought that Chen Yanyi had dressed Han Shiyi as a woman and kept it hidden in the mansion, but when she was measured, she found out that she was really a woman. At this moment, Chu Xiangyue was strangled by Han Shiyi. Han Shiyi said that she never looked at herself when she entered the door. Instead, she always hinted that she wanted to be alone with herself. Chu Xiangyue had a deep heart. Frightened, he also confided in the news from Han Shiyi that she knew that Han Shiyi was disguised as a man, and at this moment it was Han Shi who had amnesia.

Naturally, Chu Xiangyue would not miss such a good opportunity to separate the two of them. After telling Han 11 that she was the son of Dingguo, he said that the people believed that Han Jiajun and his father were both killed by Chen Yanyi. Han Shide was surprised when he learned that Chen Yanyi was the current prince.

After Han Shiyi comforted Chen Yanyi, who had rushed home to check, he secretly changed clothes and fled. At this time, the government office was holding a portrait of Han 11 and was arrested. As expected, Han 11 was discovered. When chased by a large group of people, Wang Zhongyu rescued Han 11 and took her to the Imperial College.

Chu Xiangyue told Queen Wang that Han Shiyi was disguised as a man. Queen Wang also wanted to kill Han Shiyi and the two cooperated. The queen will tell the emperor again at this time. Wang Zhongyu and Han Shiyi came to the Imperial College, because it was a day off, so there were no others. Wang Zhongyu brought Han Shiyi to meet someone who could restore her memory-the female guard Yinzi.

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