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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 21 Recap

Everyone in the Su Mansion sent the Su family girl into the new house, but the bridegroom was delayed. Later, it was learned that Wang Zhongyu liked male sex and was unwilling to marry the Su family girl. Han Shiyi planned to persuade the new uncle. Wang Zhongyu saw Han Shiyi and hugged her, saying that it was great that she was not dead. Han Shiyi pushed him away and said that he was a serious dowry girl, not a housekeeper. Han Shiyi slapped him when he saw that he didn’t seem to be sober, Wang Zhongyu covered his face but said in surprise: You are real.

Wang Zhongyu agreed to let Han Shiyi take himself to see the Su family. He asked the Su family about the origins of Han Shiyi. As he expected, Han Shiyi lost his memory after being rescued. Wang Zhongyu asked Miss Su Jia about Han Shi. Han Shiyi thought he was going to be a concubine by himself, so Wang Zhongyu chased him, and the next two maids looked at Han Shishi with the eyes of a fox.

Wang Zhongyu told Han Shiyi her name. After the chat, Han Shiyi said that she was hungry. Wang Zhongyu didn’t wait for her to say what she was going to eat, but brought her favorite dishes to be served, Han Shishi. Surprise points. Chen Yanyi was established as the prince. The emperor wanted Han Xi, and Chen Yanyi sent someone to look for her again, hoping to find her earlier than the emperor.

Wang Ximei saw Han Shiyi in the mansion. At that time, Wang Ximei was wearing a white suit and was a widow. Wang Ximei thought that Han Shiyi was acting as a woman to hide from others. Han Yiyi heard that Wang Ximei was keeping a widow for himself, which was very inexplicable. Wang Ximei wanted to take off Han Shiyi’s clothes to verify her body. Han Shiyi felt that this Xiangfu was a land of tigers and wolves, and escaped over the wall.

A notice that the emperor wanted Han 11 was posted. Han 11 was robbed of money by a thief and chased to an alley. The thief was knocked to the ground. The two found that Han 11 looked like the person on the notice and wanted to take her to receive the reward. The two of them regained their purses, but the two drew out their swords to continue beating her. Han Shiyi made a gesture, but the two thieves suddenly turned around and ran away. The look of the move was shocked. At this time, a freshman team appeared behind Han Shiyi, and the leader was Chen Yanyi. It turned out that he heard from the people that he saw Han Shiyi on the street looking for him.

Seeing Chen Yanyi, Han Shiyi also called herself Han Shiyi. She wanted to escape and was hugged by Chen Yanyi. Even if she bit his hand, she didn’t let go. Han Shiyi could only pretend to be dizzy and hope to escape the disaster.

Wang Zhongyu told Chu Xiangyue that the one she saw today was not Han Shiyi, but Han Shiyi’s twin sister, Han Yuanniang. Lin Yu shook his head and sighed after examining Han Shiyi’s pulse. Chen Yanyi thought that Han Shiyi’s life was not long before, and hugged Han Shiyi and wept. At this moment, Lin Qi said, “She is asleep,” Chen Yanyi turned from sadness to joy. Lin Wei told Chen Yanyi that Han Shixi was amnesia due to congestion in the brain, and he should be able to recover soon after treatment.

Lin Wei asked the outside world that it is rumored that the Bureau of the North was set up by Chen Yanyi, what should he do if Han Shiji recovers his memory and misbelieves the rumors, but Chen Yanyi still asks him to cure Han Shiji as soon as possible.

Chen Yanyi sent a guard to look at Han Shiyi. When Han Shiyi avoided the two guards, he accidentally fell off the rockery and was caught by Wang Zhongyu. Chen Yanyi deceived Han Shiyi that she was the wife he was married to by the Ming media. Han Shiyi asked him how to prove it. Chen Yanyi told the necklace that they gave her when they rushed to the front.

Han Shixi was only somewhat convinced. Seeing that Han Shiyi still didn’t fully believe it, Chen Yanyi said that she had a cinnabar mole on her chest, and Han Shiyi finally faced the problem that she might be “Han Shishi.” Seeing that Han 11 had already believed it for seven points, Chen Yanyi added fuel and jealousy: Han 11 relied on money to force himself into a patriarchal family and forcibly occupied himself.

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