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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 20 Recap

Fang Xiaolu asked Li Zhenyan if she would leave her if she found a way to realize her dreams, but Li Zhenyan felt that things are impermanent. Maybe it was not that she left Fang Xiaolu first, but Fang Xiaolue left herself first, but Fang Xiaolu promised that she would never leave her. Will leave Li Zhenyan, but Li Zhenyan said that his heart will always be with Fang Xiaolu, as long as the two people’s hearts are together, Fang Xiaolu hugged Li Zhenyan a little moved.

Fang Xiaolu found her aunt and said that she wanted to help Li Zhenyan’s happy knot, but she needed her consent. Auntie could see the feelings between Fang Xiaolu and Li Zhenyan, so she also agreed to Fang Xiaolu’s proposal. Fang Xiaolu found Zhong Yu who was playing Guzheng again, and asked him to help play the piano. After everything was ready, Fang Xiaolu asked Li Zhenyan to go on a date with the lawn where she usually sleeps the next day.

The next morning, Fang Xiaolu laid a blanket on the lawn, let Zhong Yu play the piano to soothe Li Zhenyan’s emotions, took out the watch and tried to hypnotize Li Zhenyan again. Only then did Li Zhenyan know Fang Xiaolu’s intentions, and he decided to reluctantly cooperate with him. Xiao Ren pretended to be hypnotized by Fang Xiao Ren.

Seeing that Li Zhenyan closed her eyes, Fang Xiaolu thought her hypnosis was really useful, so she asked Li Zhenyan a few questions, and said that she loves Peking duck the most, and asked Li Zhenyan to take it to Beijing if she had the opportunity to fly to Beijing. After a Beijing roast duck came back and asked a few questions, Fang Xiaolu slowly guided Li Zhenyan to recall his psychological shadow.

Before he knew it, Li Zhenyan really let go of his defenses, and Xiao Lett told the story of the past. At that time, Li Zhenyan’s parents divorced. Li’s mother took Li Zhenyan back to China by plane, but during the journey, the plane suddenly started to bump. Li’s mother was irritated and suffered a heart attack. Li’s mother’s medicine bottle fell to the ground. Li Zhenyan wanted to pick it up. He picked up the medicine bottle, but he couldn’t do anything.

Fang Xiaolu comforted Li Zhenyan that he was just a seven-year-old child. He was not to blame for this incident, but Li Zhenyan told the truth that only he knew. Before Li Zhenyan left, between Li Yazhe and Li’s mother, Li’s medicine bottle fell out. Li’s mother was anxious to leave without paying attention, that is, the medicine bottle was not taken on the plane at all.

Li Zhenyan blamed himself for this. He felt that if it were not for himself, his parents would not quarrel, would not divorce, and Li’s mother would not die of a heart attack. This is why he resented Li Yazhe. Fang Xiaolu felt a little distressed, and patiently persuaded Li Zhenyan to help Li Zhenyan open the knot. With the help of Fang Xiaoluo, Li Zhenyan’s psychological shadow seemed to fade a lot.

He decided to sign up for the Piltini Conducting Competition, and Fang Xiaoluo also decided to participate in the piano competition. Teacher Zhang was overjoyed, but time is running out. Teacher Zhang suggested to Fang Xiaolu Participating in the school’s closed training camp, Fang Xiaolu decided to participate after hesitating.

Before the retreat training, Fang Xiaolu thought that he would not be able to see Li Zhenyan for a while, so he wrote a lot of notes to Li Zhenyan and put his photo in Li Zhenyan’s palm so that Li Zhenyan would always think of himself. After Fang Xiaolu left, Li Zhenyan called Qin Fen, said he was going to do a very important thing, and asked Qin Fen if he was willing to accompany him. It turned out that after Fang Xiaolu’s efforts, Li Zhenyan decided to try to take a flight to practice his courage. Although Li Zhenyan took the first step, he was still very nervous when he got on the plane.

Here Fang Xiaorui started training, and she also chose the more difficult Schubert’s music, but her training was very difficult, and she could not understand Schubert’s music. At this time, Li Zhenyan called and gave Fang Xiaorui’s advice. How should I understand Schubert’s music? Fang Xiaolu was a little surprised how Li Zhenyan knew that she was playing Schubert’s music.

Only then did she discover that Li Zhenyan was outside the piano room and brought herself Beijing roast duck. Fang Xiaolu saw that Li Zhenyan was fine. I was very happy when I was on the plane. I wanted to get first in the piano competition and I want to go to Europe with Li Zhenyan even more intensely.

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