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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 19 Recap

After the performance of Liang Zhu, the audience burst into applause. After the performance, Li Zhenyan breathed a sigh of relief. Lin Yumian went to the backstage to find Li Zhenyan and said that tonight’s performance was very good, and asked if Li Zhenyan had considered the future of herself and the RS group. On the road, Li Zhenyan said that he didn’t want to think about it tonight. Lin Yumian suggested that Li Zhenyan participate in the Piltini Conducting Competition.

If he wins in the competition, he will get a huge bonus and also have the opportunity to enter a professional orchestra. This is the best opportunity for new conductors to emerge. However, Li Zhenyan refused, saying that her idea is to develop in China. Lin Yumian does not object to Li Zhenyan’s development in China, but she does not agree with Li Zhenyan giving up better learning opportunities and dreams because of the shadow of the past.

She asks Li Zhenyan to think about it again. consider. After Li Zhenyan went home, he was fascinated by the registration form of the competition. He saw Fang Xiaolu coming, and hurriedly hid the registration form, but it was still discovered by Fang Xiaolu.

Teacher Zhang gave Fang Xiaolu a large stack of scores and asked her to pick out ten of them to read. Teacher Zhang also reminded Fang Xiaolu that her credits this semester are quite dangerous. If you want to add more points, you have to participate in a large scale. With good results in the music competition, Fang Xiaolu hesitated and said that he could find Li Zhenyan to practice piano, but Teacher Zhang said that there are still a lot of things in the Li Zhenyan Orchestra, and he will graduate soon.

Fang Xiaolu had a headache. When he was wandering around the campus, he was attracted by the guzheng playing. When Fang Xiaorui was meditating under a tree with a guzheng player, he fell asleep unconsciously. Fang Xiaorui dreamed of the experience of learning the piano when he was a child.

Someone told her that the most important thing in playing the piano is not the shape of the hands, but to convey the music to the audience. After Fang Xiaolu woke up, the man who played the Guzheng had already left, but Li Zhenyan woke her up instead.

Teacher Zhang gave Fang Xiaoli the only two Maraton piano competition places in the school. Teacher Zhang was very optimistic about Xiaofu, but Fang Xiaoli rejected Teacher Zhang. Teacher Zhang had a headache, so I asked Li Zhenyan to discuss this. Regarding the matter, Li Zhenyan was not surprised by Fang Xiaolu’s choice, but Teacher Zhang wanted to let Fang Xiaolu understand the difference between freedom and chaos through this competition. If she really understood the difference between the two, Fang Xiao Let’s have a bright future.

Li Zhenyan guessed that Fang Xiao Let’s have encountered something before, so he resisted about the competition and results. Teacher Zhang also persuaded Li Zhenyan to open his heart and get in touch with the world to know his level. Li Zhenyan was thoughtful, but he couldn’t care about his own affairs and found Fang Xiaolu to persuade her to participate in the competition, and Fang Xiaolu decided to think about it.

At night, Li Zhenyan had a nightmare. He dreamed that he was trapped in the seat of the plane. He kept yelling to let Fang Xiaolu save him, but Fang Xiaolu kept looking at him coldly, indifferent. The next morning, Li Zhenyan’s aunt suddenly came to Li Zhenyan’s house and saw Fang Xiaolu taking a bath in Li Zhenyan’s house, looking at Li Zhenyan with some gossip. Li Zhenyan introduced her aunt to Fang Xiaolu. The more she looked at Fang Xiaorui, the more she liked it.

After a few people chatted a few words, Li Zhenyan winked and let Fang Xiaolu go first. Fang Xiaolu got up and left, but she was still a little curious. Secretly listening to the conversation between the two at the door. From the conversation between the two of them, Fang Xiaolu knew that Li Zhenyan was afraid to fly or go to Europe because of his traumatic sequelae, which caused this series of tragedies.

It seems that it was Li Zhenyan’s father, Li Yazhe, that’s why Li Zhenyan resisted Li Yazhe so much. The aunt wanted to persuade Li Zhenyan to overcome her psychological shadow. She also asked Li Zhenyan if she had any nightmares recently. Li Zhenyan refused to admit it, only saying that she had forgotten those things before. Li Zhenyan tried many psychotherapy and hypnosis, but none of them worked.

After Fang Xiaowe learned the truth, she felt a little distressed for Li Zhenyan. She found Jiang Caiwei and asked about Li Zhenyan. Jiang Caiwei didn’t know much about it. She only knew that Li Zhenyan’s fear of airplanes was related to his parents, but she felt that even if she knew it, He couldn’t help Li Zhenyan. Fang Xiaolu recalled the hypnotherapy that Li Zhenyan had said, and found out Fisher’s expression of wanting to hypnotize Li Zhenyan, but he never succeeded.

Fang Xiaolu has been thinking about Li Zhenyan’s affairs. She hopes that Li Zhenyan can have better development, but she is really reluctant to Li Zhenyan. Fang Xiaolu told Teacher Zhang her thoughts, and teacher Zhang encouraged Fang Xiaolu to participate in the piano. Competition, so that you can go to a higher school with Li Zhenyan for further study.

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