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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 18 Recap

Qin Fen took this opportunity to confess to Lin Qingshang, and Lin Qingshang also accepted Qin Fen. On campus, Tian Yisong saw the RS band’s performance poster and felt a little confused. Li Zhenyan found Tian Yisong, gave Tian Yisong a performance ticket, and apologized to Tian Yisong for what happened before. Tian Yisong refused. Li Zhenyan explained to Tian Yisong sincerely.

I really respect his opponent and admit that Tian Yisong is good enough, but last time it was really because of personal reasons that he didn’t compete with Tian Yisong. Tian Yisong, who had learned the truth from Fisher a long time ago, felt that Li Zhenyan was stealing. Changing the concept, he felt that he was only used to set off Li Zhenyan, he was still full of hostility towards Li Zhenyan, and Li Zhenyan didn’t know how to explain it.

Li Zhenyan studied the music score for the performance day and night. Fang Xiaoluan was worried about Li Zhenyan’s body, so he went to the supermarket to buy ingredients and wanted to replenish Li Zhenyan. Fang Xiaoluo met Ji Mo in the supermarket, and Ji Mo accompanied her When shopping together, Fang Xiaolu went to the flower shop and bought a pot of cactus. Ji Mo feels a little bit emotional. He feels that Fang Xiaolu is really good to Li Zhenyan, but Fang Xiaolu doesn’t think so.

She thinks Li Zhenyan is also very good to herself, and she can’t help Li Zhenyan with music, she can only live. I took some care of Li Zhenyan. Fang Xiaolu felt that Li Zhenyan was covered with thorns like a cactus, but as long as he took good care of it, the cactus could bloom beautiful flowers. After Li Zhenyan woke up the next day, he saw Fang Xiaolu tidy up his room and stewed himself chicken soup. Li Zhenyan’s heart was warm.

Ji Mo found Li Zhenyan and said that he wanted to join the RS group. Li Zhenyan was a little confused about why Ji Mo was suddenly willing to join the RS group. Seeing Ji Mo hesitate, Li Zhenyan asked if it was because of Fang Xiaoluo. Ji Mo did not deny it. She is a very lonely person. Because of Fang Xiaolu, he can gradually integrate into the group, guiding him like the moon, but the earth she revolves around is Li Zhenyan.

Li Zhenyan and Ji Mo came to the rehearsal room together and found that Lan Bo was arguing with Zhuo Yin. Lan Bo had indeed dated three girlfriends at the same time, and he shamelessly felt that there was nothing wrong with him. Li Zhenyan and Lin Qingshang spoke to stop the two. Asking them not to solve personal problems in the rehearsal room, Zhuo Yin was very sad, saying that he knew that Lamb was the chief cello and that the orchestra could not do without him, but she couldn’t bear it anymore, so she chose to quit.

Lan Bo chased it out and asked Zhuo Yin not to break up with himself. No matter what, Lan Bo hoped that Zhuo Yin would not give up his music dream because of him. Zhuo Yin thought about it and decided to continue to participate in the rehearsal. Chen Zheng saw that Zhuo Yin was back, so he called Lin Qingshang to come back to the rehearsal, but learned that Lin Qingshang had been in the hospital for surgery. Qin Fen hurried to the news. Hospital care.

Jiang Caiwei still couldn’t let go of his feelings for Tian Yisong and chose to give Tian Yisong one last chance. Tian Yisong was very surprised and quickly handed the ring to Jiang Caiwei, saying that this was his promise to Jiang Caiwei in the future. Tian Yi tightly hugged Jiang Caiwei and kept holding on. Guaranteed.

On the day of the performance, Dad Qin brought a group of friends to join him, and Fan Chen and others who had graduated from the S group also watched the performance. Before Lin Qingshang came to the stage, he found that Dai Lun was also here. Lin Qingshang was very nervous. If she did not perform well this time, she would not know what Dai Lun would do to her. Qin Fen comforted her a few words, Lin Qing The business just relaxes slightly.

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