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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 17 Recap

After announcing the name of the orchestra, the RS Youth Symphony Orchestra was officially established. Li Zhenyan told everyone that he had already applied for a commercial performance license. Tickets for the first performance will be publicly sold. Li Zhenyan is determined to develop the RS Orchestra into a professional orchestra. Everyone is full of morale. After changing into formal attire and taking a group photo, Qin Fen and Chen Zheng went to the print shop to find someone to design a poster, but everyone was not satisfied with the effect of the design.

Tian Yisong found Jiang Caiwei and took out the ring he had prepared long ago to propose to Jiang Caiwei. He originally wanted to give it to Jiang Caiwei on the best stage in Europe, but in this situation, if he doesn’t take it out again, he and Jiang Caiwei may really not be there. Possibly, Tian Yisong wanted to use a marriage proposal to restore Jiang Caiwei, and also said a bunch of sweet words, but Jiang Caiwei was unmoved, saying that after experiencing these things, Tian Yisong’s ring has lost its meaning, Jiang Caiwei did not agree to rejoin Tian Yisong and was straightforward Rejected him.

When Jiang Caiwei went to a musical instrument store to repair her guitar, she ran into Yan Yan, who had picked up her passport at the bar that day. When Yan Yan saw that the owner of the musical instrument store wanted to cheat Jiang Caiwei, he took Jiang Caiwei to another musical instrument store and the two started talking.

Qin Fen liked Lin Qingshang, but he didn’t know how to express his feelings in his heart. He even said that he would follow Lin Qingshang as a teacher. Lin Qingshang was a little angry, and Dad Qin also hated the look of his son’s disappointment. Iron cannot become steel. Lin Qingshang has been busy with the musical instrument competition recently. This competition is very important to Lin Qingshang.

If she wins, she will be one step closer to the world stage, and her teacher, Dai Lun, will also come to see her competition. So she could only temporarily stop the orchestra’s rehearsal and fully prepare for the competition. Qin Fen was a little bit disappointed after learning about it. He felt that Lin Qingshang didn’t pay much attention to the RS group. Lin Qingshang was under a lot of pressure and listened to Qin Fen’s complaints.

With some anger, he angered Qin Fen. After Lin Qingshang left, Qin Fen also reflected on himself, went to Lin Qingshang to apologize, and encouraged her to win the game. Then he could also play with Lin Qingshang, and Lin Qingshang taught Qin Fen again. With a few techniques of playing the piano, the distance between the two of them was getting closer and closer. Qin Fen listened unintentionally, watching Lin Qingshang in a daze.

Sisters Xu Zixuan, Qin Fen, Chen Zheng and others went to the street to sell tickets for the orchestra. They worked hard to sell five tickets all morning. A few people were a bit disappointed. Later, Li Zhenyan asked Bei’s editor. After Bei’s editor promoted the performance, the tickets were only available. All were sold, but Chen Zheng calculated the previous expenses, and finally found that the income was very small, and several people were a little bit disappointed, thinking that they had been busy working for nothing.

When Fang Xiaolu saw Lan Bo behave closely with other girls in school, he always felt that Lan Bo had something to hide from Zhuo Yin, but Li Zhenyan took Fang Xiaolu away. Fang Xiaorui hesitated for a long time, and told Zhuo Yin about the incident, but Zhuo Yin was angry with Fang Xiaoru, thinking she was too gossip, and Fang Xiaoru was a little wronged.

The next day, Li Zhenyan and others sent Lan Bo and Lin Qingshang to the game. Fang Xiaolu was a little worried when he saw that Zhuo Yin hadn’t come to send Lan Bo. After Lan Bo left, Fang Xiaolu walked on campus by himself and encountered carelessness. Ji Mo, who had a bad foot and wanted to participate in the competition, Fang Xiaolu worried that Ji Mo would not be able to catch up with the competition, so he borrowed a tricycle from the reception room and drove Ji Mo to the competition site.

The two chatted, and Ji Mo asked Fang. Why does Xiao Let love Li Zhenyan? Fang Xiao Let said that Li Zhenyan is very good to him and can cook, not to mention that there is no reason for liking someone alone. Ji Mo said that he also has a girl he likes. Although he has never been in love, he feels that there are many forms of love. The form he chooses is to accompany her silently. Fang Xiaolu didn’t know that Ji Mo was talking about himself. .

After Lin Qingshang entered the game, Qin Fen waited nervously for Lin Qingshang outside the field. The result of the game came out soon. Lin Qingshang did not get the first place. Qin Fen looked at the lost Lin Qingshang and didn’t know what to do. How to comfort her? At this time, Dai Lun came out to tell Lin Qingshang that she should have won the first place.

Lin Qingshang didn’t know what Dai Lun meant, and wanted to ask again, but Dai Lun had already left. Lamb won the first place in the competition. Zhuo Yin was holding a flower and wanted to come forward to congratulate Lamb, but was pushed away by other girls. The man also said that he was Lamb’s girlfriend and asked who Zhuo Yin was. Upon seeing this, Zhuo Yin left sadly.

After Lin Qingshang and Qin Fen left, Qin Fen comforted Lin Qingshang and said that Lin Qingshang’s piano sound was the most perfect and accurate he had ever heard. Lin Qingshang suddenly recalled what Fisher had taught him and realized It’s because I care too much about the performance and the completion of the music itself, instead of ignoring what the music originally intended to express, which made the sound of the piano lose its soul. Qin Fen encouraged Lin Qingshang. Now that I know the reason for the failure, it is a problem If it is resolved, she will definitely be able to stand on the world stage in the future.

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