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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 16 Recap

Zuo Yao was drunk alone and looked at the envelope in the box. It was a postcard. Reminiscent of the school days, Hao Yingjun swayed freely on the court and returned to reality. He opened the postcard and said I love you.

After graduation, we are here. together. Thinking of the simplicity and beauty of that time, I secretly bought an apple and went to the hotel to see Hao Yingjun, only to see Gu Wei blowing her hair in the toilet. Put down the envelope and tell myself Hao Yingjun, I really don’t have the courage to believe you again. Shi Meng sent the dialect downstairs, and the dialect said that he was afraid of Zuo Yao’s misunderstanding. It’s right here.

The dialect told Shi Meng that I would invite you to dinner when you have time. Shi Yi looked out the window and said that he was broken in love and needed treatment. Dr. Cui asked if it was a dialect? Shiyi acquiesced that Dr. Cui said that only you in the world can cure his disease. She fell in your arms and he was cured. Dialect was about to sneak into the room.

Zuo Yao seriously asked her where you were in the past two nights. The dialect said that I went out to play with my high school classmates. Zuo Yao didn’t believe it and planned to call and ask. The dialect couldn’t recognize the time. Meng ate Niubao dumplings together, holding hands for two nights. Zuo Yao can’t fall in love until you are cured. The target is Shimeng.

A man doesn’t have a good thing. Zuo Yao continues to ask how you told Shimeng that you would hold Shiyi and kiss and hug Shiyi when you fell ill. I don’t know the dialect. After returning to the room, the assistant sent the monitor to Shi Yi’s mailbox, and Shi Yi saw the scene of the dialect falling into Shi Meng’s arms in the monitor. Send a text message to Shi Meng in dialect saying that I have important things for dating tonight. Shi Yi sent a message saying that I would invite her to listen to a song tonight.

In dialect, he said that he was embarrassed to have dinner with Shi Meng tonight and asked Shi Yi to recommend it. As soon as a place is given a position, the dialect thinks that this place is booked. Shi Meng kept looking at the phone happily. He asked Hao Yingjun how Zuoyao was. He wanted to meet her for dinner and told her that the dialect should be taken care of by him.

The dialect couldn’t find the clothes, Zuo Yao brought the clothes in, and the two apologized to each other and got back together. Zuo Yao told her that if a person loves you, he will accept all of you, including your illness, and Zuo Yao helps her find good clothes. The dialect came to the hotel to imitate what he wanted to say. Shi Meng sent a message to find a parking space and he arrived immediately. Suddenly he was in a daze and walked forward unconsciously.

Shi Meng hurriedly picked her up, and Shi Yi suddenly appeared and asked her to have sex. To her, Shi Meng couldn’t give you Shiyi. Shi took him into the private room. The dialect slowly woke up. The dialect felt like he was asleep. Someone said to go forward in his ear, wondering why he suddenly fell ill. ? Shiyi told Shimeng dialect that he had sleepwalking, and that only he could cure the disease. After Shi Meng sent the dialect home, he called Dr. Cui.

Shi Yi speeded up and drove away. It turned out that Shi Yi used hypnosis to make the dialect ill, and then took the opportunity to wake her up. Shi Meng kept thinking of the dialect everyone had said to him. If you are sick, send a text message in dialect to say don’t forget In the afternoon movie, the dialect wondered if he should tell him the truth about his illness. The two held umbrellas. The dialect said that the heroine of the movie gave up her life for love and said that she would do the same. Shi Meng said that he had asked Dr. Cui. You are not suffering from vertigo.

The dialect grabs Shimeng’s hand. The dialect is a person who is desperate for love. Shimeng takes away his hand and asks how you can cure the disease. Thank you for everything you have done for me, but I don’t need it. I gave the umbrella to the dialect, and walked forward alone in the rain, thinking silently in my heart that only in this way can you heal with peace of mind. When Shi looked out the window, suddenly the doorbell rang.

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