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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 15 Recap

Patients push out and said to be transferred, and told the families to sign, when aHe took the slip and left quickly, the dialect cried sadly to the patient on the bed, and kept thinking about waking up Shimeng, but Shimeng came over from the other side and saw the dialect crying and saying that I like you, and the day when I told myself It is not sincere to refuse at night. I keep thinking that I like you. Shi Meng stepped up to hold her and turned around to kiss her.

The two were kissing, Shiyi rushed back at this moment and saw the two kissing. Shi Meng drove the car in dialect, and the dialect said that you even lied to me with Hao Yingjun, and Shi Meng took her home. Shi Yi sat in the room alone, listening to the music, thoughtful. Shi Meng held the dialect hand. The two ate the same bowl of porridge, then washed the dishes and read together.

Shi Meng clung to the dialect, and then the two turned off the light to sleep. Shi Meng said that he was used to turning on the light to sleep because of himself. When he was eight years old, he was kidnapped and locked up in a dark place. Because his father went out to find him but disappeared, he never dared to turn off the light to sleep. I remember that there was also a little girl who was kidnapped together, about five years old, and she had never seen her since the two escaped.

The dialect also said that when he was five years old, Shi Meng was already asleep. The sun was shining in the morning. I woke up in dialect and saw that there was no one next to me. I walked to the kitchen and saw Shi Meng making breakfast. The fried eggs were already mushy after being served on the table. Shi Meng said that he would not go to work today to go on a date and celebrate that today is two. The day when people are officially together.

The two came to the vegetable market. They said in dialect that I have been looking for a boyfriend at home. Today is the winter solstice, so today I have a family reunion. I bought a Niu Bao and prepared to make Sanxian Niu Bao dumplings in the evening. Shimeng knead the noodles. Dialect joking. When did you say you liked me? Are you fascinated by my beauty?

Shi Meng said that it was your special beauty, that is the beauty that is not easy to find. The dialect angrily hits it with his hands. The two chased and beat, and the kitchen made a lot of trouble. Happy. Zuo Yao is making dumplings, walking around and asking mom, can we still eat dumplings? Why don’t we eat quick-frozen dumplings? The doorbell rang, and Hao Yingjun opened the door with a large bag of food. Zuo Yao held a knife and said aggressively who asked you to come?

Hao Yingjun said that I am here to help you make dumplings. The fragrant dumplings in the dialect here are already ready. I picked up my phone and saw that the screensaver was actually Shi Meng’s selfie. Shi Meng said that I want you to see me all the time. Then the two of them pulled together and kissed and patted them. One photo said, I will use this as a screensaver. Hao Yingjun kneaded the dough, then cut vegetables and made dumplings handsomely.

Shi Meng was going to drive to a place with the dialect. Hao Yingjun made the dumplings, served Zhuo, and pretended to leave. Zuo Yao stopped him to eat. Hao Yingjun quickly sat down and brought his own bowls and chopsticks. The two drove all the way to a beautiful place, and they played happily Come, watch the sea again, take pictures, the two had a wonderful time. Hao Yingjun was about to leave. He turned his head and said that if you want to eat dumplings next time, I will be there on call. Zuo Yao said thank you today, but he will not use it in the future.

Hao Yingjun said, can you tell me who my father is, and let me know if I die. Zuo Yao said no, and closed the door. In the evening, Meng took the dialect and got into a small boat, and told her to close her eyes, and then paddled forward by herself, and came to the lake, so that the dialect could open her eyes, and the dialect saw the stars in the water. Shi Meng said that you will accompany me to watch the starry sky in the future, and I will show you the galaxy.

As long as it is your wish, I will help you realize each one. The dialect said that next time we watch a meteor shower, Shi Meng still has a beam of light, which is called dialect fast. She made a wish, put her hands together in the dialect, Shi Meng asked her what she had promised, but she said nothing.

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