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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 14 Recap

Shi Meng points to the distance and speaks in dialect. Look, the dialect asks what to look at. Shi Meng said carefully. The dialect says it’s stars. The lights of the city make the stars dim. If there is snow, Shi Meng shouts at the sky if he can give We had a snowfall, but I didn’t expect that the snow would really fall down. The dialect was very happy.

Shi Meng looked at her with a smile and said to her that when I met you before, I thought you messed me up and waited for you. Only after I moved away did I realize that my life with you is so beautiful. You can’t give me a chance to show you every snow, and then he took the dialect’s hand and said that I like you. This snow turned out to be Hao Yingjun and Wei Lin made it with a machine.

Shi Meng made a big fire, and everyone was whispering around. Why did everyone whisper around? Hao Yingjun secretly eavesdropped, only to realize that Shi Meng’s face was particularly stinky today. How did Hao Yingjun walk over to yesterday’s snow? Shi Meng asked where did you go when I confessed yesterday? It turned out that when he was confessing, he said in dialect that I’m sorry I can’t like you, and then turned and left. Hao Yingjun thinks that he can’t like you. Is there any difficulty?

Shi Meng threw him a note saying that it was a new project planning meeting: Wandering love, lying on the bed in dialect, remembering what Shi Meng said, and a conversation with his girlfriends about which man can accept the disease, the phone rang, it was the director’s call Call the company dubbing right away. Zuo Yao made a good meal. He said that he was going to the company if he didn’t eat or drink in dialect, and his eyes were red. The planning meeting for wandering love is underway.

Shi Meng has been bowing his head without saying a word. The pressure is very low. Suddenly he asked, the male protagonist gave up so much for the female protagonist, why would the female protagonist refuse? And ordered to submit a revised version three days later. When Shi Meng went out and encountered the dialect, the two of them were very embarrassed. Dialects want to find a doctor for rapid treatment, so as not to be dragged down .,

Doctor Fang took the hypnotic, the treatment started, the dialect returned to the place that often appeared in the dream, the person who made you feel at ease was right in front of you, the doctor whispered in his ear, you must believe that you will find him, Shi Yi stretched out When he shot, the dialect didn’t hold him. The doctor rang the bell and woke up from hypnosis. Shiyi said that I still don’t seem to be able to trust you. The doctor suggested that the two establish a relationship.

Shi Yi brought a lot of gifts and dialects to the Sunflower family. Many children here shared gifts together, sang, ate cakes and played games and were very happy. The dean of Sunflower House said that today is the birthday of all the children, because they are orphans, Shiyi comes here to celebrate their birthdays every year. The dialect exaggerates when I am kind, and when I speak meaningfully, I am not kind, but empathize with me. Shi Yi just mentioned that he was adopted.

The mother who adopted him was pregnant with Shi Meng when he was very young. His parents were very good and treated equally, so by chance, he knew that he was not his own. When Shi Meng ran wildly on the treadmill, Hao Yingjun thought it was almost done, but he still didn’t want to stop. Shi Yi was strolling slowly with the dialect, the scenery was beautiful, Shi Yi took a headset for her to put on, just about to say something, the dialect phone kept ringing, it was Hao Yingjun who called and told him that Shi Meng had an accident.

When he arrived at the hospital, a patient of a car accident patient happened to be pulled into the operating room. Hao Yingjun told the dialect that Shi Meng had been running today, but he had a car accident on the way home. After a while, the doctor came out and said that we have done our best. .

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