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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 24 End Recap

Luo Tianran left, and no one could find her, including Jin Xiaoqin and Lin Che. Jin Zeyi was terminated by the company because of his own proposition and announced his retirement from the entertainment industry. He has been guarding the house, waiting for Luo Tianran to return. Time flies, a year’s time passes quickly. Tiffany and Lin Che have a very stable relationship, and they plan to travel together recently. Before they left, they said goodbye to Jin Ze. Jin Zeyi gave them the gypsophila flowerpot left by Luo Tianran as a blessing to them.

On Jin Xiaoqin’s side, she moved to a new house. Lin Che and Luo Tianran were not there, so she had to do it alone. Unexpectedly, when he arrived home, his brother came to the door. This younger brother hurt her miserably, and asked her to use all the money she had saved over the years to help him pay off his stock debts. Now he still wanted to come to get the money, of course Jin Xiaoqin would not agree, and in a hurry, she said that she has a very strong boyfriend. It just so happened that Artai lived next door. He heard the sound and helped Jin Xiaoqin drive away her vampire brother and cleaned the whole house. The affection between the two people, if there is something like nothing, spreads quietly.

Yun Shu recently did a free clinic in a suburban hospital to help blind children with rehabilitation. He has been with Lin Lu, the young lady at the front desk of the record store, and has had a good time. Unexpectedly, he unexpectedly met Luo Tianran again in a flower shop in the suburbs. It turned out that Luo naturally hid in such a remote place and opened a flower shop. No wonder no one could find her. I heard that she is still writing tunes recently, and I hope that Jin Zeyi can sing it.

Knowing the recent situation of Luo Tianran, Yun Shu felt very pleased. He exchanged greetings with Luo Tianran and bought a bunch of flowers for Lin Lu by the way. After returning, he handed the greeting card on the bouquet to Jin Zeyi to remind him not to miss Luo Tianran again this time. Jin Ze rushed over without stopping. He also designed a hot air balloon to propose marriage and formally proposed to Luo Tianran. It hadn’t been seen for a year, and I missed it even worse, Luo Tianran agreed with tears.

The first thing Jin Zeyi and Luo Tianran did after they reunited was to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain the certificate. The clerks recognized the two of them and gave their blessings. After the two people got the certificate, they met reporters and the media. Facing the camera, Jin Zeyi exposed his marriage certificate and announced in a high-profile manner that Luo Tianran was already his legal wife.

Soon, they re-hosted the wedding. Although the wedding format was not as grand as the last time, only family members and close friends participated in it, but it was true. With the blessing of relatives and friends, Jin Ze kissed Luo Tianran with an expression.

After the wedding, Jin Zeyi announced his comeback and held a charity concert, and decided to donate all the proceeds from the concert to children in mountainous areas. Most importantly, he is about to sing a song written by Luo Tianran. At the press conference, Shi Dong appeared and said that he would bear all the costs of this concert and wish Jin Zeyi the better he will go.

In this way, Jin Zeyi reached a reconciliation with his old club, and news of a high-profile comeback with his beloved wife spread all over the Internet. Everyone is looking forward to the comeback of the singing and dancing king. The married life of Jin Zeyi and Luo Tianran is also full of warmth and sweetness.

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