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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 25 Recap

After Shu Ruochen woke up, she dragged the unconscious Long Teng into a cave to set fire to warmth. When Shu Ruochen saw Long Teng so distressed, she vowed that as long as he wakes up, even if the emperor cuts her a thousand times, he will be with him. Long Teng’s body was cold, Shu Ruochen untied her clothes and hugged Long Teng to keep warm.

Li Fei’s case progressed, and the emperor was furious because of Shu Ruochen and Long Teng’s betrayal, and ordered to behead all the people involved in the case. Yun Qingxian mentioned that Ya Lili had a special identity, but was interrupted by the emperor before he finished speaking. Ju Muer told Ya Lili to leave after learning the news, or it would be too late. Taishi Ding led people around to search for Ya Lili. They came to the home tavern and said that someone had seen Ya Lili enter here and did not come out. Ju Muer believed that they had no basis and refused to cooperate.

Ding Yanxiang told Long Yue that Ju Muer had taken Yalili away. Just when Ding Taishi was about to forcibly search the home tavern, Long Yue appeared to stop him, saying that there would be no criminals in the home tavern. If the Taishi didn’t find it, he would give the family an explanation. Taishi Ding promised the victory with one mouthful, but didn’t want to open the door and found that Yun Qingxian was inside. Long Yue was very surprised at this, Yun Qingxian did not conceal, saying that Ju Muer wanted to hide himself. Long Yue fainted and slapped Ju Muer directly, asking her if she had an explanation. Ju Muer said that what everyone saw was the fact.

Yun Qingxian was served by Taishi Ding’s five flowers tied with a stick. Ding Yanxiang rushed to intercede, saying that she knew about it a long time ago and had already told Yun Qingxian about taking a concubine. Yun Qingxian admitted that he had failed Ding Yanxiang, Taishi Ding couldn’t stand Ding Yanxiang’s bitter pleading, and finally gave up. After Yun Qingxian dared to bully Ding Yanxiang, he would have his body broken. Ding Yanxiang helped Yun Qingxian back to the room. Yun Qingxian said that his father had died young and his mother was dependent on each other. Ding Yanxiang held his hand and said that he still had himself. Yun Qingxian handed a piece of jade pendant to Ding Yanxiang, saying that it was the ancestral jade pendant of the Yun family, so that Ding Yanxiang would pass on from generation to generation.

Ju Muer knelt in front of the tablet of Long Family’s ancestor, expressing that he was willing to be punished. Long Yuerang started immediately, Ju Muer closed her eyes without any explanation, but didn’t want the whip to hit Long Yue. Ju Mu’er asked Li Ke to stop, saying that the matter had nothing to do with Long Yue, but Long Yue said that Mu’er had returned to freedom from living today. General Long Yue Xiushu was still in front of Ju Mu’er, and after taking the rest of the punishment for him, Ju Mu’er could only help crying.

Long Yue lay on the bed to recuperate. Ju Muer quietly came in and gave him medicine. Long Yue thought it was Long Fei, and told him that he was spying on whether the words to Ju Muer were too serious. He didn’t know what to do in the future. What kind of status has been in her year of the snake. Ju Muer couldn’t help but tears. Long Yue realized that it was not Long San who was struggling to get up and chase him out. Ju Muer could only hide in the dark and cry. Feng Wu asked Ju Mu’er why she didn’t explain what she had done these days, but Ju Mu’er still refused to disclose.

Ju Muer sent Ya Lili away, and Yun Qingxian said that everything he did was for Ju Muer. Ju Muer avoided Yun Qingxian’s entanglement and said that she had no affiliation with the Long Family, and the two would have never known each other. Ju Sheng saw Ju Mu’er return to the tavern and asked her if she was wronged, but Ju Mu’er still kept silent.

Su Qing came over and told Ju Mu’er that Shu Ruochen and Long Teng still had no news. Ju Mu’er decided to look for them with Su Qing. At this time, Long Teng was already awake, and he was deeply affectionate with Shu Ruochen. Shu Bo was severely beaten, and Yun Qingxian told him all about Ya Lili’s escape and Shu Ruochen.

Shu Bo naturally knew that Yun Qingxian would not simply tell him these two news when he came. At this time, Haigui appeared in front of him, and Shu Bo understood, saying that there was evidence that Concubine Shu Gui was injured and could bring down Taishi Ding. Yun Qingxian left the cell and asked Haigui to do one thing.

Long Yue and Li Ke walked along the river to look for Long Teng and Shu Ruochen, not wanting to hear the sound of the piano. The two of them looked strangely, but didn’t want Ju Mu’er and Su Qing to inquire about the news by teaching children to play the piano. Su Qing suspected that they had gone in the wrong place, but Ju Muer was definitely right.

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