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Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 9 Recap

Happy outings are always short-lived. After two days in Yongan, Su Jianan and Lu Boyan returned to Taoran City. Going home relaxes all the energy, and after this relaxation, Su Jianan’s lower abdomen begins to hurt again.

Lu Boyan wrote down the incident quietly, and went back to ask Ms. Tang how to deal with it to avoid dysmenorrhea. Ms. Tang gave her an old Chinese doctor’s business card, and in a blink of an eye he stood in front of the old Chinese doctor with Su Jian’an, and was shocked. With yellow hair, ball head, light makeup, and a pair of exaggerated big-frame glasses, this is an old Chinese doctor, this is clearly a trendy girl.

The two looked at the old Chinese doctor with a very skeptical attitude. The old Chinese doctor probably saw too much disbelief in his eyes. They reported that they had practiced medicine for five generations and couldn’t be wrong. Just looking at the tongue coating, I saw a lot of stinky problems on Su Jian’an. After prescribing a dose of medicine, Su Jianan suddenly realized that there was a wounded person beside him.

Lu Boyan’s stomach had not been very good, and the stomach pain he had eaten last time was even harder. The old Chinese doctor saw that the two were exactly the same. After cutting the pulse, he also prescribed a prescription for Lu Boyan.

So when the time of taking medicine came, Su Jianan was afraid of hardship, and almost tried his best to eat a bowl of Chinese medicine. Lu Boyan has a good way, which is to quickly pour the decoction and take advantage of the tip of the tongue and the taste buds and then immediately eat a candy. Although Su Jianan was skeptical, but there was no other feasible way, so he had to follow suit.

Drinking a bowl of Chinese medicine, Su Jianan’s expression seems to be drinking poison, and he will eat sugar in the next second. Lu Boyan kissed her with sugar in his mouth and gave the sugar to her. Su Jianan was indeed not suffering anymore, and she was a little bit embarrassed, and hurriedly left after writing a novel under excuse.

Luo Xiaoxi recently studied “The Self-cultivation of Actors”, and is preparing to enter the entertainment circle and lay a piece of his own acting industry. For this, she contacted Amai, the introducer, and today is the day of the interview. At night, Amai took her to KTV, met with bosses from all walks of life, and finally wanted to see Shao Kai from Tao Ran Literature Net. I didn’t expect this Shao Kai to be Jiang Shaokai. It’s really an enemy.

Luo Xiaoxi gave up, and Jiang Shaokai was confused by the glass of wine. The next morning, two people lay naked on Luo Xiaoxi’s bed, drunk and misled.

After the two experienced screaming at each other, the door was knocked, and then the sound of the key came. Su Jianan and Lu Boyan reconciled as before, and she came back to get things to move back. When she came in, she saw Luo Xiaoxi wearing a quilt, and she looked left and right, but did not see the laptop. Finally, she saw it behind the curtains. When she opened it, she was used by Jiang Shaokai to block her private parts. Su Jianan made another sharp noise call.

The three of them sat in the courtroom in the living room. The two were not kind and would not tell Su Jianan when they were together. After wishing them a good chat, Su Jianan only took the U disk and left. Lu Boyan downstairs waited for a long time, but did not see the computer after picking up his luggage. Su Jianan only found it difficult to say a word.

In the Tao Ran Literature Club, President Du blew Su Jian’an into the sky, and the sadomasochism in the new chapter is really wonderful. While talking, Su Jianan’s lower abdomen began to ache again, and President Du thoughtfully ended the topic and asked her to go back and rest earlier. Jiang Shaokai caught Su Jianan’s complaints about Luo Xiaoxi’s various behaviors. As a best friend, Su Jianan ordered five applications not to allow Jiang Shaokai to bully Luo Xiaoxi. Now Jiang Shaokai feels even more wronged. Who is bullying?

Li Luo Xiaoxi in the cafe waited for Su Jian’an for a long time, but she was looking forward to it. Su Jianan began to analyze Jiang Shaokai to Luo Xiaoxi again, and Luo Xiaoxi was a little moved. It seemed to be effective. When she was about to go further, her father called and asked her to come back and participate in the 20th anniversary celebration of Su Shili. He didn’t hesitate to hang up the phone when she heard she wanted to be the queen of underwear, Su Jianan.

Lu Boyan brought bitter Chinese medicine again, and even coaxed Su Jianan to finish drinking the medicine. Speaking of her participation in the celebration, he hoped that Su Jianan would know that her father’s love might not be accepted by her, but in the final analysis, he hoped that she would be loved and cherished. After a conversation, she chooses whether to go or not, and Su Jianan goes.

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