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Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 8 Recap

Su Jianan actually asked him who was her, did all his emotions and throbbing pretend to be together for so long? Lu Boyan looked very anxious. He was eager to confirm that Su Jianan and him were a beautiful couple, and that the two of them were just married couples, so Lu Boyan pressed the wall around Su Jianan and kissed her. Su Jianan couldn’t stand such unreasonable treatment. He went to Yongan to meet Han Ruoxi after the secret meeting, and now he is back to be intimate with her, where there is half respect for her.

Su Jianan insisted that he didn’t care about Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi or who he was with, and asked Lu Boyan not to come to Jiang Shaokai to question him all day long. The two of them were originally contract marriages, and they were irrelevant.

One night later, Lu Boyan knocked on the door of Su Jianan’s room again, and no one answered for a long time, only to find that Su Jianan had left the window, leaving only the black card he gave her.

After escaping from the Lu’s villa, Su Jian’an turned to his best friend Luo Xiaoxi’s house. The narration between the sisters gave a thorough explanation of the ins and outs. Luo Xiaoxi yelled in shock, Lu Boyan actually wanted to forcefully kiss Su Jianan. Su Jianan was angry when she said it, and put ice cream into her mouth one by one regardless of whether she had pain or not.

The best way for girls to get rid of their worries is to go shopping, so Luo Xiaoxi walked out of the mall with Su Jianan carrying bags of various sizes. Feeling bettered, Lu Boyan called, but Luo Xiaoxi thought about it. After receiving the call, Lu Boyan said they were going to the bar.

bar? After seeing Su Jianan being drunk the last time, how could Lu Boyan tolerate such a hangover happening again. The car stopped at the entrance of the bar, and Lu Boyan walked into the bar. Unexpectedly, instead of finding Su Jianan, he was surrounded by a group of people threatening to block him. Wuyangyang’s servants followed, and Lu Boyan ran and jumped to hide back in the car.

This scene made Su Jianan, who had been observing in the dark, extremely happy. When he returned home, he thought about it and felt distressed. Is it too spoof of Lu Boyan?

Lu Boyan, whose love is not going well, received a call from his mother, Ms. Tang, and put pressure on him. If he does not bring back Ms. Tang’s baby daughter-in-law, he probably won’t even want to see Ms. Tang. It was when the headache was happening that assistant Shen Yuechuan came in and talked about another bad thing, how to deal with Han Ruoxi’s affairs.

In the hotel that night, Han Ruoxi took a drink to soothe her sorrows, she was completely despondent, and she was not as glamorous as before, begging him not to be so indifferent to her. The contradiction of the matter is becoming more and more obvious, maybe Su Jianan is angry because of Han Ruoxi.

This matter must be resolved immediately, Lu Boyan didn’t want Su Jianan to hold him in such a cold heart. Yue Chuan reminded that if a statement were made directly to develop the conference, although the matter was clarified, it would damage the reputation of the three parties. In the decision-making process, Yuechuan took the initiative to take over the matter. And what Lu Boyan wanted to think about now was how to comfort Su Jianan and how to apologize so that everything would be the same as before. Kneeling, he couldn’t do it, sending flowers and jewelry, Su Jianan didn’t care about this, and stumped the dignified president.

In the morning, Luo Xiaoxi called again, telling Lu Boyan that Su Jianan had been taken away by his father.

Su Jian’an stood in his father’s office again, not daring to be reprimanded. Dad can see it through. The daughter just found someone to get married and perfuse him. Their marriage is not happy, so let her come back and inherit the underwear company.

When Su Jianan heard that she was about to force her to come back and inherit the family business, she couldn’t wait to summon Lu Boyan to show up immediately. He didn’t expect someone to really come, and dropped the sentence “We are happy” and took her away.

Sitting in Lu Boyan’s car, Su Jianan still didn’t look good, and Han Ruoxi’s affairs made her worry. Lu Boyan probably knew where Su Jianan’s illness was and showed him another piece of news about Han Ruoxi. In it, Yuechuan and Han Ruoxi solemnly declared that they were drunk at night, and told the public that Lu Boyan had a stable relationship with Su Jianan and that Han Ruoxi had a hangover because he was preparing for a new play.

All the explanations are smooth, not only the people are no longer entangled, but even Su Jianan’s attitude has improved. Looking outside the car again, this is the expressway to Yongan. In the end, Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu still went to Yong’an City to discuss business together as expected. The partners are also in pairs, and their sweet interactive golf can easily negotiate the cooperation of partners.

Late at night, the two of them stood under the Ferris wheel. According to legend, couples will not be separated unless they kiss at the highest point while riding the Ferris wheel. At the highest point, the two pairs of eyes are infinitely close, Su Jianan is angry and happy all day, and also plays golf with the partner, and the night starts to have dysmenorrhea. she was

Lying on the bed, Lu Boyan rubbed her belly, his hands soft and warm. He also prepared all kinds of sanitary napkins for him, and Su Jianan stood in front of the bathroom mirror shyly and awkwardly, and the two villains began to argue with each other again. Lu Boyan is a pervert or a warm man.

That night, Su Jianan bowed down on the bed, covered with a soft quilt. Lu Boyan lay on the head of the bed that night, accompanied by Su Jianan’s arms.

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