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Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 7 Recap

This was originally a contract marriage, but Su Jianan was inexplicably disappointed when he heard Lu Boyan confess in front of others, as if this was the secret of the two of them, but Lu Boyan showed it to others without reservation. Thinking back to the past bit by bit, Su Jianan realized that although he said that Lu Boyan was annoying and annoying, she seemed really used to the days when Lu Boyan always appeared around her. Now Lu Boyan said something to Han Ruoxi, she was sad. A man lying on the bed tossed in frustration, the angel and the devil were tugging at her thinking again, one scolded Lu Boyan and the other blew Lu Boyan’s goodness into the sky. He just hesitated until Lu Boyan Come in.

Lu Boyan was going to Yongan City for a few days on business. Shen Yuechuan had the prophet’s knowledge and booked Su Jian’an’s air ticket. Now the boss has to be accompanied by his family on business trips. But when he returned home, Lu Boyan invited Su Jianan to go with him. Su Jianan kept his distance and was deliberately cold, and his words were very polite, as if talking to a stranger.

Lu Boyan didn’t understand what happened to Su Jianan. But Su Jianan deliberately told himself that he couldn’t always want to land Bo Yan. Until early in the morning, Lu Boyan got in the car and left. Looking back at the balcony of Su Jianan’s room upstairs, she didn’t see her. In fact, Su Jianan had been squatting in the corner and hiding, until he left, he leaned on the window and looked at.

After landing in Yong’an City, Han Ruoxi also happened to have a job and came to Yong’an. There was no Su Jianan here, and Han Ruoxi couldn’t help getting closer and closer to him.

As soon as Lu Boyan left, Su Jianan’s creative inspiration disappeared, and no plot of sweet pets could be written. Chen Xuanxuan came to remind her to hand in nothing, and indispensable was another cynicism. Another piece of entertainment gossip news jumped up. It was Han Ruoxi and Lu Boyan who were intimate, and the dazzling photos made Su Jianan uncomfortable. The best friend Luo Xiaoxi saw Su Jianan suddenly become frown, so she took Su Jianan on a trip with Jiang Shaokai.

The waves hit the beach and laid the finest and softest sand on the beach. The sun was shining on this carefully selected beach. Jiang Shaokai and the others dragged Su Jianan into the sand and swayed like seaweed. Sleeping on the beach at night, drinking small wine and eating snacks, Su Jianan would think of Lu Boyan who was shopping with her in the supermarket when he saw snacks.

What is Lu Boyan doing right now? She couldn’t help but think of this person. The meteor struck the sky above the sea. She shouted to Lu Boyan not to bother him anymore. The meteor seemed to be controlled by Lu Boyan, and he struck back backwards.

The next day the three of them went hiking together. Jiang Shaokai used a wooden stick to pretend to be a snake and scared the two girls. The next second there was a snake, and he was unfortunately bitten. The ambulance was transferred to the hospital, and nothing happened. Jiang Shaokai still had to stay in the hospital and asked Luo Xiaoxi to send flowers to Su Jianan to feed.

At the same time, Lu Boyan received a message from Xu Bo on his mobile phone, and the description was vague. Lu Boyan thought that Su Jianan had entered the hospital, put everything down and rushed to the hospital without stopping. What he saw was that Su Jianan was feeding Jiang Shaokai.

They hadn’t seen each other for a few days, and both of them were filled with inexplicable anger and longing. Su Jianan insisted on choking, and Lu Boyan finally only asked her to go home at nine, and then left without saying more.

Luo Xiaoxi looked at Su Jianan’s more gloomy face and took her to KTV to sing a song to vent. At nine o’clock exactly, Lu Boyan didn’t wait for Su Jianan at home. Xu Bo comforted him and asked him to have confidence in himself. Mrs. Lu would not leave him. At this time, Su Jianan on the other side was raising the wheat and shouting.

At eleven o’clock exactly, Lu Boyan moved to the door of his house and waited. His mind was full of the scenes of Su Jianan and Jiang Shaokai feeding each other. He thought he was not going well. Xu Bo came out again to comfort him. This Uncle Xu is really a roundworm in his stomach. He knows when he feels the most uncomfortable, so he scribbles comfortably on his most painful points.

After Xu Bo took a rest, Lu Boyan was still waiting until Su Jiananken came back.

Su Jianan finally came back. Lu Boyan pulled a face. He didn’t know anything. He thought Su Jianan had been with Jiang Shaokai today. What is so good about Jiang Shaokai that she deserves to stay with him until late at night.

Just as Su Jianan was about to ask him why he was at the door, he was questioned like this, and his peaceful mood was stirred up instantly, and they began to say unfeeling words. Lu Boyan didn’t want to listen, and then he held up her face.

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