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Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 6 Recap

Lu Boyan moved out of Lao Taishan to threaten Su Jianan, and instead suggested that it be better to announce the relationship between husband and wife, but Su Jianan did not agree, so he had to hide at home for a few days, and leave the rest to Lu Boyan.

Su Jian’an’s novels also fell out of stars immediately, and the comments were all scolding her as a scumbag, how ugly and ugly. At this time, she received the news that Han Ruoxi had asked her to meet, and when she went to Han Ruoxi, she told her that she could move out of the Lu family first without any response. The remaining fans, Han Ruoxi, would just come to comfort her.

In this way, whether she or Lu Boyan or Han Ruoxi can have the least influence, wouldn’t it be perfect. So Su Jianan left a note and lowered the brim of his hat with the package. Dressed up here, there was no silver three hundred taels, and he was going to Xiao Xi’s house to avoid the limelight.

She waited anxiously, but was dragged into the car by two people. She didn’t call for help and found out that this was Lu Boyan’s RV, and it was Lu Boyan’s deity sitting in front of her.

The makeup artist began to paint outlines on her face, and the other handed Lu Boyan the dress materials. Everything was obvious. Lu Boyan wanted to take Su Jianan to the press conference.

All the staff at the conference site were ready, Han Ruoxi was also waiting for the conference with heavy makeup and beautiful makeup. The host urged Shen Yuechuan, after all, no one would collude with Han Ruoxi before Lu Boyan came. Shen Yuechuan was so anxious that the ants on the hot pot went round and round, and when he called to ask Lu Boyan, the more he heard it, the more shocked he became.

Backstage at the party, Lu Boyan was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, and Su Jianan was in a daze at a skirt, but in the end she reluctantly put it on, holding Lu Boyan’s hand and waiting behind the scenes of the party. Han Ruoxi was temporarily replaced after receiving the notice, but she was still standing in the audience, where there was Lu Boyan, she wanted to accompany her even if she did not appear in front of the public.

Lu Boyan took Su Jian’an step by step to the spotlight, with an exquisite white dress with pure white makeup, and Lu Boyan’s hands protruding out on the steps. She looked at the guests, relatives and friends. There was Du She There are others who are whispering that she is the maid costume. There were divergent opinions on one side, and Lu Boyan on the other. She chose Lu Boyan. Stand in the center of the stage with his hands.

Lu Boyan talked calmly and unhurriedly, and the president’s decision-making power and confidence are invisible. Finally, Lu Boyan announced that Su Jianan was the ambassador and his wife.

The news after the women’s clothing incident was all sweet sugar candy by Su Jianan and Lu Boyan. The fans on Su Jianan Literature Net’s account suddenly increased. Amid Su Jianan’s complaints, those verbal abuses gradually disappeared, replaced by President Du Zhangkoujiu. The honorable name, the independent luxurious office, the warm praise of colleagues. During the meeting, the president specifically announced that Su Jian’an’s “Dominant President’s Warm New Wife” was officially renamed “Lu Shao’s Warm New Wife”, which instantly changed from a novel to a realistic theme.

The morning meeting was not over yet, Lu Boyan sent Xu Bo to send refreshments for everyone in the literature club to enjoy, as well as fresh flowers. Chen Xuanxuan ate the cakes requested by others, and sourly instigated Su Jian’an to entertain him.

Be sure to ask for the most expensive one, otherwise he seemed to be stingy. It is indeed a bit expensive for five thousand yuan for a meal. Chen Xuanxuan began to sarcastically again. Lu Boyan showed up in time and gave Su Jianan a black card. In addition, she asked all the waiters to ask for it, and she paid for the share of Chen Xuanxuan.

With Lu Boyan supporting Su Jianan, she has no choice but to do so. She is generous in paying the bills, and she meets a few of her own fans when she goes out. She also has readers and fans one day, and appreciates her because she likes them. However, Han Ruoxi said that the popularity is generally only three days, and such a high popularity will pass within a few days, and Su Jianan feels somewhat reluctant. However, Yue Chuan told her that Lu Boyan was too underestimated, and Su Jianan thought about it carefully before finishing her words.

President Du suddenly changed his face one hundred and eighty degrees, and Lu Boyan who appeared in the Literature Club that day, so everything behind it was the credit of Lu Boyan. Su Jianan didn’t like the feeling of going through the back door, but Lu Boyan expressed another plan.

The relationship between the two is open and happy to go shopping in the supermarket, more like the young couple in the common life. Because one of the high-shelf snacks could not be reached, Lu Boyan helped her take it, and the scene turned into Su Jianan being placed between the shelf and Lu Boyan, Lu Boyan being close to each inch made her shy and self-confident, and Lu Boyan Just sticking it to her ear and telling him to do a full set of the show, the expression in his eyes suggests that the paparazzi is unclear. The supermarket sweet of the two made the headlines again, and Han Ruoxi saw that the tablet suddenly fell.

Su Jianan’s loyal fan of Su Jianan, “Ottoman”, also strongly supported her, and built a fan group called “Monster League” for her.

This time, Han Ruoxi didn’t notify anyone, and quietly came to Lu Boyan’s office and found the one-year three-chapter contract. Su Jianan and Lu Boyan actually got married in a fake marriage. Lu Boyan came in at this time and faced Han Ruoxi’s questioning, he admitted that they were indeed married by contract. And Su Jianan came to return Lu Boyan’s black card and heard this sentence.

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