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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 52 End Recap

Qingcheng saved Qin Wentian with a blood sacrifice sword, and even the whole world. Before, Qin Wentian always protected her. This time she changed her to protect him. She thanked her for meeting Qin Wentian in this life and slowly fell down. In Qin Wentian’s arms, Qin Wentian looked at her death with great pain.

At this time the elf appeared and told Qin Wentian that Qingcheng was nurtured by the plant power of the Seven Treasure Crown Tree. To save her, a lot of plant power was needed. The Seven Treasure Crown Tree set Mo Lao and Emperor Yi. It’s only after a person’s life’s strength that he recovers. It’s impossible to have a second time, but now there are elves who will condense all the power of vegetation into a seed. Among them, using energy to support, maybe one day she will wake up.

The elf told Qin Wentian that they both came from the far-away Primordial Immortal Territory, and they came to the world by accident. There is a sacred tree in the Primordial Immortal Territory. It is the seed. If Qingcheng absorbs it. The strength will definitely be restored, thanks to Qin Wentian for letting it come into this world, so that it has a memory that belongs to it and Qingcheng, and then it turns into a tree species.

Yi Wuwei successfully ascended the throne in the imperial city and became the new emperor. He commended the Qin family for their merits in capturing the rebellious party. He specially named Qin Chuan as the king of war, guarding the city of Tianyong and the surrounding ten cities, hereditary forgiveness; Shengping rebels, canonize the concubine, chooses the day to perform the canonization ceremony, Zuoyu Liuhe, protects the ancestral temple, the incense is long; the masters of the Shenbing Pavilion An Liuyan, Yang Chen, and Fengping have clear righteousness, loyalty and courage, and special loyalty The plaque is commemorating his merits;

The Dark Night Demon Emperor has been successful in suppressing the Primordial Demon Sword, actively dismissing the Dark Night clan, and amnesting the sins of the whole clan. For a hundred years, to cultivate the talents of dragons and phoenixes for the country, the people of the pillars, unfortunately, suffered a military battle, and the court has spent money to refurbish the talents and consolidate the foundation of the country.

Qin Wentian planted the seeds by the river, and the seeds quickly grew into towering trees. He also waited for the day when Qingcheng regained consciousness. After this battle, the Lord of the Dark Night thoroughly figured out the battle. He decided to put down his determination to avenge Huang and cherish it. Every day I live, I also look forward to Qingcheng’s awakening.

Qin Wentian told Diyi that ever since he left Worship Sword City, he had always carried the Primordial Demon Sword by his side. There was no sound or strangeness. It was completely transformed into a magic weapon. It seemed that he had completely surrendered it, and the sword was asexual. , But it was like in the hands of anyone, he promised that he would never let the Primordial Demon Sword return to the way of killing.

The world is finally at peace. Gong Yanghong felt that he was young and victorious at the beginning and failed the pavilion master of Qingyun Pavilion. Now he wants to accompany his lover in Qingyun Pavilion and stay with him for a lifetime, and the pavilion master happily agreed.

The skill of Jiuhuamen disciples has grown a lot. Qin Wentian has mastered the Jiuyuan Palace Art and passed it on to the other disciples in the door. They also benefited a lot. It is really rare to have this kind of disposition. It makes sense that the Star Soul Stone was left to him.

Qin Wentian felt that it was not a long-term solution for the Demon Sword to remain in the world. He decided to freeze it in an extremely cold place to live up to what Qingcheng had to sacrifice for himself. In this way, the Primordial Demon Sword completely disappeared.

Qin’s righteous son, Qin Wentian, cares about the people, is young and promising, and is a peaceful and healthy society. The common people have entered and exited dangerous places several times. He bravely fought against the demon sword and tamed him. He was specially named the ancient god king and enjoyed the respect of the people forever.

Three years later, Qin Wentian came to the riverside again, but the trees had already disappeared. He thought of the little things between himself and Qingcheng, and was a little lonely from time to time. At this time, a woman in white appeared behind him with an umbrella, Qin Wen Tian discovered that this woman was actually Allure, and the two hugged each other.

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