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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 51 Recap

Ren Qianxing informed Diyi that Qin Wentian took the Primordial Demon Sword to Worship Sword City. Diyi led Jiuhuamen and Yi Wuwei immediately to search for Qin Wentian, and asked Ren Qianxing. The civil strife in the imperial city had just ended. , I was worried that something would happen in the imperial city, so I asked him to stay, so that he could take care of him. Going to worship the sword city is dangerous, so be careful.

The dark night clansman reported to the Dark Night Demon Emperor that Zi Jian of Worship Sword City had moved faintly, worried that Qin Wentian and the Primordial Demon Sword had returned to Worship Sword City. In the past few days, the visions continued, and the dark clouds gathered in the direction of Worship Sword City. I am afraid that Qin Wentian still has not been able to get rid of the demon nature of the demon sword. People are like swords, and swords are like human beings.

Although the Primordial Demon Sword has spirituality, its evil nature is greater. If Qin Wentian and Primordial Demon Sword are completely combined into one, then the demon Sword might return to Worship Sword City to summon Zijian. The Dark Night Demon Emperor believes that since Qin Wentian’s whereabouts has been known, it should not be too late to summon the four wolves to set off immediately. Qingcheng also wants to accompany him, but the Dark Night Demon Emperor is worried that Qingcheng will be injured. Agree, he promised Qingcheng that he would not hurt Qin Wentian as a last resort, unless he was hopeless, and cast a spell to faint her after speaking and sent someone to look after her.

Bai Qiuxue asked Ye Wuque sadly, what is the point of the Bai family sorry to the Ye family? They want to kill them all in this way. Bai Qing did nothing wrong, but was killed for no reason. Now that the Bai family is destroyed, is it the result that the Ye family wanted? ? While Bai Qiuxue took advantage of Ye Wuque’s rest, she wanted to kill him with a sword, but she couldn’t make it.

She took Bai Qing’s ashes and returned to the Bai family. Bai’s family had long since lost the hustle and bustle of the past. There was no sound, and it was very deserted. At this time, Bai Qiuxue saw that his uncle Bai Guangcheng was at Bai’s house, and Bai Qiuxue told him the news of Bai Qing’s death. He was very sad and cried and blamed himself holding Bai Qing’s ashes.

Qin Wentian came to Worship Sword City. At this time, a vision appeared in the sky, and they all gathered in Worship Sword City. Bai Qiuxue was worried about Qin Wentian and decided to go to Worship Sword City.

Mo Qingcheng woke up, saying that Qin Wentian was trapped by the demon sword, and he was the sword guard Ling Ji, and he had to go to help and complete his mission, otherwise the world would suffer disaster.

The Dark Night Demon Emperor and the Four Wolves came to Worship Sword City. At this time, Emperor Yi and Jiuhua Gate and others also came. This must be a fierce battle. The Dark Night Demon Emperor wants to destroy the Demon Sword and avenge the Phoenix.

The sword set out a sword formation to besiege everyone, everyone broke the formation together, Ye Wuque appeared, bent on letting Qin Wentian die, for his own selfish desires, regardless of the safety of the people of the world, Yi Wuwei felt that the Ye family was ruining the loyalty and doing all the bad things. Without repentance, God will accept him sooner or later. At this time, in order to save Bai Qiuxue, Ye Wuque would not hesitate to be stabbed to death with a sword. Before he died, he told Bai Qiuxue to treat their children kindly.

Emperor Yi sighed that after five hundred years, the power of the Demon Sword has become stronger and stronger. It is no longer what it used to be. The Dark Night Demon Emperor feels that if you don’t get rid of it now, there will be no chance again in the future, but it is true that he wants to get rid of it. It is not easy, otherwise the emperor Cang and Huang would not sacrifice easily. It is imperative to destroy the demon sword. If Qin Wentian is not sober, he can only be killed.

Emperor Yi and the Dark Night Demon Emperor decided to join forces to get rid of the Primordial Demon Sword. They fought Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian and Demon Sword were similar to each other. They were difficult to resist. They were defeated one after another. Demon Sword wanted Qin. Wentian killed the Dark Night Demon Emperor. Qin Wentian struggled to resist, but was controlled by the demon nature of the Demon Sword.

At this time, Qingcheng appeared and wanted to influence Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian yelled to let her leave and wanted to commit suicide with the Demon Sword. In this way, the Demon Sword can also be both prosperous and prosperous, but Qingcheng used his body to block Qin Wentian in front of him, protected Qin Wentian with his blood sacrifice sword, completed his mission, and slowly closed. eye.

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