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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 50 Recap

Qingcheng watched the elf slowly dying in front of her until it changed back to a flower seed, recalling all the things he had met with it, very sad and couldn’t help crying bitterly.

The Dark Night Demon Emperor fought with the ancestor of King Pill, and was seriously injured. Qingcheng called him daddy sadly. At this time, Qin Wentian dragged the Primordial Demon Sword to the Pill King Palace step by step, and Ye Wuque followed closely behind. Bai Qing saw Bai Qiuxue and told her that Qin Wentian was currently in a very dangerous situation, and the ancient demon sword barrier was completely shattered. Qin Wentian drew the ancient demon sword for the common people of the world, and now came to the Pill King Palace.

Qin Wentian used the Primordial Demon Sword to open the door of the Pill King Palace and walked straight in. He was heartbroken when he saw the dying Qingcheng. He used the Primordial Demon Sword to assassinate the ancestor of the Pill King, but he was killed by the Primordial Demon Sword. Controlled by the demon nature, unable to extricate himself for a while, the night demon emperor felt that Emperor Cang was a wizard of heaven and could not pull out the demon sword.

He did not expect Qin Wentian to achieve it, but for him there were only two results, either The demon control of the sword can either control the demon sword. In order not to harm Qingcheng, Qin Wentian left with the demon sword. Qingcheng was very worried. At the same time, the Pill King Palace was destroyed and many medicines no longer exist, which is a pity. .

The Dark Night Demon Emperor wants to take Qingcheng back to the holy temple first. If Qin Wentian can be united with the Primordial Demon Sword Human Sword, it is a gratifying event, otherwise it will be ruined. Once the Primordial Demon Sword loses its knot The suppression of the world would affect the common people, but Qingcheng believed that Qin Wentian would definitely not be controlled by it, and the dark night demon emperor saw that Qin Wentian was trying his best to stay awake, hoping that he could use perseverance to restrain the magical nature of the demon sword.

When Ye Wuque saw Bai Qiuxue, he took her away. Bai Qing appeared and told him that Bai Qiuxue was pregnant with his child. Ye Wuque couldn’t accept it for a while, so he collapsed and left. Bai Qing wanted to take Bai Qiuxue back. Tianyong City was cultivated, but Bai Qiuxue decided to follow Bai Qing to Qin Wentian to help destroy the Demon Sword. Now that the Primordial Demon Sword was born, no matter where she went, she had a dead end. What’s more, she now has a child and wants him Born peacefully.

Diyi and Mo Shang were worried about the current situation of Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng at the Jiuhua Gate. Now that the Demon Sword has been released, Qingcheng also knows his identity. They are worried that she will find the Demon Sword. Di Yi asks Mo Shang to find Ren Qian. OK, find a way to find out Qin Wentian’s current situation.

Bai Qing and Bai Qiuxue traced the traces left by the Primordial Demon Sword. At this time, Bai Qiuxue found that Ye Wuque had been following her and asked him why he wanted to. Ye Wuque handed Zijian to Bai Qiuxue and asked her to kill herself. At the same time, the child must be born.

Qin Wentian lost to the demon nature of the Demon Sword and seemed to be controlled by it. Bai Qing found him and advised him not to be affected by the Demon Sword, otherwise he would be completely swallowed by it. Ye Wuque stepped forward to kill Qin Wentian, but Bai Qing Qing suddenly appeared and blocked Wentian with her body, and was killed by Ye Wuque with a sword.

Qin Chuan told Yi Wuwei that in the past few days, news has come that the cities in the eastern part of the country have been attacked and almost all have been destroyed. There are very few survivors, and according to the news, those who are now under attack The town is getting closer and closer to the direction of Worship Sword City. It seems that Qin Wentian has gone to Worship Sword City. Yi Wuwei intends to find Qin Wentian, but Qin Chuan persuaded him not to act rashly.

After all, Yiheng’s power has not been completely eliminated and he has been enthroned. It was not held either. At this time, he could not leave the imperial city, but Qin Wentian is Yi Wuwei’s best brother. He did not want to sit idly by and stay out of the matter, so he left the imperial city to Qin Chuan for management. He and Diyi and others prepared Set out to find Qin Wentian.

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