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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 49 Recap

Worship Sword City became more loose, and Qin Wentian decided to surrender the Demon Sword. Di Yi felt that his time to comprehend the Jiuyuan Mansion Jue was too short, and that his cultivation techniques had not yet been fully integrated. All of this depends on good luck.

Qin Wentian entered the City of Worship Sword. He slowly approached the Primordial Demon Sword. He felt that although the sword was a demon, it was also a weapon. It was a weapon for people to use. For some reason, he did not want to be a match for others. At this time, the demon sword made a sound. Pointing out that the gap between the sky and the earth is so narrow, it is trapped here, and if the sky and the earth dare to trap it, it will split the sky and the earth.

Qin Wentian intends to be the last sword puller, surrender the demon sword, and prevent it from doing harm to the common people. The demon sword told Qin Wentian that they both came from the immortal realm, where the real powerhouse is. At this time, the elf came to Qin Wentian and asked him to rescue the Qingcheng trapped by Luohe in the Palace of Pill King. Wentian asked the elf to notify the Dark Night Demon Emperor, and when he drew out the demon sword, he went to Qingcheng.

The Qin family army broke into the palace and surrounded Yi Hengtuan. Yi Wuwei pointed out his many crimes, tried to usurp the throne, framed the emperor, and asked him to stop resisting immediately, and Yi laughed horizontally, feeling that even if the Qin family army occupied the imperial city, it was not enough. For fear, because the imperial city is already full of god-patterned formations, which can make the entire imperial city disappear in an instant. As long as the formation is broken, the entire imperial city will become scorched earth, and then the Qin army will die. It is really vicious, even the imperial city. The people’s life and death are not concerned, it is really faint.

At this time, Bai Qing appeared and told Yi Heng that even if the heart was broken, it would not explode. Because Mu Qing was killed, his apprentice confessed that the heart stone was at Yi Heng. Qin Wentian felt that it was not time to go to the palace to find Yi Heng. , You need to start with the god pattern formation and found that it is a fusion of ice and fire. This formation requires a variety of raw materials to draw a formation and collect various unstable star soul powers. Although these powers are hidden well, as long as you understand this formation People of the law can feel its existence with a little bit of effort.

As long as the formation eye is destroyed, the connection between the formation center and the formation method will be cut off, and it will be broken without attack. At this time, Yi Heng knew that he had completely failed, and Ye Feeling that the situation is over, he began to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, and assassinated Yi Heng with a sword. Before Yi Heng died, he was still eager to become the throne. It is really sad that Ye Mo framed the Qin family, causing the whole family to be slaughtered and colluded with the dark night clan. For a long time, he was ordered to be imprisoned.

The Dark Night Demon Emperor knew that Qingcheng was trapped in the Pill King Palace, and planned to rescue her. Qin Wentian knew that Qingcheng was in a dangerous situation and was very anxious in his heart. He planned to surrender the Primordial Demon Sword as soon as possible, but the Demon Sword was too demonic and wanted to force Qin With Wentian’s body.

Diyi worried that Qin Wentian’s cultivation of the Jiuyuan Mansion Jue was too short to suppress the devil’s nature with his strong mind. At this time, Yi Wuwei sent people to search for Qin Wentian’s traces and learned that he was dragging the demon sword. Appeared in the ice sea, about to reach the territory of Wangzhou.

The ancestor of King Dan woke up and was very happy to learn that Lingji Shoujian was in King’s Mansion, but Qingcheng had subdued Qixing Evening Primrose, and his vitality was very weak. The ancestor found that the star soul in Qingcheng was dissipating and his skills had not been restored. , It will take time to remove the toxins in her body.

The Dark Night Demon Emperor entered the Palace of King Pill and had a fight with the ancestor. The ancestor pointed out that he would not defeat him because he had weakness. At this time, the elf turned into a fire-breathing bird to come to rescue Qingcheng, and Qingcheng shouted let It left, but the little elf confronted Luohe without hesitation, but was killed by Luohe and changed back to a flower seed.

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