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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 48 Recap

Hua Taixu told the elf that the Palace of King Dan is isolated from the outside world by a maze. Ordinary people can’t see the maze at all, let alone crack it. Only by relying on a token can he leave here. He gave the token to the elf. , Asked Qingcheng to leave the Danwang Palace secretly. At this time, Luohe appeared. He noticed that Hua Taixu was a little nervous after seeing her, and he informed the gatekeeper. Once Mo Qingcheng showed signs of leaving, he would report it immediately.

At the moment, she does not want to lock her up. He started to provoke trouble and asked whether Hua Taixu had told Qingcheng the secret. Hua Taixu denied it. Luohe asked him not to be the first sinner since the establishment of the Danwang Palace. Hua Taixu couldn’t resist the inner pressure, so he had no choice but to admit. Luo He banned him and told him that Qingcheng had been imprisoned. Even with a token, there was nothing to do and he could not escape.

Luo He told Bai Qiuxue that she had done a great job about Lingji guarding the sword. As long as she performed well, she would not be treated badly.

Luo Qianqiu came to Jiuhuamen to find Ren Qianxing, wanting to avenge his father’s murder. Ren Qianxing persuaded him to let go of his hatred, saying that he would eliminate his sins for him. In the future, he will still be a disciple of Jiuhuamen and the leader of the Knight League, but Luo Qianqiu didn’t appreciate him. He felt that Ren Qianxing was hypocritical and wanted to kill him. Seeing that he did not repent, Ren Qianxing could only stabbed him to the ground, and then told him the cause of his father Luo Tianya’s death.

When Yi State and Xueyun State fought, Ren Qianxing passed through the quiet snowy mountains of Xueyun State and met an avalanche. He accidentally heard a couple of men and women crying for help. When they rushed to rescue, they found that they were dead and only There was one child left, so he took him back to Jiuhuamen.

That child was Luo Tianya, and then Luo Tianya grew up in Yi Kingdom. Ren Qianxing taught him the best cultivation methods, but there was one more thing that he was worried about. I was afraid that Luo Tianya would know his life experience and fear that his cultivation level would be used by others, so he told him that he was his father and he was from Yi Kingdom, but it is a pity that Luo Tianya was eventually taken advantage of by Jiu Xuan.

The palace instigated him and wanted to get the secret Jiuyuan Mansion of Tianxing Pavilion. He kept attacking the same family, and it turned out to be a tragedy. Before he died, he asked Ren Qianxing not to tell Luo Qianqiu about this, but Luo Qianqiu still couldn’t help him. In his father’s footsteps, after all, Ren Qianxing abolished his cultivation base, hoping that he could turn around and stop being obsessed with it, but Luo Qianqiu didn’t want to believe that his father was like that, so he committed suicide.

The Northwest Army of the Qin family was near the city. Qin Chuan knew that Yi Heng was prepared for a long time and could not act rashly. After preparing for such a long time, he should not be reckless. Without attacking the city immediately, Yi Heng asked Ye Mo to find a way to stop them. Destroy your enthronement ceremony.

Qingcheng was tied up by Luohe, and Bai Qiuxue came to her and apologized to her, saying that she was involuntarily involuntarily, and she had no choice but to protect her child.

Qin Wentian woke up, she told Qin Yao that he found Ye Wuque strange in this duel. Now that she has practiced the Nine Yuan Mansion Art, coupled with the power of the Star Soul Stone, Ye Wuque should be killed in the duel, but Ye Wuque didn’t suffer much damage, and it was strange that he could improve so quickly in a short period of time. When Fan Le fought against Yi Tianjiao, he got his Jade Seal of National Destiny and gave it to Qin Wentian.

Diyi discovered that there was a change in Worship Sword City, and knew that the barrier would not last too long. He hoped that Qin Wentian could use the Jiuyuan Mansion Art to control the demon sword and avoid a disaster.

Ren Qianxing sent Qin Yao to follow Yi Wuwei to join the Northwest Army to prevent Yiheng’s enthronement ceremony. Qin Wentian came to his righteous husband Qin Chuan, and Qin Chuan asked him to arrange for people to support the north and south of the imperial city to fend off the enemy. . The Northwest Army broke through the gate and entered the city.

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