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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 30 Recap

He Xuelin finally figured it out in the room, she would never do stupid things again, and she also believed that Ding’s mother would survive this level, and she would never fight with Ding’s mother again after returning. The next day, the two cheered up and continued to look for the child. Chen Shengliang also called Xuelin. He decided to participate in sending the doctor to the countryside. The first stop was Lanxi, and he could also find the child by the way.

Hearing that Chen Shengliang was about to come, Ding Yu got up and left first. He Xuelin explained to Ding Yu that she had not called Chen Shengliang to come, but Ding Yu said indifferently that he was not angry and jealous, and asked He Xuelin to go with Chen Shengliang to Dianxi to find Yuanyuan. Nowadays, only looking for Yuanyuan is the most important.

Chen Shengliang sent a doctor to the countryside and came to Dianxi. On the way, a little boy fell into the water when the car was driving. Chen Shengliang got out of the car to save people without saying a word. The little boy was rescued by Chen Shengliang and asked for something for his “brother.” An asthma medicine, saying that his brother is often out of breath. In order to thank Chen Shengliang, the little boy’s “brother” gave Chen Shengliang a mud moon cake that he made by himself. Chen Shengliang did not go up to the front to look at the “brother” carefully, and only accepted the mud moon cake.

Ding Yu and Chaogui were looking for Yuanyuan in Dianxi. The two met a man who claimed that he had seen the child on the missing person notice. Ding Yu deeply hoped that he would follow the request of the yellow-haired man and take the yellow-haired man. The meal was just to get further clues about Yuanyuan from the yellow-haired man, but after they finished eating, they learned that they were deceived by the yellow-haired man. The yellow-haired man had no further information about Yuanyuan.

According to Ding Yu’s arrangement, He Xuelin and Chen Shengliang came to see Mrs. Guo. Mrs. Guo had just bought a ticket from the train station. He Xuelin clearly remembered the last time Mrs. Guo said that her daughter was not available, but this time Mrs. Guo However, she said that she failed to obtain a visa without completing the materials, and Mrs. Guo regarded Chen Shengliang as Ding Yu.

Chen Shengliang was deeply suspicious of this, and he was going to visit Mrs. Guo. After coming out of Mrs. Guo’s house, Chen Shengliang mentioned that the photos of Mrs. Guo’s daughter when she was a child were very similar to Yuanyuan. He thought it was very likely that Mrs. Guo saw Yuanyuan at the train station, so she brought Yuanyuan back, but Guo The old lady forgot about it again.

The yellow-haired man brought his younger brother to Ding Yu. His younger brother had seen the yellow dress. Ding Yu knew that they were too poor to eat, so he gave the money to the little boy. The little boy said that the yellow dress was He threw it into the river. In addition to the clothes, he had a bunch of hair. Ding Yu stepped forward and looked at the hair in the crevices of the stone, and his heart sank suddenly. Yuanyuan is indeed long hair, but this is a new clue after all. Ding Yu thought that Yuanyuan must be here, so she decided to go first. Go back to Xuelin to discuss the next action.

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