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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 29 Recap

Ding Yu did not arrive at Grandma Xiaofu’s house for a long time. She decided to find Ding Yu by herself. Holding the map left by Ding Yu, He Xuelin realized that the map belonged to Dianxi, and the red circle above must be Ding Yu. The place. On the other hand, Father Ding also saw the dress in the photo given by An. Although Ding Yu didn’t say whether it was Yuanyuan’s clothes, his appearance should undoubtedly be Yuanyuan’s clothes, so Father Ding grabbed it. One heart, for fear of Yuanyuan’s accident,

With the help of Dianxi police officer Feng Chaogui, Ding Yu found the clothes on the riverside to check. The two found a boat and went down the river to check. Halfway through, Ding Yu received a call from the village committee to look for him. He rushed back to the village committee member and dialed a call back to the security. Father Ding was at the Ansuo. He told Ding Yu about Ding’s mother. He wanted to know if the dress belonged to Yuanyuan. Ding Yu confirmed that the dress belonged to Yuanyuan. He cannot go back here temporarily, Ding. When my father heard the news that Ding Yu had confirmed his clothes, he had a deep heartbreak.

Fang Jue heard that Ding’s mother was hospitalized. He took the flowers to visit Ding’s mother, and Yanzi finally sat down calmly and asked about Fang Jue’s study abroad. Afterwards, Fang Jue came to the hospital with his mother. Fang Jue’s mother asked about Ding’s mother. She wanted to introduce Yanzi to a job. Yanzi directly rejected Fang Jue’s mother, who left the hospital with a dark face. Stepping out of the hospital door, Fang Jue’s mother bluntly thought that Yanzi was very uncultivated and impolite, the two must break up, and Fang Jue must go to the UK without discussing it.

He Xuelin followed the map and found Ding Yu. She wanted to know what Ding Yu was hiding from her. The last thing she wanted was that Ding Yu was hiding something from her and didn’t discuss it with her. Ding Yu knew that it wouldn’t last long. The clothes thing told He Xuelin that He Xuelin came to the river with a very calm expression and asked Ding Yu to give her time to calm down. Ding Yu gave Xuelin time to calm down. Seeing He Xuelin step by step towards the depths of the river, Ding Yu hurried forward to hold Xuelin, Xuelin cried and shouted that she heard Yuanyuan calling her, Ding Yu hugged He Xuelin tightly , It’s not the time to despair, they can’t give up now, He Xuelin can’t be okay.

Ding’s mother was hospitalized for a lot of surgery expenses. Yanzi was very worried about the cost of treatment. Director Gu said that the medical expenses had already been paid, and no one in the surroundings had paid the medical expenses. Yanzi guessed it was Chen Shengliang’s friend. The cost of medicine. Yanzi came to find Chen Shengliang. Chen Shengliang admitted that he paid for the medical expenses, but he didn’t want to use money to make up for Ding’s family and buy Yuanyuan back, but thanked Ding’s family from the bottom of his heart.

Ding Yu returned to the hotel with Xue Lin, who was soaked, and Xue Lin asked Ding Yu to go back. Although Ding Yu was worried about Ding Mu, he was also worried about Xue Lin and Yuanyuan. He set aside his own affairs and let Ding Yu go back. Xue Lin called Ho’s mother back. Xuelin called back under Ding Yu’s persuasion. Mother Ho was already asleep, but she ran out to answer the phone immediately when she heard the sound of the phone. He could only bear it when she heard Xuelin almost unable to hold on. With her own sadness, she comforted He Xuelin and told her not to give up hope and keep looking, they will definitely find Yuanyuan.

Ding Yu made a call to Yanzi. Yanzi told Ding Yu that Ding’s mother had been admitted to the intensive care unit. Ding Yu weakly hung up the phone while Fang Jue had been waiting at the entrance of the hospital. When Yanzi left the hospital, she saw Fang Jue desolate. His figure also moved in my heart.

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