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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 28 Recap

He Xuelin heard how she missed her daughter from Old Lady Guo, and she felt guilty and blamed herself, and she understood her negligence towards her mother. After that, He Xuelin returned to the hotel and learned that Ding Yu had gone to the hospital to ask if any children with asthma were admitted. None of the children admitted to the hospital were Yuanyuan, and Yuanyuan’s clues were interrupted again. He Xuelin didn’t know what to do next. What to do, Mrs. Guo insisted that she had never met Yuanyuan, and she also chose to trust Mrs. Guo. Ding Yu looked very worried.

He kept He Xuelin from the clothes. He only said that he wanted to go to Xiaofu’s grandma’s house. He Xuelin heard that Ding Yu was distracted by Xiaofu’s affairs. Xiaofu rushed over all the way. She was touched for less than a day, but Ding Yu cared about Xiaofu. Facing He Xuelin’s anger, Ding Yu could not explain it, and only quietly carried the bag out. He accidentally took He Xuelin’s The phone broke, and she had to leave her cell phone to He Xuelin so that He Xuelin could keep it on.

Yuanyuan’s teacher came to visit her home. She knew that Yuanyuan hadn’t found her yet, but Mother Ding said in a daze that the handwork on the table was Yuanyuan or she hadn’t finished it. She came back at night and continued to do it. Teacher Wei looked at Ding’s mother who had applied for a trance. She was a little worried and wanted to stay with her, but Mother Ding thought it was unnecessary. Soon after Yanzi came back, she also discovered that Ding’s mother had mistakenly regarded Xiaofu as Yuanyuan. She told Ding’s father about Ding’s situation, thinking that Ding’s mother could not go on like this.

During the meal, Father Ding intentionally made Ding’s mother distinguish Yuanyuan from Xiaofu in his words. Mother Ding repeatedly claimed that she was not old-fashioned and she could distinguish the two. Yanzi took out the handwork made by Xiaofu and asked about Ding’s mother and teacher Wei today. What she said, Ding Mu always said that she had not said those things to Teacher Wei. To prove that Ding Mu was really indistinguishable from each other, she took out Xiaofu’s photo and gave it to Ding Mu. Sure enough, Ding Mu recognized Xiaofu as a lady Yuan.

Ding mother faced Yanzi’s questioning, she cried back to the room, but fainted in the room. Yanzi kept calling Ding Yu but couldn’t get through. The rescue result of Mother Ding came out. She was seriously ill and was admitted to the intensive care unit. Neither Ding’s family nor Chen Shengliang could contact Ding Yu and He Xuelin. The group was very anxious but at a loss. , Yanzi had to send a text message to Ding Yu, let Ding Yu see the text message to go home quickly.

Ding Yu’s mobile phone was placed in the room, and when He Xuelin saw the text message, she had a meal in her heart and hurriedly took a taxi to Xiaofu’s house in Yongjing County in the rain, but Xiaofu’s grandma said that Ding Yu did not come today and He Xuelin asked the driver to wait for her outside. , But the driver was scared away by a dog outside. He Xuelin didn’t have a car to go back, so she stayed at Xiaofu’s grandma’s house, and wanted to wait for Ding Yu to come over tomorrow, and then go back with Ding Yu. At night, He Xuelin learned from Grandma Xiaofu that Xiaofu’s elder brother was playing truant, and that Xiaofu’s brother was also a difficult child, and she also confided all her sadness to Grandma Xiaofu.

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