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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 27 Recap

Xiaofu apologized to Yanzi. Yanzi didn’t have a good temper with Xiaofu. She took Xiaofu into the room until she saw Xiaofu crying. In order to make Xiaofu happy, Yanzi took out the card that she had originally intended to give Yuanyuan. Xiaofu liked this nice card very much, but Yanzi took it down and said that it was a gift from her to Yuanyuan and could not give it to Xiaofu, Xiaofu. His face was instantly filled with disappointment.

Ding Yu and He Xuelin arrived in Dianxi, and they came to Old Lady Guo’s home. Old Lady Guo was already asleep. He Xuelin quarreled with Old Lady Guo, and the two pretended to be members of the student visa company to ask Yuanyuan’s news. Mrs. Guo insisted that she had never met Yuanyuan, and that she had applied for the visa by herself and came back by herself. Mrs. Guo kept saying that she did not know Yuanyuan and had never seen the child. He Xuelin, like a shrew, repeatedly claimed that it was Mrs. Guo who hid the child and that she abducted the child. Mrs. Guo angrily drove them out. room.

He Xuelin sat on the chair uncomfortably, Ding Yu stepped forward to comfort He Xuelin. He was afraid that He Xuelin would be burdened because of his existence, so he clearly told He Xuelin that everything he did was for Yuanyuan. After that, Ding Yu asked about Chen Shengliang’s failure to follow him. After learning that He Xuelin did not regard Chen Shengliang as Yuanyuan’s father, the joy on Ding Yu’s face was beyond words. Why did Xuelin take the luggage and stay in a hotel? .

Ding Yu went downstairs while He Xuelin was asleep. He contacted the local police about the photo and prepared to take a time to go to the police station. He did not go back to sleep, but went downstairs and posted the missing person notice on the bulletin board. on. He Xuelin stood upstairs watching everything Ding Yu did, with mixed feelings in her heart. The next day, Ding Yu bought breakfast and brought it to the room. He Xuelin was going to visit Mrs. Guo’s house again.

She said to follow Ding Yu’s way, but in her heart she still wanted Ding Yu to go with her. Ding Yu faced He Xuelin. He had no choice but to lie that his stomach hurts. He Xuelin was a medical student. She immediately saw that Ding Yu was pretending to be ill. She broke Ding Yu’s lies on the road, and the two broke up. Ding Yu wanted to go directly to the police station after she broke up, but from the corner of her eyes he saw He Xuelin following him, the corner of his mouth smiled lightly, only suddenly appeared in front of He Xuelin.

He Xuelin thought that Ding Yu had something to hide from her. Ding Yu knew that He Xuelin had to go to Old Lady Guo’s house, but she would definitely be blasted out by Old Lady Guo again if she came to the house like this, so Ding Yu prepared a box of moon cakes for Old Lady Guo. Going to visit Mrs. Guo again with moon cakes. The two came to apologize to Mrs. Guo. Mrs. Guo knew that they were still suspicious of her, but seeing that the attitude and tone of the two were good, she forgave them and let them enter the door to entertain them. Mrs. Guo was willing to answer the questions of the two of them. At this time, Ding Yu suddenly received a call from the police. He was out to answer the phone and decided to go to the police station first and leave He Xuelin at Mrs. Guo’s home.

He Xuelin learned from the old lady Guo that she was alone in her life. Her daughter had been abroad for more than ten years. When the last time she came back was the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, she had been living alone for so many years. Old lady Guo showed He Xuelin a picture of her daughter. Seeing how old lady Guo missed her daughter, He Xuelin also instantly thought of her mother.

Ding Yu was dispatched to see the clothes in the photo and confirmed that the clothes were Yuanyuan’s clothes, and this clothes was found by the Taohe River in Tianjiazui. There are only a few possibilities at the scene. One is that the clothes fell from a passing car, the other is that the clothes were thrown by the river, and the third is that the clothes rushed down from the upper reaches of the river. The police there have organized and started looking for this piece. The source of the matter.

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