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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 26 Recap

He Xuelin returned home. She came to the room where He’s mother used to live. She remembered every bit of He’s own good, and couldn’t help but make a call to He’s mother. At this moment, she also missed her mother. Chen Shengliang downstairs could not wait for He Xuelin. He looked at the missing person notice that fell on the ground, only picked up the missing person notice and drove away.

The next day, He Xuelin had already left when Ding Yu woke up. She prepared two breakfasts for Ding Yu and Xiaofu, and took out Yuanyuan’s towel and cup for Xiaofu. He Xuelin came to see Father Ding alone. She learned from Father Ding that Chen Shengliang had been to Ding’s house. Father Ding had already known the relationship between He Xuelin and Chen Shengliang, but he thought it was not important. What was important was the future and the family’s right now. He Xuelin wanted to talk about her divorce from Ding Yu, but Director An sent a text message at this moment, saying that the identity of the old lady had been confirmed. Father Ding quickly asked He Xuelin to call Ding Yu and the three of them met at the police station.

Director An has determined the identity of the old lady. The old lady is a retired teacher and lives alone by herself. She came to this city not long ago to apply for a visa. Their police station has already been sent to her door, but the old lady insisted on her He came back alone and did not bring any children. Mrs. Guo was quite stubborn in the matter of visa application, but according to the results of their investigation, Mrs. Guo missed the appointment when the visa agency company had an appointment with Mrs. Guo, and she did not explain clearly the reasons and reasons. .

He Xuelin decided to visit Mrs. Guo, and Ding Yu also went with him. He Xuelin didn’t want Ding Yu to follow. Ding Yu thought her Yuanyuan’s father must go. At this moment, An Suo called Ding Yu to the office, and she showed Ding Yu a photo. Ding Yu knew that Yuanyuan might be in an accident, but she still held up a smile in front of He Xuelin and Father Ding.

Yanzi received a call from the unit, and the unit had been disbanded. She came to collect the things left by Fang Jue alone. Everyone thought that she and Fang Jue would get married, but the reality was that they had already broken up. Holding these two boxes of things, Swallow threw them directly into the trash can. Just when she was about to leave, an old scavenger was going to pick up these things, but Yanzi stepped forward to protect Fang Jue’s things and took them away. Yanzi called Fang Jue, and she asked Fang Jue to come and pick up the things that Fang Jue had given to Yanzi before.

Fang never thought that even the company’s miscellaneous Yanzi would have to draw a line with him now. He knew from his mouth that Yuanyuan was not Ding Yu’s birth. He wanted to comfort Yanzi. If Yuanyuan was not Ding Yu’s birth, Ding’s family wouldn’t have to be so tired to find a child. Yanzi loved E Hyunyuan from the bottom of his heart, so she left with great anger. , Also clearly told Fang Jue that she will always be Yuanyuan’s aunt, so she will not give up looking for Yuanyuan.

Father Ding brought Xiaofu home. Xiaofu’s cuteness and cuteness made Ding’s mother very happy. Although Xiaofu and Yuanyuan look alike, she still separates the two. Yanzi came home and found Xiaofu’s existence. She thought that Ding’s father’s approach was very inappropriate. What if Ding’s mother was irritated? Now no one can take care of Xiaofu. Ding’s father thinks this is the best way now. Yanzi don’t care about this matter anymore, just take care of her affairs first.

Xiaofu stayed at Ding’s house. Xiaofu wanted to help Swallow wash the dishes and share the housework, but she didn’t know something like Jieqing. She squeezed out a pile of dishwashing liquid. Swallow took the plate in her hand anxiously. After accidentally breaking, Yanzi was scolded by Ding’s father, she was angry and left, Xiaofu apologized to Father Ding with guilt, but Ding was reluctant to blame Xiaofu.

Ding Yu and He Xuelin came to Lanxi again. He Xuelin saw the photo provided by the police station and firmly believed that the person in the photo was Yuanyuan. When the police asked about another photo, Ding Yu was afraid that He Xuelin would be irritated and only let the police hide it. Following He Xuelin, the two followed the clues to Dianxi where Old Lady Guo lived alone.

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