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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 18 Recap

Lu Jin here can no longer sit still when he hears about Gu Shengnan. He doesn’t know who to blame. Riemann’s love is not wrong. A plane set sail that night, carrying Lu Jin’s homecoming.

The grandfather from the hospital called Cheng Ziqian to express his support for him, hoping that he could be Gu Shengnan’s support. So Cheng Ziqian submitted the private kitchen plan to Gu Shengnan, hoping to help him fulfill his wishes in the future, and asked Gu Shengnan to consider it. Unexpectedly, Gu Shengnan refused to be euphemistic and resolute. She said that the medical expenses would definitely be returned to Cheng Ziqian.

Gu Shengnan, who was sitting in the hospital corridor, looked dazed, and she seemed to see Lu Jin in a daze. Lu Jin was also looking for her eagerly, and his eyes were facing each other immediately, and the embrace that Gu Shengnan had missed for a long time was finally within reach. Fall into Lu Jin’s arms and feel Lu Jin stroke his hair. It was just when he was snuggling, Chairman Zheng Hong’s words rang in his ears, is it really as long as Lu Jin is happy with him? Gu Shengnan withdrew from his arms and quickly apologized. But Lu Jin generously said that his whole body is covered with tissues with your crying nose.

After leaving the hospital, Gu Shengnan picked up the indifferent disguise, and lost his temper with Lu Jin without any tone. Lu Jin directly beat and hugged her to send her home.

He apologized to Gu Shengnan, very sorry that his grandfather was not there when he was sick, and very sorry that he left from work during such a difficult day. All grievances are ten times more aggrieved when someone responds to him. Although it was later, he returned.

Gu Shengnan suddenly remembered the metaphor of Chu and Han fighting for hegemony that Chairman Zheng Hong said, and she asked Lu Jin. Lu Jin believes that there is nothing wrong with winning or losing, and he should choose Liu Bang. Although I knew that Lu Jin didn’t know why, but this juncture once again confirmed the analogy of Chairman Zheng Hong, and Gu Shengnan was beaten back to Hantan after just a little moved.

The number of visitors to the old man was increasing, and Lu Jin was dragged out to analyze the case when he was cutting an apple for his grandfather. Why is Gu Shengnan so weird, why he deliberately let him be cold, and why his grandfather is so sick as Gu Shengnan’s boyfriend but he doesn’t know anything.

The old uncle analyzed it and explained Gu Shengnan thoroughly from the inside out. Because of Gu Shengnan’s self-esteem, because she loves him, she is unwilling to drag him down, because Gu Shengnan lacks security. Lu Jin immediately opened up, leaving confidently without paying for his happy drinks.

As soon as they were sent to the promotion, Gu Shengnan came to the door with good will, and the old uncle helped Gu Shengnan analyze again like a matchmaker. The distressed Gu Shengnan questioned herself, is she really not worthy of Lu Jin? Looking forward to the old uncle’s words of comfort, but the old uncle did the opposite and persuaded him to divide rather than persuade. Gu Shengnan is even more distressed. She obviously likes Lu Jin so much, but the distance between them is so great that her hard work is not worthy of Lu Jin. The old man said that distance produces beauty. Gu Shengnan asked the old uncle if she would drag Lu Jin back. The old uncle said that she was not worthy to drag Lu Jin back. It sounded like she was despising her, but Gu Shengnan was very happy when he heard it.

Lu Jin pushed his luggage to find Gu Shengnan, and Chairman Zheng Hong stopped him. Looking like he wanted to manipulate her son, Lu Jin asked what she had done. Did he ask about Gu Shengnan’s story about Xiang Yu Yuji, or suggest that Gu Shengnan is Yu Ji and she is not worthy of Lu Jin. It seems that all of this has been done. Zheng Hong insisted on calling Lu Jin to stop, repeatedly emphasizing that the emotional use at work will sooner or later be defeated. Lu Jin still politely agrees with the other party, but she does not want to be a machine that only works, let alone live without Gu Shengnan.

Cheng Ziqian left and went to study abroad for further studies. He left a letter to his grandfather and Gu Shengnan, hoping that they would take care of each other.

Lu Jin appeared in his grandfather’s ward. Grandpa deliberately made things difficult for Lu Jin. The gifts and soup he brought were not enough. He asked Lu Jin to shift the chair and vase, and let him return to his original position.

After Lu Jin visited his grandfather, he went to the food stall to find Gu Shengnan. In order to get along with Gu Shengnan, he could help with work. For the first time, the chief executive put on an apron to cut potatoes and pick a shrimp line. Oil table and stove top.

It was also the first time that there was no one serving the entire food stall. Gu Shengnan said that if he wanted to date with her, the food stall would be full within half an hour. So in less than half an hour, the Zhenghong employees, who were full of suits and leather shoes in the big-name stalls, were straightforward and without emotion. Lu Jin was embarrassed and scolded Meng Xinjie for his efficiency.

Gu Shengnan didn’t dislike it, as many people came to cook as many meals. These white-collar workers are very obedient. Commander Lu Jin eats as he eats, Commander Lu Jin talks as he speaks, and Lu Jin asks if it tastes good. They all said it was delicious in unison. The scene is weird but funny.

When Grandpa heard about Lu Jin’s performance, he immediately ordered someone to bring his family spatula. Lu Jin stood in the ward with the pot and spatula in one hand, like a penalty station.

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