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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 17 Recap

After Chairman Zheng Hong officially visited Gu Shengnan’s grandfather, he and Gu Shengnan stood in the bright and empty corridor of the hospital. He didn’t want to know that he was here to beat the mandarin ducks. She is not eager to deny the relationship between Gu Shengnan and Lu Jin, or that they do not match. Because she was also young, and she has struggled for half a lifetime to have the current Zhenghong Group. Aspiring people deserve respect.

But Lu Jin is too important to Zhenghong Group. He is decisive and agile. These are the rare advantages of leaders. But once he has emotional weakness, it is like a time bomb, which may trigger a rout at any time. The fuse.

Gu Shengnan is like Yu Ji behind the Chu and Han contending for the hegemony of Xiang Yu. He is a drag rather than a hero, while Liu Bang has Lv’s help, and his kingship is not accidental but inevitable. Although confidantes are good, they can’t give up everything for confidantes. Life is not just a sweet relationship to live on.

Regarding these, Chairman Zheng Hong certainly did not allow such potential problems to arise. For the sake of Lu Jin’s good and the group’s good, she dialed Lu Jin’s phone in front of Gu Shengnan. The familiar voice is full of eagerness and concern, but Gu Shengnan can only hold back tears and say that everything is fine.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than pretending to be strong to the closest lover, and Gu Shengnan can’t stand it anymore. At the door of her grandfather’s ward, she met Cheng Ziqian. She grieved and said sadly that she was tired and the medical expenses were too much. She worked hard but couldn’t make enough money. The grievance found an exit and poured into my heart, tears and crying, Cheng Ziqian embraced her caringly.

Cheng Ziqian first paid for his grandfather’s medical expenses, and took care of his grandfather’s meal with Gu Shengnan, as if nothing bad happened. Grandpa dismissed the two of them and summoned Xu Zhaodi and his uncle for a small meeting, and discussed which of Lu Jin and Cheng Ziqian was the best match for Gu Shengnan. Xu Zhaodi supports Cheng Ziqian, young and gentle and knows how to take care of others; the old uncle supports Lu Jin, and the gentleman is rich in love. Grandpa recognized Xu Zhaodi. Cheng Ziqian had always been busy in his hospitalization, and Lu Jinguang was the mother who was not easy to provoke.

The day of grandpa’s surgery has finally come. Gu Shengnan has been waiting outside the operating room. When the doctor announced that the operation was going well, Gu Shengnan breathed a sigh of relief. This is probably the only thing that makes people happy recently.

After leaving the ward, Gu Shengnan hesitated for a long time, but got through Lu Jin’s phone. Lu Jin, who was plagued by many affairs in Vancouver, finally achieved satisfactory results. After everything was processed, the summary meeting was over, and he could return to China tomorrow. But Riemann privately helped him set up a schedule for tomorrow, and he was going to go to the field for a day. The schedule was postponed, but the work could not be sloppy. Lu Jin agreed. At the end of the meeting, he invited everyone to have a dinner.

Riemann still had documents to integrate. He asked him to wait a while. After Lu Jin went out, he left his phone on the table. Gu Shengnan called and the phone rang. After the conversation, she heard Li. Man’s voice. After Gu Shengnan was surprised, he asked Riemann to convey Lu Jin back to her call. Riemann answered, but quietly deleted this call record.

At night, Lu Jin and Riemann were scattered on the streets they had walked before. A long time ago, Riemann had just been transferred to help Lu Jin buy this place. Ten years later, Lu Jin had a favorite person by his side, but this person was not her. . Riemann took Lu Jin across the old street and went to the restaurant where she used to eat for a drink. During the dinner, she finally told Lu Jin that she liked him. Gentleman Lu Jin avoided answering, got up and left. Riemann secretly saddened himself at the table full of wine and vegetables.

In the hotel late at night, Riemann called. There were no towels in her bathroom, so please send one to Lu Jin. Lu Jin refused, and Riemann got a clear answer. It was impossible for her to become lovers with Lu Jin. But I still thank Lu Jin for telling her straightforwardly, so Riemann made an apology with Lu Jin about deleting the call log.

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