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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 16 Recap

The sister said that Lu Jin ate her vegetables dripped with lemon juice during the day. Isn’t it rumored that Lu Jin could only eat the dishes made by Gu Shengnan? Now Lu Jin ate her dishes, although she just added other people’s dishes A drop of lemon, but this is enough to show that Lu Jin is suggesting. A logical and magical analysis caused the sister chef to fall into emotional distress. She didn’t like Lu Jin and could not give him an equal response.

These words were simply a waste of Gu Shengnan’s time. She was busy with the sisters together, and then began to drink her wine. After the toast was finished, the sisters who were not coaxed by the toast also drank the wine, and Gu Shengnan went out immediately after finally pouring people out. The door was locked but he forgot to take the mobile phone. He didn’t know the way Jin was in that room. It happened to run into Meng Xinjie, who came out to find Xu Zhaodi.

Everyone knew it well, but one said to find the boss to report, and the other said to find a girlfriend at night. During the time they passed by, the two of them went to different houses. Gu Shengnan finally found Lu Jin’s room and hugged him and was about to get intimacy. Big Horn and Master Wang gathered around a table of mahjong to stop her. It turned out that Lu Jin was anxiously urging her because of “three missing one.”

When he woke up early the next morning, Lu Jin left a note and left. The group has an urgent matter to deal with, and it won’t come back for about three to five days. Lu Jin also bought the villa for a week, hoping that she would have fun. Although the note was parting, it was sour and sweet.

Meng Xinjie and Lu Jin went to the airport together. In the car, Meng Xinjie was greasy and crooked with Xu Zhaodi’s voice, Lu Jin also naively took out his mobile phone, and knew what he was doing without asking.

In the back kitchen of the hotel here, Gu Shengnan taught big speakers to make tiramisu. Even teaching people to make cakes, she could recall how Lu Jin came to describe her feelings, and sprinkled a lot of dog food with big speakers. When talking about this matter with Lu Jin on the phone, they were full of miss, and they told each other “I miss you.” When Riemann handed the documents to Lu Jin, he was still looking at the photos of Gu Shengnan in the album. But not long after the call was sweet, Aunt Wang said anxiously on the phone that Gu Shengnan’s grandfather had fainted and is now in the hospital.

The news is like a time bomb breaking everything in order. Grandpa has a heart attack and will have an operation later. Gu Shengnan is by his grandpa’s bed in the hospital corridor. Because there is no bed, all follow-up treatments are difficult to carry out, and she can do nothing but wait anxiously.

Lu Mingting, who fainted at the meeting, was also in the hospital, with a group of people behind him. He and the leading doctor of the hospital just happened to see the anxious Gu Shengnan, only to learn that the little girl’s grandfather did not have a hospital bed. Asked the hospital to arrange a VIP ward for her, which was easy for Lu Mingting.

Lu Jin woke up late at night and called Gu Shengnan but did not answer.

Lu Zheng came to the hospital to see Lu Mingting. He had no concerns, and the father and son were not speculative. Gu Shengnan came in with a lunch box to thank Lu Mingting, but Lu Zheng’s mother took it and put it on the table and ignored it. After Gu Shengnan left, she winked at Lu Zheng and threw the lunch box away.

Lu Jin has dealt with affairs for several days, and probably will be able to go back tomorrow. He was sending a voice report to Gu Shengnan to report the good news, but Riemann came to tell him that there was an accident in the process, so that voice was not heard by Gu Shengnan after all.

There was only one grandfather who was unconscious in the huge VIP ward. When the nurse came to the round, he urged Gu Shengnan to pay the hospitalization fee. Both he and the old uncle were dumbfounded. It turned out that the old gentleman only arranged the ward without paying the bill. The hospital fee of 1,000 a day may be nothing to Lu Mingting, but it is a sky-high price for Gu Shengnan. A lot of money has been spent on inspections over the past few days. Now the hospitalization is another expense. She didn’t want to trouble Lu Jin, so she had to ask her old uncle to borrow it.

The feeling of borrowing money is really bad. Gu Shengnan looked at the bank card of the old uncle with many grievances alone. Lu Zheng also came out from the ward next door and happened to ran into him. Lu Zheng said that her meal was delicious. The meal that day was not thrown away, but was eaten by Lu Zheng. Gu Shengnan generously invites Lu Zheng, and if he likes to eat, he will come to her house to eat.

Gu Shengnan’s days have become busy. During the day, she has to take care of the food stalls and the back kitchen of the hotel. At night, she has to accompany her grandfather’s bed. Of course, there is no way to Jin during this period.

The big loudspeaker of the back cook gave her money, and she couldn’t help stealing tears anymore. Instead, during the break at noon, Lu Jin sent a WeChat message, and she also chewed the noodles and said “very good”.

During the busy days, she finally slept tiredly in the back kitchen of the food stall. A diners patted the table and called her, which awakened her from her sleep. A man asked why there was hair in the meal and asked for a waiver. After that, Gu Shengnan got up and left without waiting for his consent, but was pressed back again. Lu Zheng took out a whole bag of hair in his pocket and made a gesture to call the police. The man immediately admitted to pay the bill and leave.

A full meal entertains Lu Zheng, and he is satisfied. When the night fell, Gu Shengnan came to the hospital again, and her backache and fatigue immediately filled her whole body, and she fell into a deep sleep.

Grandpa’s surgery date was set, and Gu Shengnan was holding a stack of cases and worried about the surgery fee. Chairman Zheng walked towards him with a serious face. She thought Gu Shengnan would drag Lu Jin down because of this incident.

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