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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 25 Recap

Luo Yuefang came forward to resolve the danger in time, Xu Kaiyu and Luo Danfang have a close relationship

Gao Tianshuo decided to solve this problem himself and faced Chen Kunhu directly. A Sam was very scared. He decided to quit, but Du Mingshan decided to accompany Gao Tianshuo. A Sam had to go with him in desperation, because his current identity is Ten pages.

Gao Tianshuo didn’t want Du Mingshan to experience danger, and didn’t want her to follow along, but Du Mingshan was determined, no matter what dangerous things encountered, she would accompany Gao Tian to talk about where to go. Gao Tianshuo heard the overtone of Du Mingshan’s words. She had already admitted that Gao Tianshuo was her boyfriend, which was more happy than he heard any information.

Du Mingshan told Gao Tianshuo that in the past when she was watching movies, she hated that when the heroine was in danger, she couldn’t bear to let the hero go away alone. If she was the heroine, she would definitely choose to leave, and then move rescue soldiers to rescue the man. The protagonist, she said that she was ready to protect herself and hoped to be Gao Tianshuo’s best comrade in arms. Gao Tianshuo was very moved. This time he kissed directly without hesitation, and Du Mingshan also responded positively to him.

Early the next morning, Du Mingshan showed her preparations to Gao Tianshuo. In addition to downloading the police newsletter, she also prepared self-defense items such as alarms. Gao Tianshuo told Du Mingshan that he was also prepared. If the situation is unfavorable, he will Live broadcast to various platforms. A Sam appeared untimely to interrupt the sweetness between the two. A Sam wanted to retreat and was stopped by Gao Tianshuo. Before leaving, Zhao Yinze called and wanted to go with them. A Sam politely declined according to Gao Tianshuo’s meaning.

Entering the Yaxing Building, Du Mingshan was a little scared, Gao Tianshuo comforted her, stepped forward and held her hand tightly, adding infinite strength to Du Mingshan. Chen Kunhu was very disdainful of their arrival, and he arrogantly told them that the principle of being a human is to live by me and die against me. Du Mingshan said without any fear that the article was written by herself, so that Chen Kunhu had something to do to him and her. A Sam was very scared and was frightened by Chen Kunhu’s momentum. Chen Kunhu offered to issue a ten-page statement to apologize, but Gao Tianshuo did not. Ken agrees that the ten-page text will only speak for justice and will not bow to evil forces.

Gao Tianshuo’s words made Chen Kunhu furious and prepared to take measures against them. At this time, Luo Yuefang arrived in time. Chen Kunhu didn’t even want to give Luo Yuefang’s face, so Luo Yuefang had to tell him that these three people are in close contact with the media. If measures are taken against them , Will not be conducive to the next development of the Yaxing case, but Chen Kunhu thinks that he just wanted to save these three talents.

At Luo Yuefang’s insistence, Chen Kunhu had to let them go. Luo Yuefang was a little angry at Gao Tianshuo’s reckless behavior. He worried that this matter would not be resolved so easily. Gao Tianshuo did not want to take down the articles on the Internet, and the two had some disputes.

After returning home in the evening, Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan went to the balcony to drink together and were shocked. Gao Tianshuo told Du Mingshan not to say thank you twice in the future, because these two words are too strange for the two of them. Du Mingshan described Gao Tianshuo’s performance to two girlfriends, who were very concerned about the progress between her and Gao Tianshuo. I think Gao Tianshuo is a very responsible person. Early the next morning, Gao Tianshuo invited Du Mingshan to go out and play, but Du Mingshan had already agreed to go shopping with her best friend. She asked Gao Tianshuo for leave and offered a kiss.

Luo Danfang came to the company and saw his brother staring at Li Meiqi’s seat in a daze. He asked his brother if he really liked Li Meiqi, but before that, she wanted to confirm whether his brother had really put Ding Xiaorou down. Luo Yuefang did not answer. . Luo Danfang came to the izakaya to see Liao Qianman, and Xu Kaiyu called. Said that he was like an abandoned pet. If Luo Danfang did not come to him, he would be ready to go on a hunger strike.

In desperation, Luo Danfang had to agree to go to Xu Kaiyu. Zhang Jingfan and Liao Qianman felt that they were both There must be something wrong. Xu Kaiyu was very happy when he saw Luo Danfang’s arrival. He ran towards Luo Danfang, and accidentally almost poured all the drink in his hand onto Luo Danfang.

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