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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 24 Recap

Zhao Yinzehe Publishing House was threatened Gao Tianshuo decided to take the initiative for Du Mingshan

Du Mingshan continued to give Gao Tianshuo energy soup every day, Gao Tianshuo was very moved at this time. Du Mingshan received an unknown call. The other party threatened her article. Gao Tianshuo picked up the phone and wanted to question the other party. Unexpectedly, the other party hung up the phone. Gao Tianshuo worried about Du Mingshan’s safety and decided to send her to get off work. Gao Tianshuo sent Du Mingshan to the magazine. After seeing Gao Tianshuo, Zhao Yinze hurriedly let him into the house and introduced him to everyone as a ten-page assistant. Gao Tianshuo had to lie that he was checking the publishing house for ten pages. Zhao Yinze wanted to take Gao Tianshuo around, and Gao Tianshuo asked Du Mingshan to take him.

Someone sent a courier to Zhao Yinze. After opening, Zhao Yinze found that there were some Ming papers and his black and white photos inside. He couldn’t help but furious. At this time, a call came in and threatened the publisher not to challenge their bottom line. , The other party raised Du Mingshan’s report, and Zhao Yinze understood that it was the editor’s statement written by Du Mingshan that caused the trouble, so he immediately called Du Mingshan over. Asked her to send an apology notice, but Du Mingshan insisted on her own opinion. Zhao Yinze severely criticized her, saying that the publishing house was not only her, but also herself and other colleagues. In desperation, Du Mingshan had to agree to write. Apology notice.

After Du Mingshan finished writing the apology, she showed it to Zhao Yinze. She also wrote some scandals of the Yaxing Group. After reading it, Zhao Yinze decided to write this notice by herself and let Du Mingshan go home first. Gao Tianshuo came to pick up Du Mingshan, and when he saw her look angry, he asked the reason. After learning the truth, he patiently comforted her. Wu Bihua invited Du Mingshan to eat at home, but Du Mingshan politely declined because he was in a bad mood. Wu Bihua was very concerned about her son. I wanted to find out about the progress with Du Mingshan, and then decided to find a way to help Gao Tianshuo take Du Mingshan.

Du Mingshan was in a bad mood, and started cleaning at home to solve it. After Liao Qianman came back, she felt that something was wrong with her. Du Mingshan expressed her distress. After learning that she was threatened, Liao Qianman was also very angry. Determined to be what you want to be. Wu Bihua decided to give Du Mingshan the ring from the family, which made Gao Tianshuo somewhat unacceptable for a while. He persuaded his mother to be cautious because the two had not reached that level.

Early the next morning, Gao Tianshuo came to the balcony and saw Du Mingshan looking refreshed. Knowing that after a whole night of adjustments, there is nothing serious about her, and she is the girl with full energy again. After Wu Bihua persuaded Gao Tianshuo to leave, he chatted with Du Mingshan, and then wanted to give the gold ring to Du Mingshan, but Du Mingshan felt that the relationship between the two had not reached the point of giving the ring, so she refused her kindness.

Gao Tianshuo asked Du Mingshan when she sent Du Mingshan to work, Du Mingshan did not tell him what her mother said to her. Zhao Yinze found out that both he and Du Mingshan had received threatening text messages, which made him very angry. No matter how good his temper, he couldn’t bear the successive threats. Zhao Yinze told Du Mingshan that he now decided to fight back. He has been in the society for so long and still has some connections. He will not succumb to evil forces. Du Mingshan praised Zhao Yinze’s behavior.

Gao Tianshuo took Du Mingshan back, and A Sam stopped him and asked how to deal with the threatening issue. Gao Tianshuo invited Du Mingshan to the balcony and mentioned about the threatening issue, discussing what to do next. A Sam raised ten pages of threats. Du Mingshan apologized. Gao Tianshuo told Du Mingshan that this matter must be discussed in a long-term, but safety is the first priority.

Du Mingshan’s safety and the safety of the publishing house are the most important. Luo Yuefang sent a message to Gao Tianshuo, saying that the tiger has smelled the smell and you must pay attention to safety. Gao Tianshuo immediately picked up the phone and called Luo Yuefang and asked Chen Kunhu’s phone number. He decided to take the initiative.

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