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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 23 Recap

Liao Qianman worries about going home to the wedding, Gao Tianshuo worries that Du Mingshan will be threatened.

Just when Gao Tianshuo was about to kiss, the phone rang untimely, which made Gao Tianshuo very unhappy. It turned out that it was A Sam. After the phone call, both of them were very embarrassed and did not know whether to continue. Going down, Du Mingshan took the lead to break this embarrassment. She walked to the side table and sat down. Then the two chatted about the Yaxing case. Du Mingshan’s attitude towards Luo Yuefang was a little difficult to understand. Gao Tianshuo explained that this matter was not. Instead of developing as she imagined, she might move in a good direction. She will understand in a few days. Du Mingshan seems to understand the true meaning of Gao Tianshuo.

Tian Tian came to Du Mingshan’s house and brought delicious food to her good sister. Everyone congratulated her on the number of fans exceeding 50,000. Only Du Mingshan was a little absent-minded, so everyone turned their attention to her and asked about the progress between her and Gao Tianshuo. Tian Tian was very happy after hearing that they were good sisters after all, and A Sam and Gao Tianshuo were still working partners. She told Du Mingshan that if Gao Tianshuo treated her badly, she would tell A Sam to be optimistic about Gao Tianshuo.

At this time, Liao Qian Man’s father sent a message saying that one of her junior high school classmates, Wanping, was about to have a wedding, so she must go back to attend. Liao Qianman told the sisters the story between her and Wanping. Back then, there was a boy who had been pursuing Liao Qianman, but she did not agree. She did not expect Wanping and the boy to come together. She misunderstood Liao Qian The relationship between Man and the boy made the two enemies.

Liao Qianman didn’t want to go back. The sisters persuaded her to go back gracefully this time, but how should the scenery behave? One is to find a good job, and the other is to find a tall and handsome boyfriend to accompany her. Going back together, the current problem is that it is easy to find a job, but where to find a boyfriend, everyone is a little bit confused. Early the next morning, Du Mingshan gave Gao Tianshuo an energy soup. Gao Tianshuo drank it. Du Mingshan heard that Wu Bihua lived in his house, so she wanted to help Wu Bihua with a glass of energy soup, but Gao Tianshuo stopped him. Gao Tianshuo claimed that this energy soup was his Uniquely, others would never want to get involved. Du Mingshan was very happy to see his serious appearance.

A Sam brought Tian Tian to Gao Tianshuo’s house. Gao Tianshuo was a little angry when he saw it. Because Du Mingshan was there, he didn’t go too far. At this time, Wu Bihua came back and she saw Du Mingshan here very happy, so she came forward and asked for warmth. Tian Tian heard that Wu Bihua was a ten-page mother, and hurried forward to greet him. A Sam had to introduce Tian Tian to Wu Bihua as his girlfriend. Wu Bihua did not look so kind. This behavior was a bit strange, but Du Mingshan didn’t pay much attention to it. . Seeing that the situation was not good, Gao Tianshuo quickly found an excuse to let A Sam leave with Tian Tian, which was a temporary relief from the current predicament.

Du Mingshan has been watching Gao Tianshuo’s special manuscripts, and Liao Qianman asked her, because Du Mingshan had always doubted the ten-page identity, but now it suddenly changed a lot. Liao Qianman suspected that she was changed because of Gao Tianshuo. , Du Mingshan hurriedly denied. In order to find a boyfriend to go home to deal with, Liao Qianman wanted to find it on the dating site, but Du Mingshan questioned her and reminded her not to be fooled.

Wu Bihua likes Du Mingshan very much. She teaches her son how to chase Du Mingshan. At the same time, she thinks that Du Mingshan’s mother should come to discuss the marriage of both parties. Gao Tianshuo thinks that her mother is thinking too quickly. Du Mingshan published an article insinuating Chen Kunhu. Gao Tianshuo became worried for Du Mingshan after seeing it, so he called Du Mingshan to ask about the situation and persuaded her to take this article down first, but Du Mingshan insisted that he hoped Gao Tianshuo could support him. Gao Tianshuo had to listen to her opinion.

A Sam wanted to find a chance to explain to Tian Tian that he was not a ten-page matter, but he missed it by mistake, and Tian Tian suspected that he was afraid of using his reputation to increase his popularity. Gao Tianshuo also wanted to find an opportunity to explain this to Du Mingshan, but he hesitated a few times, but in the end he still did not say it.

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