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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 16 Recap

Seeing that the monster was about to get close, Boss Jiao had prepared for defense, but the Wang family killed him. The so-called monster was the third member of the Wang family. His body was full of bite wounds. Even though the arrow in his body was still unaware, he attacked like a beast. . The Wang family asserted that there are many dangers ahead, but the boss Jiao has to look for Leicheng according to the map. Everyone thinks that Leicheng is the end point, but they don’t realize that this map is only part of the Second Beijing plan.

The real purpose of Erjing is to use the vest to expose Wu Xie’s line. As long as Wang Fatzi and others continue to go to the canyon, no one can hinder the follow-up. Wu Erbai is his best puppet tool for occupying the Wu family. Get Leicheng treasures and open another mysterious place. No one knows where the mysterious place is. Right now only Er Jing and Wu Erbai, who cannot speak, know. Unfortunately, Er Jing is too smug and hasn’t noticed the smirk at the corner of Wu Erbai’s mouth.

Liu Sang found that there were more and more monsters outside the refuge. Most of them came from humans or animals that hadn’t died completely. They were basically affected by poison gas, so they mutated and became crazy. Zhang Qiling suggested to transfer as soon as possible, but it was necessary to find the way in advance. Because the monster was afraid of rain, everyone went out on a rainy day, leaving Bai Haotian to take care of Wu Xie.

Fatty Wang and others were responsible for the blasting. Liu Sang drew a road map based on the echoes. Although he was attacked by a large number of monsters during the period, fortunately, they all returned to the refuge without danger. Liu Sang used the complete route map and the gathering point of the refuge to predict the exact exit. After repeated discussions, he finally decided to set off in a thunderstorm.

Boss Jiao heard the explosion and ordered people to increase their efforts to find Wu Xie. At this time, Wu Xie pressed her chest cavity and found no pain. This kind of illusion that seemed to be healed was actually a warning. Liu Sang was keenly aware of the abnormality, and he waited until midnight to see Wu Xie dressed in equipment and heading out with a lamp, as if he was going to Leicheng alone.

Faced with Liu Sang’s speculation, Wu Xie did not deny that although Wu Xie also wanted to go to Leicheng alone, he talked about Fatty Wang and Zhang Qiling, a big boss who sacrificed his life to protect him, and a stuffy oil bottle who loved to dig his ancestral grave. No matter when and where, I will always appear by my side. The Audio-Technica reunited and couldn’t do without each other, so they left without saying goodbye on this rainy night. Fatty Wang put his arms around Wu Xie talking and laughing, and Zhang Qiling followed behind him tacitly. Liu Meng watched the three of them set off in the direction of Leicheng until the trail disappeared at the end.

Wu Xie left a letter and entrusted the black blind man to bring everyone back safely. Bai Haotian knew that this time the parting would be forever, and he burst into tears. He wanted to chase after him, but considering that Wu Xie wanted the Iron Triangle to end, so Stopped, feeling sad.

The black blind led the team to evacuate, but was tracked by Boss Jiao, who discovered that Liu Sang simply asked Liu Sang to hide with others, and then designed to lead the team of Jiao bosses into a secret passage. How could he have heard the dumb woman’s bat whistle in the fight? , Follow the sound to find, the whistleblower becomes Jiao boss.

Thinking that the dumb girl fell into the hands of Boss Jiao, life and death were unpredictable, and she could only be captured with her hands, but Liu Sang and others were all arrested. As the video of the dumb girl came out, Jia Kezi and Li Jiale had their throats cut one after another. Boss Jiao used cruel methods to force the black blind man to tell him how to enter Leicheng. Liu Cang couldn’t bear Bai Haotian’s death and he took the initiative to show his willingness to lead the way to Leicheng. .

At that time, Sanye hadn’t made a deadly move, leaving Jiangzi alive. Now Jiang Zi has become an immortal monster, his face almost ulcerated. He staggered to the corpses of Jia and Li. At first he wanted to take away his luggage, but seeing that they still had a breath, he simply bandaged their wounds to stop the bleeding. , Leave medicine and food.

Audio-Technica went around in the dense forest. Wu Xie and the fat man discovered that there was an unknown person ahead, but the younger brother said that there was no one in front. It turned out that the poisonous fog is mixed with high-performance magnetic powder, which is a kind of magnetic recording medium that can record images, so they Frequently encountered phantoms, and analyzed Wu Sansheng’s previous course of action based on phantoms. Audio-Technica continued to walk but accidentally ran into Jia Kezi. At this time, Jia Kezi inhaled a lot of poisonous mist, and turned into a delirious monster that moved faster than usual.

Wu Xie and the others hadn’t noticed Jia Kezi’s abnormality, so they hurried to chase them, but found a lot of hills along the way, a total of 99. Wu Xie and others looked for Jia Kezi’s figure, but Jia Kezi, who didn’t know the crowd, attacked Wu Xie but failed, and fell into the cave with him. Fatty Wang and Zhang Qiling followed closely, seeing that Jia Kezi lost his breath completely due to excessive blood loss. , Reduced to dead.

It was precisely because of the appearance of Jia Kezi that Audio-Technica was shocked that Bai Haotian and the others had met the boss team of Jiao. Wu Xie wanted to rescue Bai Haotian and others, but the fat man persuaded Wu Xiejiao’s boss that he would bring the black blind man and the others. Wu Xie endured his grief and blamed himself for causing Jia Kezi to die, promising that he would bring Jia Ke if he left alive. The son went home and was buried. Then Wu Xie began to look around the cave, but the image of Lei Gong in the cave was very similar to that in the Underground Palace of Nanhai King, so Wu Xie guessed that this was the outskirts of Thunder City.

Zhang Qiling found the bronze shards, which happened to be from the top of the tower. They must have been used to induce thunder. The three people saw the mural about Tallinn on the second floor. They confirmed that lightning was transmitted to the ground through Tallinn. Because of the concentration of thunder and lightning, the dome gave off a dazzling light. The dome is Thunder City.

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