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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 15 Recap

Wu Xie was in a coma, and Hodolf could only increase the dose for him, give him first aid, and if he could wake up, he could persist for a week. However, Wu Xie seemed to dream of Aning and Pan Zi, standing at the end of the mist. Fortunately, the younger brother appeared in time, and a call made him gradually wake up.

Knowing that there is not much time left, Wu Xie is not surprised. He just wants to find out the spies and find the little brother, but now there is another bad news, that is, Wu Erbai has completely lost his ability to move and language, plus Shang Erjing stayed by his side all day, basically equivalent to a waste.

Wu Xie went to visit and couldn’t help but burst into tears, also regretting the young and ignorant. Wu Xie always knew in her heart that no matter what happened to her, she was always accompanied by his second uncle, third uncle, fat man, and younger brother. Now seeing his second uncle like this, Wu Xie never expected it. Wu Xie took care of his second uncle to feed him, but Wu Erbai bit on the soup spoon and held on to it.

This strange behavior made him realize that his second uncle wanted to convey some kind of message. He immediately remembered when he parted at the entrance of the roar spring. So calmly asked Erjing to send Wu Erbai back to Wuzhou to recuperate, hugged Wu Erbai to bid farewell, and tapped his fingers on the back of his neck.

Back in the room, Wu Xie thought about it carefully. In order to ensure the safety of Wu Erbai, she simply pretended to be confused. In view of the current inability to know the number of the spies, we can only use tricks and tricks. If there is an unexpected accident, I will entrust all things to Xie Yuchen, and I believe he will have a way to deal with it.

Second Beijing came to Wu Xie and told him a shortcut to Leicheng. Because the road was very dangerous, he finally chose the entrance of Houquan, which is easy to get in and out. Wu Xie had made up his mind to go to Leicheng to find Zhang Qiling, and brought an umbrella bag to go alone. Unexpectedly, when he arrived at the edge of the cliff, Fatty Wang and others hurried over, including Bai Haotian, Li Jiale, Jia Kezi and Liu Sang. Wu Xie knew that this trip was dangerous, and he didn’t care about his life within a few days. He didn’t want his friends to give up their good lives and follow him, but they insisted on following them regardless of their own life and death.

Based on the previous killing information of several teams, Liu Sang guessed that the dense fog at the bottom of the canyon contained highly poisonous. Because there are dense cliffs nearby, the wind changes are very unpredictable, so you have to control the direction and find an accurate landing point. In order to prevent everyone from dispersing, Wu Xie suggests that everyone open the umbrella as late as possible after jumping off the cliff. The landing point is relatively close. After taking off, everyone finally reached the dense forest safely, but found that the gas mask did not work at all, and everyone fainted to the ground.

Zhang Qiling found Wu Xie according to the position of the parachute, and then dragged him and the others back to the refuge. After Wu Xie woke up, seeing that everyone was safe and sound, he was relieved, especially when he saw Zhang Qiling standing by and smiling at him, and he recovered a lot. The Iron Triangle reunited, and Fatty Wang was ecstatic. After introducing Bai Haotian and Li and Jia to Zhang Qiling, he held Zhang Qiling and did not let go, but Liu Meng was a bit speechless.

Everyone rested in the shelter for a while, and the discomfort gradually disappeared. The black blind man talked about how he and his little brother escaped from Houquan. The two of them searched for the air by sound, and finally found a passage that the Japanese had dug and came here. Because the mist is mixed with neurotoxins, it will make people have difficulty breathing, affect the central nervous system, and cause madness. Although the blood of the younger brother has certain resistance, it can’t resist for long.

Back then, the Japanese wanted to use the valley’s poisonous fog to make gas bombs, so they built many small shelters, buried underneath are strategic materials. The distance between the refuges is not far. Whenever it rains, Heixiazi and Zhang Qiling will migrate. Fortunately, Wu Xie and others bring enough food to support at least two weeks. As long as you find Leicheng within two weeks , The problem should not be big. As a result, as soon as Wu Xie’s voice fell, the black blind immediately retorted that the danger they faced was not only poison gas, but also a terrifying creature.

At the same time, Hongding Narcissus led the team of boss Jiao to the exit, and Zhang’s danger mark was left on the stone gate leading to the dense forest. Due to the spread of poisonous fog outside the door, the third member of the Wang family tied him with a rope. The two cooperated with each other to go deep into the dense forest to explore the way. As a result, people did not go far when they heard a miserable cry, and the broken rope end seeped blood.

The leader of Wang’s family asked Boss Jiao’s men to continue to explore the way, with a bell on his body, shaking the bell every once in a while to prove safety, or shaking quickly to send out a danger signal. His subordinates staggered into the dense forest. The thick poisonous fog made him almost unable to see the road until the third of Wang’s family stood motionless in front. When his subordinates approached, he revealed a bloody and hideous face.

There were frequent miserable noises. The Wang family brought equipment and broke into the dense forest. Each arrow was hung with a bell. Even if the entire process was highly vigilant, it was still at a speed that could not beat the terrifying monster. The subordinates lost their minds and shouted the monster frantically. The group raised their guns and proceeded cautiously. Boss Jiao saw the monster appear and attacked several people.

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