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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 13 Recap

Everyone hasn’t found any doubts in the second Beijing dialect, so they just go to meet Wu Xie first. After Bai Haotian and others had left, Erjing grabbed Liu Sang and let him stay, intending to send Wu Erbai away from Houquan together. Fatty Wang led people to investigate the three floors inside and outside the Tianlin Building.

With the help of the second capital, Jiang Zi counted, taking advantage of everyone’s attention, waiting for the opportunity to cut the rope and escape, hid directly from the entrance of the room into the secret room, and then jumped into the well. Due to the numerous mines lined up beside the well, Er Jing hurried to explode them before Fatty Wang arrived, and watched Jiang Zisuan leave.

Boss Jiao’s team was attacked by mussel thorns one after another as they passed by the cracked stone road. Everyone fled in a hurry. Some of the tragic dead bodies gradually turned into thick water, leaving only the skeleton. The four of Bai Haotian came upon hearing the news and happened to meet Wu Xie. They walked along the crack where Boss Jiao had walked. In addition to the corpses everywhere, there were also cave openings on the rock wall with water flowing densely, which made Jia cough notice. Abnormal, lead everyone to dodge in time and survived.

After a few people escaped, they continued to investigate based on the sound of the explosion. Hodolf mentioned the rebellion in Beijing, but he was curious about the purpose of the second capital. He did not trust him completely. Instead, he believed that the spy was not alone. Jia Kezi keenly heard thousands of breathing sounds coming from the cave.

Li Jiale didn’t take it seriously. In a blink of an eye, his legs were clamped by a clam shell and dragged down the quagmire. Then the screams continued, and everyone hurriedly dragged Li Jiale onto Shiyan. But Li Jiale’s clam shell was in danger. Wu Xie used fire to help him scald the clam shell, and also used fire to resist the big and small live clams that were violently attacking them.

After finally leaving the cave, a winding cliff was revealed in front of him. After walking through the cliff path, there was a wooden stage opposite to the end, and between the two cliffs was an abyss. There are many stone figurines on the wooden stage, and the stone figurines are funeral customs that only began to appear in the Song Dynasty and serve as a patron saint.

Bai Haotian found footprints on the ground, Wu Xie stopped Bai Haotian to move forward recklessly, picking up the dust, and seeing in front of countless transparent silk threads, a slight mistake could trigger an attack by the figurines. Wu Xie explained that this was a mechanism called the silk-dancing figurines, connecting the human figurines with silk threads, and touching the silk figurines began to attack.

Footprints on the ground in the stage were messy. Wu Xie guessed that a master in the boss Jiao team should find the mechanism. As long as he controls it, he can easily pass through the stage and reach the exit of Houquan. Now that Boss Jiao can discover the secrets here, I believe that the younger brother and the others can also get away smoothly. Seeing Wu Xie’s serious analysis of appearance, Bai Haotian couldn’t help but show his obsession.

Wu Xie intends to advance to the stage to find the mechanism. However, Jiang Zisuan followed all the way to this point. He actually lurked on the cliff behind him. The first crossbow was inaccurate, causing the people present to be alert. The second arrow.

Jia Kezi, Li Jiale and Hodolf cover Wu Xie to leave, and then go after Jiang Zizuan. However, the three of them are not Jiang Zi’s opponents. Hodolf won with the “mouth cannon”. Huyou Jiangzi let go of Jia Kezi and Li Jiale, and then took him back to the stage. On the surface, he abandoned the bright and cast the dark, but actually cooperated with Wu Xieyin. Jiang Zi counted on the bait.

After Bai Haotian handled the wound, Wu Xie found a hiding place, and told her to use a dagger to defend herself, and stay silent in it. Seeing Jiang Zijuan follow Hodolf across the layers of fine lines, Wu Xie immediately broke the mechanism and manipulated the dancing line figurines to launch an attack. The scene fell into chaos, and Hodolf was shackled by ropes and could not be used.

Jiang Zisuan moved quickly and easily, easily entering the ancient temple, gradually approaching Bai Haotian’s location. Seeing this, Wu Xie jumped off the beam of the room. The two of them fought again and again. They were of equal strength. Bai Haotian helped Wu Xie seize the pistol. Unexpectedly, he was held hostage by Jiang Ziju and almost fell off the cliff.

Wu Xie didn’t care about his own safety, so he rushed up to grab Bai Haotian. However, his strength was limited, and Jiang Zi’s spear finger was used, so he took advantage of Jiang Zi’s frenzied reprimand and asked Bai Haotian to grab the rocks on the rock face and drag them. Jiang Zi is falling off the cliff together. Fortunately, there are a lot of coffins placed below, so that the two of them will reduce the shock before landing.

Hodolf broke free from the shackles in the emergency and pulled Bai Haotian up in time. Then he went to bring back the tied Jia Kezi and Li Jiale. At this time, Bai Haotian thought that Wu Xie was dead and desperate to live, sitting on the edge of the cliff and crying.

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