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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 12 Recap

Boss Jiao’s loss of power does not mean that he will easily admit defeat. The so-called trump card is the help of the Wang family. They are legendary figures in this industry. Both men and women are martial arts high and strong, and their methods are fierce. Wu Erbai learned about the situation in Tianlin Tower through information. Even though he was very anxious, he could only hold on to his troops and continue dealing with boss Jiao.

Fatty Wang also noticed that the opponent was so powerful because of the participation of the Wang family. Seeing that the force of force could not win, Fatty Wang ordered the people to guide these people into the ecstasy array set up by the second uncle on the third floor, so that everyone could get out. However, the implementation of the plan is quite difficult, and everyone will inevitably encounter danger. On the other side, Boss Jiao was waiting for the results with confidence, and by the way revealed an unknown experience to the Wu family nephew. This experience is related to his true identity-Tian Youjin, and why he has repeatedly opposed the Wu family until he died. s reason.

At that time, Wu Sansheng and Tian Youjin entered the dead zone and have not left since then. Later, Tian Youjin met a woman who was responsible for the security and monitoring of the 11 warehouse. Because Tian Youjin desperately wanted to regain her freedom, he racked his brains to attract the woman’s attention. Even if the woman did not have permission to release people, she would be sent to eat regularly, and the two gradually became in love.

Tian Youjin first put the unowned cultural relics into his bag, and took the opportunity to bribe the eleven warehouse staff, including the supervisor Ding Gen. A transportation channel between the eleven warehouses and the outside world was established, but even so, Tian Youjin could not get out of the channel. And Wu Sanshen found the mysterious person whom the fake Meteorological Bureau asked them to look for in the dead zone of 11 Cang.

For the safety of Chen Wenjin, Wu Sanshen observed and recorded the mysterious person’s behavior while looking for an exit from the dead zone. When Tian Youjin tried to replay the old skills and planned to share the treasures of the dead zone with Wu Sansheng, it was unexpected that Wu Sansheng was drugged in the wine, first stunned him, and then fled with the “mysterious man”.

After Wu Sansheng left, Tian Youjin felt the loneliness of being abandoned, especially when he learned that Wu Sansheng had confessed himself in private regardless of brotherhood. Although the report was concealed by the then Director Ding, he was also furious and let time. Fermented into shame and hatred, and eventually changed his name and surname, became the current boss of Jiao, and pointed the finger at the entire Wu family, even if it hurts Wu Erbai and Wu Xie.

Now that there are few treasures left in the eleven warehouses, the purpose of Boss Jiao’s trip is not only to avenge the Wu family, but also to go to Leicheng to grab wealth in person. Wu Erbai’s team lost to the Wang family, and they were all controlled. Wu Erbai asked Wu Xie to bring equipment and first go to Houquan to find Zhang Qiling, but he stayed and used Boss Jiao to dig out the spies. Although Wu Erbai guessed that the three provinces of Wu were more evil, but he still hoped that Wu Xie would go to Leicheng to find the traces of the three provinces of Wu to calm his regrets.

Everyone was escorted to Boss Jiao, Wu Erbai seemed to lose consciousness and fell into a wheelchair. Boss Jiao knew that someone in Wu Erbai’s team had defected, so he asked the spies to show up to save their lives. At first, everyone kept silent, until Boss Jiao shot Bai Haotian and Li Jiale to death, and Liu Sang immediately stood up to protect his teammates.

However, Jiao’s boss and the spy once found out Liu Sang’s lying directly on the spot through text messages. When the atmosphere fell into conflict, Er Jing took the initiative to admit his identity, and truthfully stated the content of the information, and confirmed his spy behavior. Boss Jiao was slightly shocked when he saw this, and he sneered and killed everyone in the team with a gun, leaving only the second capital in Beijing. When he was ready, he set off immediately.

Second Jing followed Boss Jiao and Wang’s family, and discovered that Boss Jiao was Wu Erbai in disguise. It turns out that Wu Erbai stunned Boss Jiao beforehand, and then changed his face with a human skin mask, just to elicit hidden spies. Boss Jiao knows that Second Jing has been following Wu Erbai for many years, and he should have a deep relationship. How could he suddenly betrayed. Second Jing understands that Boss Jiao is still defensive against him, and simply confessed that he was the “mysterious person” Wu Sansheng rescued from Tinglei.

After leaving the dead zone earlier, the tomb thief released Chen Wenjin as agreed, and at the same time found the location of the Nanhaiwang Underground Palace. The map of Leicheng was inside the underground palace. But no one thought that Wu Sanshen entered the camp in the middle of the night, not only took the information and reported it to the country, but even rushed to the Nanhai King’s Underground Palace before the tomb thief.

Because of this incident, Erjing was treated as a traitor by his teammates, and was imprisoned and tortured. After he finally escaped, he learned that Wu Sansheng was forced to go to Leicheng by the leader. The humiliation over the past few days has made Er Jing bear a grudge, so he conspired to approach the Wu family, and successfully shielded Wu Erbai from the knife, became his personal bodyguard, and was reused.

Although Boss Jiao didn’t fully trust Erjing, he still had some doubts. Second Jing handed the map of Leicheng to Boss Jiao, and it was inconvenient to walk with him all the way. Instead, he straightened Wu Erbai into a vegetative, and then pushed him to see Bai Haotian and others.

At this time, Bai Haotian had already regained consciousness, because Wu Erbai used a plasma bomb to create a fake death scene, so everyone was safe. Two Jing explained to them that he had just blew up and was completely in a slow-down plan, mainly acting with Wu Erbai, and wanted to buy time for Wu Xie. Bai Haotian believed it to be true, but Hodolf was still vigilant and stepped forward to take Wu Erbai’s pulse.

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