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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 11 Recap

Disguised by a human skin mask, Wu Xie changed his capacity into Jiang Zisuan, entered his room, carefully observed the layout with Feng Shui structure, and found the details beside the bedside table, pried open a few wooden boards, and finally found the entrance to the secret passage. Because the entrance was welded to death by the iron plate, Wu Xie ordered Fatty Wang to let the red-topped narcissus take out the lead battery in the battery car, thereby decomposing the sulfuric acid for use.

At the same time, Sanye came to Jiang Zi to drink, causing Wu Xie to be caught off guard, and when she was about to detect the clue, she threw her onto the bed. Sanye’s apprentice misunderstood, and when he was about to be full of affection, he did not expect that “Jiang Zisuan” suddenly asked to maintain the relationship between the employer and the employee, and the retreat made Sanye angry and angry.

The red-topped narcissus held a jar with sulfuric acid and guarded at the corner of the stairs until he witnessed Sanye’s anger and gloom leaving before handing the sulfuric acid to Wu Xie, reminding him of Sanye’s uncontrolled emotions by the way. However, Wu Xie didn’t take it seriously, turned back to the room, first poured sulfuric acid on the bronze plate, and then drilled into the entrance.

After Jiang Zijuan woke up, he found that he was tied up. He saw Bai Haotian and a few others standing by his side, keeping every step of the way, so he inferred Wu Xie’s plan. Because Bai Haotian was too innocent and couldn’t hide the secret at all, Jiang Zi could see that she liked Wu Xie at a glance, and simply deliberately stated the cause of Jiang Zining’s death, which not only discredited Wu Xie’s impression in everyone’s minds, but also defeated Bai Haotian’s line of defense.

Jiang Zining and Wu Xie met. From belonging to different camps to becoming a confidant, Jiang Zining fell in love with Wu Xie unhesitatingly, and even went to Snake Marsh to help Wu Xie find someone to go to Snake Marsh, even though Aning died because of Wu Xie, but Bai Haotian firmly believes that Wu Xie is definitely not as hypocritical as Jiang Zijuan had thought. However, Jiang Zi was eloquent and eloquent, and a few words made Bai Haotian uneasy.

Seeing that Bai Haotian was in entanglement, Jiang Ziquan pretended to be addicted to cigarettes, and took the opportunity to untie the rope to hold Bai Haotian in preparation to escape. Unexpectedly, Bai Haotian recovered and stunned Jiang Ziquan on the spot, and with everyone’s cooperation, he was subdued again.

Wu Xie walked through the long dark passage, and then broke into a secret room. A deep well was located in the center, and beside it was the danger mark left by Zhang Qiling. Originally, Wu Xie wanted to send a message to tell Fatty Wang and the others that the mobile phone signal was blocked. At present, he did not fully prepare, so naturally he did not dare to go down the well at will. Only a piece of paper was placed by the well and it said: “Into this spring. When there is no sound, if there is noise, those who enter are destroyed.”

After harvesting this important clue, Wu Xie was about to leave, but San Ye Guo was really as uncontrollable as the red-topped narcissus expected. Because of love and hatred, she attacked Wu Xie behind her back, immediately tied up and brought it to Boss Jiao, voluntarily confessing the’tragic love’, and wanted to die with Jiang Zi and become a desperate mandarin duck.

The boss Jiao bought Sanye not only because Sanye was young and beautiful, but also because of her humanity and empathy. With Jiang Zisuan’s face, Wu Xie had to accept this unsuspecting disaster, especially the skinning phenomenon began to appear in the mask, which is equivalent to a dumb eating coptis and suffering from misfortune.

Boss Jiao ordered his subordinates to cut off Wu Xie’s fingers. Sanye was shocked and suddenly regretted it. Fortunately, his subordinates discovered Wu Xie’s disguise in time and tore off the human skin mask. Fatty Wang and others also discovered that Wu Xie was discovered by Jiao boss, and Bai Haotian was stopped by Fatty Wang with the emergency rescuer. Everyone discussed a way to rescue Wu Xie. They planned to call the police but found that the mobile phone had no signal, so they had to think of another way.

The big and small’foxes’ met again, the two of them dealt with each other in various languages. In the end, boss Jiao was scheming and directly guessed what Wu Xie meant. He took someone to Jiang Zisuan’s room and asked several subordinates to explore the way first, but an accident happened in the secret room.

Wu Xie was calm, deliberately letting Boss Jiao think that Wu Erbai was hiding in the secret room, and deliberately taunted that Boss Jiao’s men were all idiots and couldn’t go to Leicheng at all. Boss Jiao threatened Wu Erbai with Wu Xie’s life. Wu Xie didn’t care about it. He just heard the phone ring from the closet as soon as his voice fell. Without waiting for everyone’s reaction, Wu Erbai broke out.

Liu Sang led a team to ambush in the first building in advance, and when the time had come, he immediately rushed to the second floor to fight with boss Jiao. Fatty Wang couldn’t bear his excitement. After knocking out the red-topped narcissus, he hurried out to join the melee, while Wu Erbai and boss Jiao had a face-to-face conversation, each with a bargaining chip to decide whether to win or lose. Who knows that boss Jiao still has important cards.

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