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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 10 Recap

Wu Xie came to the corridor on the third floor, trying to calm his mind and not allow himself to be disturbed by external forces. He found bronze pieces in the corner of Room 315. These bronze pieces can resonate under the blow of the wind, which makes people fall into hallucinations. As long as it is removed, the illusion can be lifted, and everyone will wake up.

Even though Bai Haotian knew the truth, there was still some shadow when he watched Fatty Wang kill someone. After receiving Wu Xie’s instructions, everyone went to the room. Wu Xie also discovered that these bronze pieces were the same as those taken out by Jia Kezi in the smelting room. It should be the second uncle and the others who had developed some uses. Wu Xie thought that Zhang Qiling left the mark to remind them to pay attention to the trap, and the one placed on the third floor. The agency was obviously Wu Erbai with a shot, the purpose of which was to attract the boss to investigate here, but in fact there was nothing.

Fatty Wang and others first went back to the room to rest and rectify. Jiang Zi was hiding nearby and attacking Wu Xie. During the fierce fight between the two, Wu Xie found through the bracelet that Jiang Zi was Jiang Zining’s younger brother. Wu Xie witnessed Jiang Zining being killed in the ghost town of Snake Marsh and regretted since then. Now Jiang Zican decides to avenge her sister. Just about to stab Wu Xie, he is suddenly affected by the bronze sheet and has hallucinations.

Seeing Jiang Zining standing in front of him, Jiang Zi was dumbfounded, Wu Xie took the opportunity to leave the third floor, leaving him alone to face the illusion. Jiang Zisuan told Jiang Zining his pain. He didn’t expect Jiang Zining to become Sanye. Although the two women look the same, Sanye treats Jiang Zi as a man and woman, and even reprimanded him for his true intentions.

Sanye didn’t want to endure being a stand-in, and silently raised the dagger. Jiang Zi was in defensive instinct and fumbled to kill Sanye. After he woke up from the hallucinations, he couldn’t help but ran back to the room in a panic. Seeing Sanye sitting in the room intact, he breathed a sigh of relief.

At the same time, boss Jiao found the bronze sheet smelting room and brought back a large number of bronze sheets with his men. However, the sky gradually became gloomy, lightning appeared frequently, and the thunder caused the bronze pieces to resonate, causing the Tianlin Tower to vibrate violently. Everyone couldn’t bear the harshness of the sound and rushed out of the building.

Boss Jiao locked the door before leaving, and everyone broke the chain. Wu Xie noticed that Tianlin Tower was abnormal, and carefully observed the surrounding layout, and found that Tianlin Tower was actually very similar to the Thunder Collector. To prove this inference, Wu Xie went to the top of the mountain in the rain to take a photo, and then dragged his sick body back. Boss Jiao investigated this anomaly and also speculated that the entrance to Houquan was in Tianlin Tower.

According to Wu Xie’s orders, Jia Kezi detected the sound of water flowing and echoes in the empty space below Tianlin Tower. Wu Xie sent the photos on her mobile phone to everyone to see. The topography of the warehouse is the same, and these places are all built by the King of the South China Sea to listen to mines. They are mainly used to collect thunder sound and then transmit it into the underground cavity. As long as it resonates with the bronze piece, it can translate the thunder sound.

Now Tianlin Tower is equivalent to the big bell above Yang Family Treasure Cave, so the entrance to Houquan is not in the mountains of Lao Lin at all, but in a room of this Tianlin Tower. But now they couldn’t find the entrance, it must be the second uncle and others who entered the Houquan and sealed the entrance. Jia Kezi is not as keen as Liu Sang.

To find the entrance, you need to be close to each room so that you can accurately locate the entrance. And Wu Xie also speculated that the spies in the second uncle’s team had escaped from the roar spring by taking advantage of the chaos. Although he didn’t know who he was, his plan must have been launched. And Li Jiale also inquired that Boss Jiao had begun to persuade other tourists in Tianlin Tower to retreat, and began to investigate the room to find the entrance of Hou Quan.

Wu Xie decided that he had to find the entrance of Houquan that night. Several people conspired to discuss. First, Fatty Wang approached the Red-topped Narcissus, got him drunk, and tied him in the room. The rest followed with luggage. Bai Haotian bought the fireworks and transferred them to the attention of boss Jiao. Li Jiale cooperated with Jia Kezi to find the entrance, and finally locked the position in Jiang Zisuan’s room.

Red-topped Narcissus was forced by Wu Xie’s prestige, and saw him inject cigarette water into his body, especially when Hodolf added new information, so he had to replace Wu Xie to meet Jiang Zizuan and lead him to the door. Sure enough, Jiang Zisuan rushed into the room without saying anything. Li Jiale and Jia Kezi were defeated by force and were defeated one after another. Fatty Wang made a secret plan and stunned him on the spot.

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