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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 16 Recap

Fang Xiaolu accidentally discovered that the way Teacher Zhang treats herself was taught by Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan told Teacher Zhang that if he wanted Fang Xiaolu to stay and play the piano, he had to let Fang Xiaolu play at will first. Teacher Zhang had a headache. , But Li Zhenyan said that it must be gradual.

Lin Qingshang found Li Zhenyan and proposed to him to form a new orchestra. Li Zhenyan readily agreed. Lin Qingshang also said that he could introduce musicians in. The two quickly reached a cooperation and listened to the conversation between the two in the corner. Seeing this, Qin Fen anxiously jumped out and said that he wanted to join their new orchestra, but the two said that Qin Fen would pass the A group exam first.

Tian Yisong told Jiang Caiwei that she was going to Lyon and could not go to Paris with her. Jiang Caiwei and Tian Yisong had a fight. When she went to a bar to drink at night, Jiang Caiwei accidentally left her passport in the bar, and Yan Yan in the bar picked it up. Chased out and returned the passport to Jiang Caiwei. Jiang Shasha made an appointment with Tian Yisong for dinner. Jiang Caiwei met two people. Only then did he know that Tian Yisong had been helped by Jiang Shasha. Jiang Caiwei was very disappointed and did not want to hear Tian Yisong say more, so he left the restaurant.

Lin Qingshang brought two new members. Lin Qingshang introduced Mu Zhiren and An Zhen to everyone. Lan Bo also joined the new orchestra. They greeted each other, and Li Zhenyan discussed the location and time of the performance with the members. Qin Fen and Zhuo Yin passed the examination of the A group and joined the new orchestra. Before long, Li Zhenyan began to organize rehearsals. The new orchestra had better musicians to join, and the level rose linearly.

Qin Fen felt that he could not keep up with the progress of the new orchestra. He wanted Li Zhenyan to change his song and said that he wanted Lin Qingshang looked at him with admiration, but Li Zhenyan said that no matter how many songs Qin Fen could not catch up with Lin Qingshang, he still thought about a name for the new orchestra.

Lin Qingshang pointed out that the new orchestra still lacks an excellent oboe chief. Everyone unanimously selected Ji Mo. Li Zhenyan hesitated. He did not like the way Ji Mo adhered to Fang Xiaolu, but he still agreed to solve the matter.

Li Zhenyan sent an invitation to Ji Mo, hoping that Ji Mo could join them and become a professional orchestra with them, but Ji Mo said that he would be busy with exams and competitions. Li Zhenyan asked him to reconsider. When he was about to leave, Ji Mo Suddenly Li Zhenyan asked why he didn’t go to Europe to study classical music. Li Zhenyan was silent for a while and said that he could not go.

Fang Xiaolui overheard the conversation between Li Zhenyan and Ji Mo. After returning home, she couldn’t help asking Li Zhenyan why he couldn’t go to Europe. However, Li Zhenyan repeatedly evaded and asked Fang Xiaolu why he resisted Teacher Zhang. Fang Xiaolu was also silent. Li Zhenyan said that everyone has secrets that they can’t tell, so don’t force each other. Mu Zhiren and An Zhen wanted to stop the orchestra’s rehearsal for the game.

They also asked Lin Qingshang to help discuss with Li Zhenyan. Lin Qingshang had a headache because of this. Qin Fen asked when Lin Qingshang was unhappy, and Lin Qingshang also told Qin Fen about the conflict between the competition and the orchestra rehearsal. Qin Fen was an optimist, and felt that since they did not play the orchestra. Keeping things in mind, coming to rehearse is a hindrance to the orchestra.

Mu Zhiren and An Zhen missed most of the orchestra’s rehearsal time due to the competition. When they arrived, the atmosphere of the orchestra was very low. Qin Fen wanted to make the new orchestra a professional orchestra, but Mu Zhiren and An Zhen just changed the new orchestra. The orchestra serves as a springboard and wants to make their resumes a little more beautiful. Several other musicians have similar ideas, and it won’t take long for them to go to other schools for further studies. Li Zhenyan was a little angry.

After barely finishing the rehearsal, Lin Qingshang knew that the existing problems were very difficult. If the musicians left, there would be no suitable person to replace them. Fang Xiaolu looked at the situation and went to see sister Xu Zixuan. , Persuaded them to return to the new orchestra. Inspired by Fang Xiaolu, Li Zhenyan announced to everyone that the name of the new orchestra is called RS Youth Symphony Orchestra, and RS means rising star.

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