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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 15 Recap

Jiang Caiwei began to prepare for her study abroad life with Tian Yisong, and discussed with Tian Yisong about renting an apartment and booking air tickets. Tian Yisong didn’t know how to speak to Jiang Caiwei. At this time, Jiang Shasha called Tian Yisong, and Tian Yisong took Jiang Caiwei on his back. On the phone, Jiang Shasha told him that his visa had already been processed, and asked him how he was going early next month. Tian Yisong let Jiang Shasha decide, and he could do it himself.

The people of S regiment ushered in their break-up meal. Li Zhenyan felt a little emotional. It was Fisher who brought them together and made him feel the feeling of an unprecedented partner. After the break-up meal was over, Qin Fen and Li Zhenyan announced that the S regiment was officially Disbanded. After everyone left one by one, only Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaolu were left. Li Zhenyan told Fang Xiaolu that commanding the S group was the happiest thing he had ever done. He would imprint everyone in the S group in the deepest part of his mind.

In the future, I want to form a more professional orchestra, not just a continuation of the S group. Li Zhenyan worried that everyone in the S group would not understand him, but Fang Xiaolu said that everyone would understand Li Zhenyan, just as I was a little afraid of Li Zhenyan and Li Zhenyan at the beginning. After getting along for a long time, Fang Xiaofu knew that Li Zhenyan was actually a tofu-hearted person, and everyone in the S group would definitely understand Li Zhenyan’s thoughts.

Teacher Hu suddenly stopped teaching Fang Xiaolu, but transferred Fang Xiaolu to Teacher Zhang to teach. Fang Xiaolu knew that Teacher Zhang was very strict and was unwilling to go to Teacher Zhang’s class. Teacher Hu drove Fang Xiaolu away without any explanation. When I went to Teacher Zhang’s piano room, Teacher Hu had his intention to do this. He knew that Fang Xiaolu’s free way of playing could not be on a larger stage. He could not fully tap Fang Xiaolu’s potential. Maybe Teacher Zhang can do it, and he hopes that under the guidance of Teacher Zhang, Fang Xiaolu can become a real pianist. Seeing that Teacher Hu was serious, Fang Xiaolu had no choice but to resign to Teacher Zhang’s piano room.

Fang Xiaolu is free and loose. Teacher Zhang is serious and serious. There is no blemish in his eyes. At the beginning, Teacher Zhang still kept his patience. But some of Fang Xiaolu’s sloppy habits repeatedly broke through the bottom line of Teacher Zhang, especially It was after discovering that Fang Xiaoluo was playing the piano and not reading the scores, Teacher Zhang became more angry and forced Fang Xiaoluo to read the scores to play the piano. Fang Xiaoluo couldn’t stand it anymore, so he ran out of the piano room and finally got rid of Teacher Zhang. ,

Fang Xiaolu met Ji Mo, and Ji Mo heard about Fang Xiaolu’s experience and said that he had a similar experience when he was learning the oboe when he was a child. At that time, he wanted to give up, but he really liked the oboe, so he persisted. , Ji Mo told Fang Xiaolu that Teacher Zhang was not malicious, but the method was not right, and Fang Xiaolu should not give up lightly.

After Ji Mo learned of Fang Xiaolu’s plight, he went to Teacher Zhang and said that the only person who could inspire Fang Xiaolu’s talent was Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan felt that Teacher Zhang’s teaching was not suitable for Fang Xiaolu. He did not understand Teacher Hu’s intentions. Teacher Hu knew that Teacher Zhang’s teaching method was a bit extreme, but this was also what Teacher Zhang’s outstanding qualities made. Teacher Hu told Li Zhenyan, Fang Xiaolu is no longer the little girl who simply wants to express her inner happiness with music.

She is destined to be uncommon, but he has no way to mobilize the full potential of Fang Xiaolu, but Li Zhenyan is worried that under the guidance of Teacher Zhang , Fang Xiaolu would lose the motivation to play the piano, but Teacher Hu said that it was Fang Xiaolu’s psychological obstacle. As long as he crossed this obstacle, Fang Xiaolu would grow up. He only wanted to take a chance and try it once.

Li Zhenyan thought about Fang Xiaolu’s affairs, but when she returned home, she found that Fang Xiaolu had fallen asleep on his sofa. When she woke up the next day, Fang Xiaolu asked Li Zhenyan to help her persuade Teacher Zhang and let her return to Teacher Hu’s hand. However, Li Zhenyan refused. Fang Xiaolu had to bite the bullet and go to class. He just arrived at the door of the Qin room. Fang Xiaolu heard Teacher Zhang calling in the piano room. Fang Xiaolu heard Teacher Zhang said she was stupid. The injured Fang Xiaolu turned and left.

When she was sitting alone in a daze, Li Zhenyan found her, and Li Zhenyan thought of Hu. What the teacher said, instead of stepping forward to disturb Fang Xiaolu, he went to find Teacher Zhang. Li Zhenyan persuaded Teacher Zhang to change his teaching method. He also said that Fang Xiaolu didn’t like to play the piano, but didn’t know what she wanted. Before Fang Xiaolu discovered her possibility, he must do his best to protect her. Li Zhenyan promised to help Zhang. teacher.

The next day, Fang Xiaorui started to pretend to be ill in order to escape Teacher Zhang’s class. Li Zhenyan said that he had already talked to Teacher Zhang and advised Fang Xiaoru to go to class first. If Teacher Zhang treats her like the last time. , So he called him, and Fang Xiaorui went to the piano room half-believingly. Seeing that Teacher Zhang had really changed, he proposed to make an appointment with Teacher Zhang for three chapters. In order to keep Fang Xiaorui, Teacher Zhang could only agree.

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