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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 9 Recap

Shi Meng said I want it. . . I wanted to drink water, and fell on the bed after speaking. I went to the living room to pour water in dialect and found that there was no one on the bed. I looked around and saw Shi Meng hiding in the closet. Shi Meng said to find something. Then you can come out in dialect. Shi Meng said that you want to sing to me. I don’t sing in dialects. When Meng said I would sing it, and then jumped and sang myself, jumped in front of the dialect and kissed the forehead and said incense.

The dialect called you crazy. In the morning, Meng got up with a strange attitude in his dialect, and then imitated Shi Meng’s actions last night. The dialect said that some people should drink more soy milk if the wine is not good. Shi Meng remembered what some clips of last night were about to say, and turned his head. I saw my frame over my head and asked when you found it. The dialect said I found it yesterday. Shi Meng said I was so to you, why do you still take care of me?

Then he said thank you softly. Weilin called and said that everyone should go to the sponsor to organize a dinner. Shi Meng drove Shi’s mother to the airport. Shi Meng was sorry for the memorial service. Shi’s mother said I would not be angry with you, as long as your two brothers are in the country. Get together well. Because of the advertisement placement, Mr. Zheng invited everyone to dinner. Linlin asked why Mr. Shi hadn’t come yet. Mr. Zheng said that the signing had been fixed.

Today you are the protagonist. Mr. Zheng loudly announced the official cooperation between Octave Space and Concept Cinema. And recommended Linlin to speak. Weilin said that it seemed that Shi always was bought by money. The assistant said in Linlin’s ear that everyone was toasting except in dialects. Linlin suddenly remembered that she had an unusual relationship with Shi Zong. The assistant said that Shi always liked her. Wei Lin went to the bathroom because of her stomachache.

Mr. Zheng greeted Linlin for a group photo. Linlin hinted that the assistant called the dialect together. The dialect walked over for unknown reasons. Linlin pretended to take a photo and threw things into the water. Everyone thought it was the dialect that deliberately threw the souvenir into the water. There was a lot of discussion. The dialect thought that this souvenir was very important to Shi Meng, so he went into the water to pick it up, and finally found it. He picked it up and happily called me to find it.

Shi Meng saw the dialect walk over in the water and pulled her up, holding her up to the shore, Zheng I always ask Shi Meng what he means. If you want to continue like this, I will divest. Shi Meng said that I am here today to talk about divestment. The saving contract will be delivered tomorrow. Shi Meng took a dialect to the hospital. There was a small wound on his hand. Shi Meng tied it up with a bandage.

In the dialect, the doctor said that just sticking a band-aid would be fine. Shi Meng said what to do if he was infected. He picked up the dialect and took a look at his hand. Was wrapped like a pig’s trotter. Weilin asked if he likes Shimeng in the dialect? Otherwise, how could I fight so hard for Shimeng’s eyes, and the dialect said I was to pay the bill. Dialect received when aAfter texting, I followed the navigation and came to a restaurant. Shiyi brought out a bowl of trotter soup called dialect from it.

Shiyi said that when I lived in Iceland when I was a child, I found a Chinese restaurant that made trotter soup that was so delicious. The shop is very similar, and it is said that today’s job is to keep in good health. Shi Bombay got two pigs, called Shi’s mother to ask about the method, and started to make the soup step by step according to the method. I tasted it and it tasted good but the dialect has not yet come back. Shi gave the dialect downstairs and asked if you like it. What type of boys, the dialect says that I have never been in love, how do you feel like liking someone?

Shiyi said that I wanted to see her at any time, and I was very happy when I saw her. In dialects, I think I like someone and I should say it out loud and chase after me bravely. Shi Meng walked out and saw the dialect in Shiyi’s car, and the dialect also saw it. Shi Meng hurriedly got out of the car and ran over to ask why you were here, and then waved goodbye to Shi Yi.

When I got home, I smelled the smell of pig’s feet soup in dialect and said it was so fragrant? How did you think of making trotters soup? Shi Mengyan said insincerely that I wanted to drink it myself, and then said that it was still not as good as before. He took a sip and said it was delicious in dialect. Shi Mengyan asked if you have ever been in a relationship, and the dialect spit out the soup.

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