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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 8 Recap

Shi Meng shouted loudly, I asked you where is the shelf? Then he hurried to the trash can, and when he saw that there was no shelf, he called the property, and the property replied that it had been taken away. Shi’s mother comforted the relatives who came to the memorial service. Everyone was talking about right and wrong. Meng went crazy when he was a child, and disappeared just to find him when he was a child. Shi Meng handed a handful of white flowers to Shi Meng who came forward. Shi Meng ignored him and walked over and asked who told you that my dad was gone?

Shi Yi persuaded him not to be impulsive. His relatives and friends were there. Shi’s mother explained that it was her own idea. Shi Meng cried out. It turns out that in your heart my father is dead. In my heart, my father is not dead. Uncle Gu told him to accept the facts. Shi Meng yelled angrily. When he died, you would be happy. Shi Yi walked over and punched Shi Meng violently. The two scuffled. Shi’s mother cried and said not to fight, saying that if your father was there, he I don’t want you two to be like this. Shi Yi went to comfort Shi’s mother, and Shi Meng turned and left.

Zuo Yao quickly stopped the dialectHushen’s interview started immediately, and then he heard the smell of Dao’s dialect, and the dialect said that he had gone to the garbage station. Nina wanted the role of Lake God, and when she knew it was a dialect, she muttered about bad ideas. Zuo Yao asked why she was unhappy with the role of Lake God. She stopped speaking in dialect and then went to the bathroom. The woman who claimed to be Sister Linlin’s assistant suddenly said that she had a stomachache, and then said that she was going to get Sister Linlin’s peach wood sword.

After reading the dialect, she kindly said that she would help her get it. The woman smiled sinisterly. The dialect came to the room and found that the light was suddenly turned off. Nina used a flashlight to look at her face and pretended to be a ghost. She was ill, but the scarf didn’t work. She hurriedly called Shi Yi and asked him to come over. Shi Meng came over and asked her what was wrong.

The two told her that she never responded. Shi Meng hugged her into the office, Shi Yi left. When the car rushed over, Shi Meng was about to call 120. Shi Yi suddenly arrived and kissed her on the forehead by hugging her. Dialect opened his eyes, and dialect knew that Shi Yi kissed her just now. Shi and Shimeng said that the two brothers’ matter was settled privately and should not be mentioned in front of mom. Shi Meng said that this is not your style, and that Shiyi’s dialect is very important to me. Shiyi went to ask how the dialect was feeling, and then proposed to take the dialect to relax.

Zuo Yao hurriedly hinted that she should go quickly, and Shiyi took the ktv to unzip. The dialect took the microphone and chose a song, dancing and singing, and the dialect was called again. Shi Yi joined in and sang together. The two hopped happily. Shi Meng sat drinking alone, thinking of the memorial service that day. The dialect is one point and one destined, it is Shiyi’s own song, Shiyi holds the microphone and sings softly, listening to the dialect happily. When Hao Yingjun saw Shi Meng drunk alone, he approached and asked about their two brothers fighting.

Hao Yingjun said that you are better than me. The only thing is that you don’t admit to counseling. Shi Meng drank a glass of wine and said, teach me. Hao Yingjun talked about his own experience, how to admit it. Shiyi sent home in dialect, Shiyi said that I wrote this song because I heard a story about a brother. When my brother was 8 years old, my brother was lost. My father went to find him and then disappeared. Then the two brothers Begin to complain about each other. If one of the two brothers tells a lie, who do you think it is?

The dialect said it was not important, thinking that this is the story of their two brothers. Shiyi took the dialect phone and wrote down his number, and then said that he could call me at any time. After returning to the dialect, I saw Shi Meng sleeping on the sofa, smelling of alcohol, and shouting loudly in his ears. Shi always got up and went to work. Then he helped him to the bed. Shi Meng took her and touched her forehead. Dirty, and then ready to undress, asked in dialect what you want to do, Shi Meng got up and said, I want it. . . . .

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